N scale simple layout

Michael’s been in touch with his N scale simple layout.

It’s a fine example of how you don’t have to have loops, turnouts, and inclines to have fun.

“Dear Al,

First I want to thank you for sending all of those great pictures and very helpful info on DIY projects for our railroads.

Without your help and time that you take, we (the e-mail subscribers) would be unable to complete our designs with the very useful tips and other info passed on by all great the readers.

Your tips and hints passed on to others are a very important part of our railroad building experience. Thank you so very much for helping others to make this an enjoyable hobby.

Enclosed are a few pictures of the start of my N Scale layout.

It will measure 6′ 6″ in length x 9′ 0″ wide, it is being assembled in 3 – 6′ 6″ overall length x 3′ depth sections (for ease of movement).

The back section (shown below) has 2 tunnels and a long double track bridge between the 2 tunnels. A small river connects the lake to a triple waterfall area surrounded by handmade trees from green filter furnace, Elmer’s glue and wooden bamboo squire sticks painted brown.

More to follow, thanks again for your wonderful website!


N scale bench

n scael tunnel

N scale simple layout

N scale simple layout

N scale simple layout

N scale simple layout

n scale model railroad

model train tree

N scale simple layout

A huge thanks to to Michael for sharing his N scale simple layout. Just goes to show – again – it’s all about making a start, and simple is fine!

That’s all this time folks. Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to take the plunge and get going on your layout.

Please do keep ’em coming because it’s got ghostly quiet this end all of a sudden.



PS The very latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More N scale stuff here if that’s your thing.

19 Responses to N scale simple layout

  1. Rod Mackay says:

    Lovely work on the diesel depot Dave, looks very nice. Never seen a running signal leading into one though, movements normally just controlled by a shunt signal to approach and stop-boards and a Person In Charge within the site, mind you, I believe the little one at Didcot does have shunt signals.

  2. Thomas Murphy says:

    Classic work Michael; I really enjoyed viewing your beautiful artistry.

  3. Rob McCrain says:

    Michael, Your work looks great. I love your trees. I have modeled in N scale so know the precision required. Happy modeling, Rob McCrain – Farland Howe

  4. Robert Brady says:

    Want to join me in your strip club Dave? Looks like a fun time.Like i’ve said before you never sieze to amaze me.

  5. Again, as so many times before Dangerous Dave has stunned us with his brilliance at not only Model Railroading, but of his expertice at video taping…..

  6. craig says:

    I would like to offer Dave some criticism, but I can’t find anything wrong! What a completely marvelous layout. The attention to detail is just mind boggling. Good going fella.

  7. Ken From PA, USA says:

    Michael, great start. Did you build the mountain and tunnel and how did you get the rocks to look so real?
    Dave, you never cease to amaze! It was nice to see the very beginning of your work and to think of how far you’ve come.
    Al, thanks for the work you do to keep this web site going and all the info you bring to us from your readers.
    Ken from PA, USA

  8. David McClelland says:

    Hi Michael. Fantastic job on the work in progress. Your pine trees look great! Thank you for sharing the materials for making them. I will definitely give it a try and I’m even thinking about using the filter material for ground cover. This is what I love the most about the hobby. Taking ” Stuff ” and turning it into something for the layout! Keep us updated on your progress, Conductor Dave.

  9. Mickael Macht says:

    Dear Ken from PA,
    First , thank you for your comments on the rocks, since I was diagnosed with blood cancer in Nov. 2016, this is my project that I promised my 3 grandsons that I would do for them, since I’m unable to work now (that part sucks) due to the medication that I’m currently on.
    Second, I used 3/4″ blue Styrofoam cut into sections with the required clearance for a double track and my fingers to get into it. Both tunnel tops are removable to allow me to get to a possible derailment.
    The rocks are made from Hydrocal plaster from WOODLAND SCENICS #C1201 (normal directions) and allowed to cure over night. I then painted them with a mixture of Dark Gray #20366E and White #20621E, Apple Barrel Gloss Indoor Acrylic paint from Walmart for about .50 cents to .97 cents for a 2.5 oz., bottle and added a little bit of water to thin them out and allowed to dry over night them I dry brushed them with just white paint.
    The 4 top edges of the tunnels are made from tree bark (I will send Al some of those before and after photos as well) and painted the same way as the other rocks. I made a total of 17 different mold castings and each one were tinted a lighted or darker shade and blended in with each other.

  10. James Prentice says:

    A question for Dave.
    Where are the inclines located on your layout to reach the upper level of tracks or is the upper level separate. I keep looking but haven’t spotted the inclines as yet.

  11. Ian McDonald says:

    great start to a new layout. good video always something to see and learn from.thanks to you both for sharing.

  12. dangerous dave says:

    The incline on here is shown at 2.08 seconds , it runs up from behind the good shed ..just the one now , but earlier I did have two …thanks all for your Comments …Dangerous Dave

  13. Bob Wolsky says:

    Has anyone ever made a functioning underground subway system?

  14. Rod Mackay says:

    There have been several London Underground-based layouts in OO gauge, as many LU lines come out onto the surface in the suburbs, and there are some motorisable collectors’ models and several white metal kits for LU stock. There was, however, many years ago now, a layout called Ortago which had an underground tube station modelled in the side of the baseboard, and a rotating platform, so that the platform was full of people, the train came in and blocked the view, the platform rotated to an empty one and the train then pulled away, having seemingly picked up the passengers. I remember seeing this at the MRExhibition in London back in the mid sixties. There was a brilliant April fool article in Railway Modeller back in I think the 80s or90s about someone supposed to have modelled the District Line under his floorboards. My better half is very tolerant, but we have concrete floors… 🙂

  15. Ron Nelson says:

    Dave forget the complains it really looks and runs great. If time ever allows I’ii try and send some pics of my n scale layout. after H O and then LGB I went to N scale
    but I’m also 86 years young. Ron from Florida

  16. Yale Schiffman says:

    Thanks to you Al and the other contributors for the ideas and information you provide. I’ve been into model railroading for a number of years. I’ve rebuilt my layout three times due to moving. The ideas have helped me improve my layout each time it is rebuilt. I’ll be sending some photos of my new Fairfield and Cheston n Scale Railroad this week. It is a 5 x 13 foot L shaped design.

  17. Steve says:

    I can’t see a video from Dave, although lots of folk are referring to it! All I have is Michael’s excellent N gauge item.

  18. Dan Hulitt says:

    Michael, a very nice start, anxious to see it as you add more. Nice tree work. I have a filter ready, but will probably have to wait till later. The dead tree branches are a nice touch

    Mn Dan

  19. JoeS-inME says:

    Like Steve, I do not see a video from Dave.
    Michael, a very good beginning

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