Mike gets cracking again

Some of you will remember Mike, who builds a new layout every year for a show.

Here’s his second last post, when he’s still on the thick of it.

And here’s the finished article.

So I can’t wait to see what his latest creation will end up looking like. Here’s where he’s up to so far:








Next is a video from Keith. There’s no trains in it. And there’s no scenery in it. So why have I posted it?

Because it follows on nicely from Mike’s pics: making a start is the biggest barrier there is to having fun and building your own layout. I thought Keith’s video, and Mike’s pics really do show it’s just about getting off the chair and having a go.

“Hi Alastair,

I’ve just finished for today so I thought I’d send you, and all our modeling friends an update of my layout in the video form, its going really well now but I have to be quite accurate with the joints as we’re in ‘Z’ gauge, so there’s lots of packing to do unscrewing…. rescrewing etc!

Anyway here’s the video, it’s not the best but it shows you all where I’m at!

Kind regards.


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

I’ll finish today with a few words about the stone wall embankment. It’s proved a real hit – so thank you for all the kind comments and emails.

Don’t forget, this offer won’t last forever, I really do need pull my finger out and get the buildings on the site.

That’s all this time folks. And if Mike and Keith haven’t inspired you to get started, the Beginner’s Guide might… but you’ll never know until you decide to roll your sleeves up and get involved.

That’s all this time folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.



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  1. Ol' Puffer says:

    Hi Keith,
    Keep us up to date as it goes, very interesting and I’m really envious of your “Room” for the layout.

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