Model railroad scratch building competition

A short and sweet post today.

I was going to take down the ‘silly sale bundle deal‘ on the print out scenery yesterday.

(I ran the sale to help with the competition)

But then these turned up from Dana and John:

“Hi Al,

…some pictures of over 25 models I have built using your stock designs and changes and additional structures I added to make my western 1880 town and logging mill and farm land….over the past six months,

Dana Green, Maine USA”

scratch built scenery

print out scenery

printable scenery

scratch build scenery

HO scenery prints

scratch built scenery

scratch build scenery

scratch build

scratch built

scratch built

print out scenery

“Dear Al,

I started on the challenge project yesterday…

This is a little freight shed… O scale…

My current progress..

What you see here was “borrowed” from your covered bridge kit, your wood tunnel kit, the barn kit and a little scratch work of my own for the top of the platform… Yes, it is all card.

I did go a little crazy and detail the interior a bit…

It needs a roof…



California USA”

(Click to enlarge)

Both Dana’s and John’s buildings are all made up by scratch building from the print out scenery silly sale bundle deal.

And just to be clear, today is the last day for this offer. Here’s why I ran it:

I thought seeing as we are all couped up for the next month or so, we all need something to get our teeth in to.

So I’m running a scratch building competition to see what you lovely lot can come up with.

The winner gets $140 -all thanks to the fabulous generousity of Ron and Rich.

The winner will be decided by your votes.

The winning buliding will be available to download for free to anyone and everybody.

Entries to be in by 16th April. You can enter as many buildings as you like.

There is also a second and third prize now (haven’t thought of a prize yet though).

So there you go.

Want to join in the fun?

All the prints are HO scale.

Reduce by 54% for N scale.

Increase by 143% for O scale.

And here’s where you can grab the silly sale bundle – but only for today.

That’s all for today, folks. Like I said, short and sweet.

A normal service is resumed tomorrow!

Stay safe. Stay busy.

And if you’re looking for the Beginner’s Guide too, it’s here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here

6 Responses to Model railroad scratch building competition

  1. Well done Dana with the scratch buildings form Al`s …makes for nice viewing ..Be glad when Tonys opens again !! LOL ..Dangerous Dave

  2. Dennis Mason says:

    Hi Al, this is Dennis Mason in Pickens SC. I have been in RC flying for several years and getting ready to start building a 28×6 ft. HO layout. My Daughter ordered the building kit from you and they are great. I did change from regular printing paper to photo quality paper and it works great. I also used 1/8 balsa wood and cut to fit for the floor and this makes the buildings stronger and am anxious to get started . I enjoy all the posts from the guys. May God bless and keep us all safe from corona.

  3. Roy Brownson Jr says:

    Great Buildings! I wish I was that talented.
    I have been playing with Bachmann Ez track arrangements on my 5’ x 9’ layout table trying to figure out where to run the track and where to put my city buildings and my manufacture/company buildings at. I am also trying to figure out my mountain tunnel with a Hogwarts castle I have on top. My layout is in Ho Scale & DCC. It’s going to be a mixture of steam and Diesel trains. I have the Hogwarts Express, Thomas steam engines, Utah UTA Front Runner commuter Diesel locomotive with matching Bombardier Bi- level passenger cars and one single level coach car, & a 2 -6-0 black steam locomotive. & tender. Also a diesel Utah railway locomotive. My train station is going to be the Hogs Meade Station from Harry Potter. I will also have a train yard and an oil loading platform with a small Sunoco Refinery behind. I have some Sunoco oil rail cars & a Wooden Water Tower. I am also gong to have a Wooden Coal Loading Station for my steam locos. I also have Utah Railway Coal Cars.
    When I finally get the track arrangement figured out I will try and post pictures of it. Then update every so often with more pictures of my progress…. Roy JR -Syracuse, Utah

  4. More nice layouts al ,this is going to be a great contest I think I might even
    give it a try Good wishes to everyone stay safe
    bob from kissimmee florida

  5. Dan Hulitt says:

    Dana and John, nice work, and glag to see the corral, as now you can have the “gunfight at the OK corral”. It looks like you added /changed the color on couple kits. Very nice build to John.

    And to Dave, I hope Tony is subsidizing his dancers now that he is closed!

    Mn Dan

  6. I am totally blown away with the results of the building of your structures/plans!!!
    YOU are providing a well-done product!!! Thanks

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