Model train trees

Bill’s been back in touch with his model train trees ‘how to’.

He’s made another fab video and a few pics too.

The pics really do show the difference between buying scenery, and making it yourself:

“Good Day Al,

Been off work recently recuperating from some back surgery. I put together another tree build video using the Rustic Wire.

This one shows how to build a deciduous tree in HO scale.

These are fun to build and don’t take a lot of time to make and cost is low.

These are a great way for modelers to scratch build something that is totally theirs

Attached are some pictures of the model train trees; both before and after and some general shots of both the HO scale and N scale layouts.

I do like how I can use the N scale layout for forced perspective when it is behind the HO scale layout. Gives it a much bigger look than it really is


model train trees

model train trees

model train trees

model train trees

model train scenery

model railroad scenery

model railway scenery

model railroad tree scenery

A huge thanks to Bill – his pics really sell the scratch build approach. Yes, bought trees look good, but Bills trees and scenery look fantastic.

If you missed his previous posts on his scenery, the last one is here.

Now on to Mike.

He’s been back in touch after posting on his bridges:

“A few of the guys on those bridges that you shared with them asked about them being scale.

One guy told me to put a track in a train on it and see what it looks like which I have done I taken a couple pictures

I wanted to attach them to this and see if you think it looks correct or not since I’m new at this okay thank you again,


model train bridge

model railroad bridge

That’s all for today.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to stop dreaming and start doing.



12 Responses to Model train trees

  1. nice work on those trees Bill

  2. paul (giddykippa) says:

    that bridge looks really good especially with the train on it also the video of making trees is great

  3. Robert Brady says:

    Mike, What in the wide world of sports is the locomotives scale ? First and foremost.
    I’m going to assume your loco is HO hence the bridge is also 1/87 scale.
    So to sum it up if ur using that train for your layout ur in good shape, Carry on.
    The Critic

  4. ScenicsRme says:

    I agree on both accounts. The bridge looks in scale with the loco. (IMHO the supplier does himself no favors by using a section of Minitrix track with it’s narrow bent metal roadbed in his online pictures.).
    The handmade tree is perfect, and allows the builder to adjust the shape of the tree to represent different species and age trees. Google the silhouettes of different tree species, each has a characteristic shape.

  5. WillBill says:

    There is NO ballast on bridges!!!!

  6. Erick says:

    Kool .!!! Nice work would like to see more.

  7. Sparky says:

    Fantastic tree building. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ben says:

    WillBill, there are bridges with ballast. Google “ballasted deck bridges” and look at the images. Some are like Mike’s bridge.

  9. Dave Karper says:

    There are open deck and ballasted deck bridges.

  10. Dave says:

    Okay, I’ll never purchase a tree again! Thanks for the great tips on building them from scratch.

  11. Frank says:

    I like the bridges. And the trees are nice too. I like using wooden dowels or clay covered wire, but both methods take a lot of time….particularly the sculpted clay.

    Frank in Orlando

  12. Dan Williams says:

    I like the N Scale in the background of the HO. I’m working on a layout that will have the same. But I am also incorporating an HO scale electric race track. I got the race track set when I was 12. Purchased an at grade crossing piece of race track for it. Added the trains later. Interesting to run a race and have to watch out for the train!!

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