N scale train sets – Arnie’s

There are hundreds of N scale train sets on the blog – Arnie’s is one that really captures the imagination.

He’s one of the big guns from the Hall of Fame and it’s easy to see why.

I hope you enjoy it as much as me:

“Hi Al,

I’ve been trying to keep up regularly with your posts even though summer season is a time that gets most of us out of the house and into more outdoor activities. But what I’ve noticed is that it seems more readers are being more active contributors of photos and videos of their own projects. That’s great!

As you may recall, I was working on a series of videos around the theme of a fictional American Railroad Heritage Week. I have since gathered raw video footage for 2 such videos and hope to get to work on these soon.

However, I recently acquired a new steam locomotive from Broadway Limited Imports for my N scale layout. It’s their first N scale steam loco with DCC and sound.

The sounds from this engine are of superior prototype reproduction; especially given this is N scale and limited to using very small speakers.

The slow speed operation seems to be the best in the industry in my opinion. So I decided to do a video featuring this Pennsylvania Railroad M1a, 4-8-2 steamer in a story line around the heritage railroad theme. It focuses on the fiction of the M1a being used in excursion train service in the early post-1970s era in the Susquehanna Valley.

Hope you can post it and that you find it enjoyable.

Thanks — Arnie”

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Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

A HUGE thank you to Arnie for addinf to the N scale train sets on the blog. I do love his stuff. Please do let us all know your thoughts too – anyone can post a comment below.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if Arnie has got you inspired, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More N scale layouts here if that’s your thing.

45 Responses to N scale train sets – Arnie’s

  1. steve joyce says:

    I really like the water effects. what medium did he /you use ? I have heard of liquitex. Seems the ship modelers use it a lot

  2. d j howarth says:

    That Loco sounds great Arnie , amazing how things have progressed with N Scale ….Dave (Dangerous Dave )

  3. HARRY LEET says:

    Arnie, another great video… but the train left without the engine crew OR the cash customers

  4. Robert Britt says:


  5. John Humphris says:

    One of the best yet!

    Mind you I bet the residents don’t get much sleep 🙂

  6. Marklin ed says:

    Thanks it wonder how all that sound gets in the models Great video

  7. Eric says:

    Very nice Arnie.

    Love the water effects, very effective and realistic. N scale rocks.

    Eric (Leeds) UK

  8. Dave Whatley says:

    That was one of your very best yet. Thank you for sharing this with us. Can,f wait for your next one, thanks again. Dave in Savannab, Ga. USA

  9. Chuck Bartunek says:

    Excellent veido ,outstanding layout,

  10. Norman Roy says:

    Very impressive. The detail is amazing.

  11. SHELDON PHX. AZ. says:

    WELL DONE ! !

  12. Don J says:

    Great Video I enjoyed it. One thing though, the steam engine does not need to stop AT THE STATION the passenger cars need to do that. Do that for next time and again, I enjoyed the video. Don

  13. Greg says:

    Very nice ,remember when n scale wouldn’t move smooth no matter how much power was put to it. The scenery is exquisite,very nice layout great work.

  14. Bob Matteson says:

    Really nice video, nice layout. Keep ’em comming.

  15. David Hannan says:

    Super scenery!
    A real credit to you – I could not believe it was “N” Gauge!

  16. Ronald Benninghoff says:

    Great, Great layout and video. Will look for others, Any chance od futyher in on layout such as photos & trackplan?

  17. Bernard Schainholtz -Still Plays says:

    Very nice if ther were people in the coaches I would believe it was real.bernie .

  18. JACK WINDT says:


  19. Mike Pettruzzelli says:

    Great sounds Arnie….But even greater is your layout….Fantastic!….

  20. Rob McCrain says:

    Nice one Arnie. I really enjoy watching the trains run on your layout. There seems to always be a new place to explore every time I watch. Rob McCrain

  21. Douglas Harley says:

    The new video with the PRR 4-8-2 was terrific! only thing missing was loco smoke and wispy steam from the whistle. VERY NICE

  22. Don Garner says:

    You have the created the most impressve and realistic layout I have seen yet. Too bad they don’t give out Emmys or Oscars for your video talents. You’d be a winner every time. I feel very involved whenever I see your outstanding presentations.

  23. I love your village and the 4-8-2 runs better than my 4-6-2 and it doe’s pull
    the same set of pen RR passenger livery as a mater of fact the exact same set I run when I have an village of my own to run it on !

  24. Joe Howe says:

    Arnie, that is absolutely charming! I found myself reaching around my hip for my camera as I heard the whistle in the distance before the train came ’round the bend. Marvelous! Exciting! Magnificent! And . . . there ain’t nuthin’ like STEAM!

    Joe Howe, Sedona, AZ, and Verzé, France

  25. Jon B. Oakleaf says:

    I think it would be difficult for the casual observer to determine this is in N scale. Very nicely done!

  26. MICHAEL GLASS says:

    Beautiful layout, keep it going

  27. Marc says:

    Great video. I lived along the Susquehanna river near Wilkes Barre along the old D & H tracks. Again thanks for the memories, we’re thinking about going up next Aug. or Sept. to Steam town and taking the excursion.

  28. Thomas says:

    Beautifully done!

  29. Ken Stramel says:

    Thankyou for a great video. I really liked it. Keep them coming.

  30. cb says:

    your videos are outstanding as others making me more focused on setting up a layout thankyou one and all for your tips and pix

  31. Gene Fricks says:

    A very fine video. Just the thing to take to a club meet on a video monitor and run all afternoon to interest newcomers in the hobby.

  32. Lee Kerschner says:

    A truly great piece of video.. The locomotive and it’s sounds are amazing along with the layout. I am impressed.

  33. Craig Burton says:

    GREAT job! Excellent video! Real smooth for N scale,excellent!!!

  34. Bruce says:

    Terrific video! I especially like the shots taken from near ground level. They make that train look like 1:1 scale.

    Bruce in NC

  35. Ross Johnston says:

    Great work Arnie!!! I really enjoyed watching your new loco and since I have a copy of your layout, I was able to follow the train route during the video. Thanks for sharing! Cheers Rossco, Adelaide, South Australia

  36. David De Bondi says:

    Hi Arnie,
    Fab layout , cliffs and river superb.

  37. Rod Mackay says:

    It’s not strictly true that passenger trains have to stop “at the station”, we still run trains over here that are longer than some of the stations they call at, you can’t do it at a new station or plan to start doing so, but it can be done where it always has been and the risks are managed. Some modern trains are fitted with selective door opening to do this more safely, and on heritage lines like the one I volunteer on we have ticket inspectors advise passengers where they need to be to get off.

  38. Perry says:

    I would cocur with every thing said, but I think you need to add a second water tender to your consist, because by the time frame you give for the excurison most of the water towers were gone, so trains had to carry extra water with them.

  39. jim sulkosky says:

    Nice layout great job

  40. mike says:

    The sounds are well done. I have N scale and you have done a superb job on the layout and VIDEO KUDOS TO YOU!!!!!!

  41. Danielle says:

    It was so realistic that I expected to see the figures move. Great work of art and engineering.

  42. Paul W says:

    Absolutely outstanding layout and presentation. Envious.

  43. Austin Wilson says:

    Awesome layout Arnie and a great video. I watched it a couple times and really enjoy the sounds. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Eugene says:

    Wow that was really nice job you done!
    Keep on Railroading loved it your new friend Eugene i hope!
    I really like the back ground, it look real.

  45. Helmut Eppich says:

    Beautiful layout with realistic detail! Amazing realistic scenery! Hope to see more videos of your exquisite layout. Nice touch with the train schedules.

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