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Up against the clock today – so just a quickie, the latest from Dangerous Dave:

And to my surprise, the latest of my boy’s printout building (the mix and match shed) has caused a handful of orders for something I thought he’d taken off the site, the ‘house factory’ bundle.

So if you fancy it, grab it before before he wakes up.

Ebay cheat sheet going from strength to strength.



12 Responses to More from Dangerous Dave

  1. Peter says:

    Fantastic video, the widescreen format works better on my laptop, Daves previous videos which I viewed on my ipad didnt come out right. Musty bew a problem with the ipad player?

  2. Peter Boston says:

    I love watching Dave’s videos. Not only for his layout, but for the tips and suggestions. Look forward to the next vid.

  3. Raymond Bove says:

    Dave never ceases to amaze me.
    Where does he find the time?
    When do you sleep Dave?

  4. Dave is one dedicated train freak….
    but he’s REALLY REALLY good at it….
    keep on runnin Dave…..
    cant wait until the next installment…….

  5. Tony Cooper says:

    Yet another fantastic video full of information and inspiration. Particularly interested in your DIY trees. Can you tell me again what the base material is and where I might buy it.
    Tony, Cardiff

  6. christine says:

    Nice Dave, always good to get tips.

  7. Dave Fairfull says:

    You always have something on every video that teaches me something not to mention puts a smile on my face. Thank you Dave
    Dave F.

  8. david howarth says:

    Tony at Cardiff ..the trees you asked about are made from Seafoam …available at gaugemaster £20 bit expensive ,and the green is Spring grass again available from gaugemaster at approx £5 …but best to shop around ..Dave

  9. Chris Aubourg says:

    Wow! Dave, you are a master. Your layout is amazing and your videos have improved so much. I thoroughly enjoy each one.
    All the best.

  10. Alan says:

    Fantastic Dave, you are the master! I only have a garage 17 x 7′ 4″. How do you keep the track clean?
    I would love to know how you produce your videos, I just can’t do it. I wonder if I contacted Al he could give you my e mail address and perhaps you could contact me personally. I could then send some to Al’s website.
    Great work Dave.

  11. david howarth says:

    Thanks all for comments , Alan I use Cyberlink for editing my videos , as for keeping the track clean I use a CMX track cleaner , just google and you will find them , do have a video showing these on here , but if you have problems , ask Al for my E mail ..Dave

  12. Stuart Capstick says:

    Love Dave’s videos because, though his finished work is outstanding, he doesn’t mind admitting is mistakes. I learn lots from what goes wrong as well as what goes right. Keep it up, Dave. Thanks also to Al; the site is great.

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