O scale models – Peter’s

Peter’s been in touch again with some more pics of his railroad scenes – his O scale models really do bring it all to life.

If you missed his last post, it’s here (he also wrote a wonderful narrative too).

“Hi Al, various scenes from my O scale 2 rail, from humble beginnings to detail… thx and be well!


(All images are clickable)

model railroad bench

o scale control panel

o scale models scene

o scale models girder bridge

o scale models girder bridge

o scale models shunting yard

o scael car

O scale models:

o scale

o scale graffiti

o scale coaches

o scale curve

o scale corner scene

Stunning stuff and some wonderful scenes. It’s a wonderful layout to revisit with new pics.

A huge thanks to Peter for sharing pics of his O scale models.

He’s been kind enough to send lots of pics and helpful stuff in over the years – it’s a real joy when I see his name pop up in my inbox, because I know it’s going to be something good.

Clearly he loves his scenery and painting his engines, if you look at his pics the locos look spot on.

You can see how he strips the engines down and paints them in the bottom of this post:

Yanni HO scale layout.

Another contributor to the blog in O scale is Bill (Well, he does HO and N as well). His scenery really stand out for me – don’t just take my word for it though, have a look for yourself.

O scale scenery. Bill also uses a lot of O scale models to bring his layout to life.

There’s also the every popular Lionel O scale trains:

Lionel O scale trains.

That’s all for today folks – hope you enjoyed it as much as me.

Please do keep ’em coming – just mail me your pics, hints and tips – because it’s getting ghostly quiet this end.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you want to make that start on your layout.

Remember, it’s the start that stops most people…



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

42 Responses to O scale models – Peter’s

  1. Jim says:

    It’s refreshing to see some really nice detail work here!

  2. Robert Brady says:

    Beautiful layout,would love to see in action .Especially the bump on that guys head from that rolling pin,lol!

  3. William Pignataro says:


  4. Willard Wheelock says:

    Great layout1 Love all the details!

  5. ColyIn gilburt says:

    Really nice layout. Funnily enough it gets more difficult to detail in the larger scales as more is attention to detail is needed and it shows the slightest omission or error.

  6. James Grundy says:

    Amazing detail. Very nice layout and in O scale, my favorite!

  7. Nick says:

    Signs of the times modeling crime makes for an interesting time capsule. Well done.

  8. Chuck Bartunek says:

    Outstanding layout,could we see m9re

  9. Kevin McArdle says:

    Great layout, reminds me of the Boston & Maine four track mainline and neighborhood near my childhood home. Thanks

  10. Warren Ferguson says:

    Beautiful layout, Peter! Love the graffiti, and the detail is great.

  11. Finally, some O scale layouts are featured. The photos are helpful. I cannot wait until I start my layout. Thanks

  12. Rob McCrain says:

    The detail in this layout is quite astonishing. What an amazing set of scenes. I love the Rio Grande loco in the one picture. What an iconic machine.

  13. Mike Pettruzzelli says:

    Beautiful, Peter…And WOW!!…A Sunliner…Never knew they made that model…Mike

  14. Thomas Murphy says:

    Really Fantastic Work ~ I really appreciate all the time and effort that you’ve dedicated to your beautiful layout ~ thank you for sharing, Peter.

  15. woww…really great stuff Pete….
    lotsa fine detail….
    I love O guage especially 2 rail
    keep em runnin fellas
    stjohn in long beach calif

  16. Skip L. says:

    Is it a point-to-point layout then with no run-around, or does the track diagram display perhaps just show the yard sidings?

  17. Rich says:

    I enjoy it when a touch of whimsy is portrayed on a layout. Great job, thanks for sharing!!!

  18. mark Allen says:

    exceptional in every way Pete. Just beautiful. Great work!

  19. Marty says:

    Wow !!!! I love it. You do excellent work. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Jerry says:

    Please tell me how or where to find out how to do a layout diagram with toggle switches.

  21. Allan J Jelinek says:

    Awesome Job. I’d love to see it run. Keep up the great work. It looks outstanding.

  22. Paul Selwyn Otway says:

    nice work

  23. Allan Clarke says:

    A wonderful piece of work.
    Although it seems to me that the red and white car seems to be a little over scale,
    as it is as long as the railway car.

  24. John Tipper says:

    Love the layout, and especially the humour!

  25. Peter Theodore says:

    TY all, appreciate your nice comments and I thank Al for posting. The control panel is for switch machines for sidings, it will be a run around eventually as I am hardly finished. Peter

  26. Ian McDonald says:

    overwhelming pictures. the detail is so precise. thanks for sharing.

  27. Perry. says:

    Great detail, but the spray paint that is an anachronism.

  28. I loved this layout. Id love to get into O scale but I don’t like 3 rails. Who makes good 2 rail O scale? Any help would be appreciated.

  29. Robert Bonnett says:

    Hi, I love layouts that use figures to tell little vignettes. I would love to know where Pete gets his figures.

  30. Jim AZ says:

    Nicely done. You’ve created some interesting and realistic scenes. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Bob says:

    Great attention to detail, loved the guy painting on the wall, and the old car up on blocks great job.

  32. Kenneth Seegert says:

    Amazing work and attention to detail. Love the 0 scale!

  33. John Dougherty says:

    Hi who makes o scale with two rails. I have o scale but it’s three rail . Would love to have two rail. Thank you

  34. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Sharp layout!! like the 2 rail look! nice scenery job, Join OGR think you would enjoy
    Have a Happy New Year

  35. JoeS - in ME says:

    Absolutely love your layout; stunning attention to detail. As a few others have requested, where did you get the action figures? I’m doing a layout on O scale 3 rail; buildings are easy to find, although expensive, but figures are really hard to locate.

    To the folks who asked for the manufacturer of 2 rail O scale — I believe Atlas makes that but it’s DC, not AC so the engines are not interchangeable..

  36. Boz says:

    Beautifully done details – stunning

  37. DJfromNJ says:

    Beautifully done, Peter. Your attention to detail really brings your layout to life, and is a pleasure to view. Congrats on a job well done.

  38. James says:

    Nice layout! Very well detailed and nice theme. Love the scene where the lady is chasing the thug across the street with a big stick. Made me laugh. Keep up the nice work.

  39. Dwight in Toronto says:

    Very nicely done. It’s almost enough to make me abandon my N scale!

  40. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Great looking layout!! well done great looking job with the bridges and that rail fence. Very nice!

  41. Will in NM says:

    So nice to see what can be done with two-rail O scale. Beautiful work! Excellent details! Thank you!

  42. Gary Clevenger says:

    Thank you peter for sending in pics. Of o guage. Mine is still in the attic.liked to see that yours was in the garage. Do you have problems with dust? I was going too put mine on a 4×8 sheet of plywood with a grass mat covering. Was your cars from a model kit or otherwise? I have 3 or 4 operating accessories but was thinking about adding other structures.i don’t see many pics of o guage. Thank you.

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