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“I enjoy your posts very much.

Many good ideas. Here’s one I’m trying.

I have a small bedroom for my new layout. I am combining HO and N to try and and get some degree of depth. The steamer in the front is HO and the coal train is N. Some will say ‘not prototipical’, but I’m having a ball.


“Greetings from Los Angeles Al!

The commercial plants and trees can prove to be costly if you need several…

I made these planters on ether side of the door by wrapping pipe cleaners around a sharpened pencil and then pressing them into the desired shape. Then I paint then with inexpensive acrylic green and glue them into the planters .

The planters are BEADS from the craft store..then I glue them to my structures ,or where needed om my layout You can make dozens of these for next to nothing…


model railroad door plant

Now for the latest installment from Hall of Fame member, Rob.

(His last post is here if you missed it).

“Hi Al,

Since the first Faller video, the road has progressed to grooving for the guide wire and then to plastering and painting the road surface.

For those perhaps interested in trying a Faller Road, they may find it interesting to see what my experience is. In the end, I got a fairly smooth and satisfactory road.

Now, I just need a few more vehicles to add some more chaos to the layout.


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

A huge thanks to Rob!

And – fingers crossed – Andy will send us more pics of his project, it’s a fine looking bridge.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming!

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to make your layout happen.



11 Responses to More from Rob’s fantastic railroad

  1. Eric says:

    Excellent work Rob the layout is certainly coming on, see you copied my hatch 🙂 Those stone retaining walls look great who makes them and are they available in N? Keep up the good work. Happy Modelling.
    Eric (Leeds) UK.

  2. Forced perspective has been used by the movie industry for over 100 years. Very well done. Looks more realistic!

  3. John Perry says:

    Thank You Al for keeping us all in the loop! I get up on work days
    Looking for your emails. They make my day!

  4. NJ Mark says:

    Thanks for all the helpful tips and great ideas. It’s a rainy day in New Jersey so it is a perfect time to go into the basement and do some model railroading. Cheers! NJ Mark

  5. Andy, you said you were having fun. That’s what this fabulous hobby is all about doing. Having FUN!!

  6. Jacob Kirk says:

    Very nice job Andy of combining gauges. I’d like to see more of your work as the layout progresses.

    You’re not alone. I’m also idoing a similar project, integrating O Gauge & HO as was posted on this site a month or so ago. I’m combining two separate layouts into one, with 3 O gauge & 4 HO trains on an elevated deck on a 12′ X 20′ platform with an industrial theme – steel industry as I’m from PGH – and including a special STEELERS TRAIN. I’m in the very early stages of laying track. Much work ahead, but I enjoy both gauges as you must also. Keep up posted.

  7. Kevin McArdle says:

    Always remember that it’s your railroad, and not every layout is ‘prototypical’, nor ‘craftsman’. What is important is to have fun.

  8. kathe kozlowski says:

    Great looking plants. How clever and inexpensive! Beautiful building also.
    Kathe, Florida

  9. Paul Schofield says:

    Andy, I’m experimenting with N as a foreground scale and with T as a background. It’s a challenge with the perspectives. That said, I’m also having a ball just trying to make things work. As someone said on an earlier post, we do this for the satisfaction it gives. If that entails modelling things to the ultimate detail (and I’m still laughing over the Bath House scene) or just putting a train on a bare circle of track, just go with it. Once you start, the only way is up. Enjoy! From Paul in Manchester UK.

  10. John Reynolds says:

    Lots of good stuff today… Fantastic idea on the plants and an outstanding video.

  11. Deano says:

    Andy, looks good to me… I thought about doing the same but in reverse at my old house.. (no room either) My PRR Z mainline was to be in the Background with Nn3 East Broadway Top Narrow Gauge (On Z gauge track) would be down in front. Pay no attention to the naysayers… Do what suits you… It’s called Creative License for a reason… Rule #1 .. HAVE FUN 😎

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