Amazing N scale layouts

Sheldon has been in touch again. Last time he added to the collection of amazing N scale layouts on the blog.

This time he’s been kind enough to share more pics of his layout.

His original post is here.

There are some real stunners on the blog, and Sheldon’s is one that sticks out in my mind.

Not only is it a joy to look at, it has bags of character too.

What’s more, Sheldon’s captions with his pictures really do add to the sense of fun.

“Good morning from across the pond.

MAN CAVE. Train room 20×14 some room for growth. We will see ? HO run above the layout and into my wife’s area. Three engines and two switches.

amazing n scale layouts

Bi Plane with old glory

model train bi plane

N Scale. 12 engines and as many as 100 cars. No period, if I like the look it’s added….

All engines are equipped for DCC. One with sound so far, Digitrex.

amazing n scale layouts

Hot air balloons. Landing at the Gentleman’s clubhouse. Sm. Fishing pond.

amazing n scale layouts

Helicopter with strobe light. Police investigators in back…

model railroad helicopter

Down town… Mayor is having a Birthday

N scale down town

CROSS on Mount Soladad in San Diego California….. long story but we won!

amazing n scale layouts

Furniture manufacturers… tight loading area

amazing n scale layouts

Storage yard one of two…

model train freight yard

N scale church


amazing n scale layouts

Yard #2

model train yard

747 just arriving from London… Direct flight to Phoenix USA

amazing n scale layouts

Station with my private train about to leave

My personal car. Sleeps six. Party time

N scale carriage

amazing n scale layouts


My word, a huge thank you to Sheldon for sharing more of his pics. What an addition to the amazing N scale layouts on the blog. Whenever I see a layout with a helicopter in, I’m reminded of this:

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

41 Responses to Amazing N scale layouts

  1. Christine says:

    Very nice layout. I like it a lot.

  2. Roy Forbes says:

    What can you say about this layout other than STUNNING?
    Well done and Fantastic.

  3. NJ Mark says:

    AWESOME! Love the detail! Thanks for the tour. Cheers! NJ Mark

  4. Michael says:

    Why is the flag being towed the wrong way

  5. John N Frye says:

    Love the railroad. Your commentary on the scenes is great! I do the same thing as I build and paint my scenes. This helps in many ways, because when it’s all done my little people need to work and make a living. They need a place to park, a way to get to work, and ladders, stairs and doors to get around. All this adds the realism and “life” to a scene or building. OK. it’s fun too!
    John from Baltimore

  6. This layout is a lifetime of dreams and ambition for the builder… and a Wonderful thing to look at as a work of ART.

  7. Bob says:

    The flag is being towed the wrong way because it is been nicked by a british plane from the united states and does not detract from all the beautifull work thats gone into this layout……..

  8. Lynn Taubeneck says:

    All the American flags and then a British Airways B747! Really? A very nice layout and well done on the scenery!

  9. David A. Massimi says:

    A GREAT layout ! And i think your philosophy is even better….”if i like the look, its added”…you do know how to really enjoy the hobby.
    Dave, in NY

  10. Great , Grest detail good job! Greg Gramlich

  11. Chuck Bartunek says:

    Outstanding…could you publish a track plan.

  12. Rube Simon says:

    All I can say is WOW! Thanks for the tour of your wonderful N-scale world!

  13. Jim says:

    Nice. Oh to have a space like yours. Truly a wonderful layout with some much going on with great detail. Nice touch with the air models.

    Jim AZ

  14. CUSTY N. DEMIKOFF says:

    american flag is being towed backwards

  15. paul vogel says:

    Wonderful layout Sheldon. Great detail in your work. Thanks for sharing. Paul in Ohio

  16. Anton Bruce says:

    Wow…there are direct flights from London to Phoenix?

  17. Very well done Sheldon. I see you even have the California “boondoggle” Bullet Train in one picture!!!! Without a doubt, one of the best N scale layouts I’ve seen.

    Pete-Silicon Valley

  18. Ray says:

    Midair refueling!

  19. Gerry says:

    Although the gesture is appreciated, you still may here this a lot, the American flag is being towed backwards and there are no excuses for that insult.
    All that being said, it’s a very nice layout.

  20. marc says:

    marc,usa let me say excellent work. you are very talented.

  21. Wm althaus says:

    Great model railroad! You show the fun that is our hobby :D. It’s also populated with lots of people and feels alive .

  22. Richard Rudolph says:

    Fantastic. Wish I were that good.

  23. Jim Maitland says:

    Fantastic. Please bring it to. The B & O RR Museum. We could shoot the Brits down but accident of course.

  24. Rod Mackay says:

    Think this is the first time I’ve seen an N layout that size looking finished! Tour de force Sheldon, well done.

  25. Sheldon says:

    My mistake on OLD GLORY…
    Correction is underway
    747 is a reminder of a great trip to Europe last year..
    thanks for your comments……

  26. Ian McDonald says:

    a very nice layout. love the detail. thanks for sharing.

  27. Patti says:

    I enjoyed it very much! Just the boost I was needing today. Thank You!!!
    Patti-Curdsville, VA

  28. Daniel says:

    I love that you build it the way you want not worried about periods of time!!! If you like it it’s in!! Great job!!!!

  29. John Meyer says:

    Sheldon, I have never seen so much “action” being packed into this much space! That is truly noteworthy. I surmise that this might be partially attributed to your concept “if I like it I build it”. Wonderful stuff ……


  30. Tony says:

    This is a very nice layout. I love the freestyle of including what you like. I see a lot of comments on the flag but, no explanation. The reason. it is backward is because, by flag code the flag is never to be presented in retreat. It is the same reason it is displayed with the blue field to the right on the right sleeve of uniforms and when painted on the right side of vehicles or aircraft.

  31. colin says:

    Well Sheldon Does your wife know about your “sleeping car” or is it really a “party car “?.

    Round House looks great. Usually I’m not so keen or a layout that so busy but this one is so full of interesting items I’m hooked. Oh no pond sorry. Just a little point either your vintage plane is capable of flying backwards or your pulling the stars and stripes the wrong way round. Great fun Colin Scotland

  32. Steve says:

    Awesome layout….very inspiring and love all the American flags!

  33. Ben Olson says:

    Sheldon, what an awesome layout! You have so many “action” scenes that make it interesting to view. It’s a real gem! I love the hot air balloons! Also, thanks for fixing the flag situation…we yanks are touchy about things like that, Thanks for posting!

  34. Ken says:

    Great pictures and an even greater layout. t I wish I was young enough to take on a project of your magnitude and quality.

    I only have one tip and that is you need to notify the 747 pilot that his gear is not down and he needs to execute a go around before he does a belly landing. Given his altitude, on the approach, is too late to get a 747’s gear down and locked this close to landing on the runway.

  35. Mike Balog says:

    Sheldon: Beautifully Detailed Layout !!! How did you find the Correct Scale Model Aircraft and How did you Hold them in Place on your layout? What Scale is the Mini Remote Control Helicopter? And yes, Please Do Correct the Way the U.S. Flag is Flown… and Pulled by the Biplane on your Layout. ALSO Liked the idea of the other layout using Model Slot Cars Above the Tracks… Think Marklin or another European made remote cars and trucks that run following what I think if a guide wire buried in the roads, and the vehicles are battery powered? Great Workmanship on the Layouts.. From Mike in N.H. U.S.A.

  36. Bill Holt says:

    Way to go Sheldon. Truly a action layout !

  37. Franco428 says:

    Turntable, what happened to the Turntable photos. Every layout I see I look for examples of workmanship for Turntables and the Engine sheds if included. This photo set gave me half of a Turntable…just not right for those of us who build Engine Shops & Sheds for a Turntable. Oh Well….

  38. Jim Turner says:

    What a totally fun layout! My favorite…the S&H sign. You and I are of an age long gone. I have a grandson flying Blackhawks in Korea and his bro wants to fly airliners. You gave me some great ideas to get them involved. Thanks!

  39. Royce Taylor says:

    I absolutely love your layout. T00 much detail?, I think not. The only correction that I can offer you, is thebi plane pulling the United States flag is to turn the flag around, the stars always are in front leading the way.
    Other than that it all looks great.

  40. Oldtaz says:

    What a beautiful layout. Sheldon you’ve done a great job good detail nice story.
    You must have a good job to have a rail car all of your own. When does the party start.

  41. Rollie Baumann says:

    Sheldon – It gets better every year. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when you 100. rollie b.

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