Andrew’s L shape layout update

Andrew’s been in touch again – his last post is here.

“Hi Al

Well I moved my railway out of the shed as it was too cold and damp was affecting me and the buildings on my railway, so I decided to bring it in my spare room, so started again.

I am now developing an L shape layout with half a figure of eight with an elevated section on the curve.

The village will be under the elevated section, I am at the moment doing the Station section and I must say it’s coming on well.

I have also reverted back to DC from DCC as it was too expensive. My controller is fitted under my work table as an integrated system. More pics to follow as I develop the sections.

I would welcome comments and suggestions from the plethora of great Modellers out there.


L shape layout

L shape layout

L shape layout

L shape layout

L shape layout

L shape layout

L shape layout

L shape layout

L shape layout

A big thank you to Andrew. I do love seeing the updates – especially as a layout is never really finished.

Andrew’s layout reminded me of John’s viaduct / arches:

(You can John’s “viaduct how-to” post here.)

Now back on to those backdrops. I few of you have asked to see the earlier ones, so here you are.

I’ll get them on the store as soon as I can (I’ve been meaning to for a while). Do you know, every week I write out an ever growing ‘to do’ list. But nowadays, I’m lucky if I knock 2 or 3 things off the list.

Anyhow here you go.

Backdrop 1:

Click here to buy backdrop 1

Backdrop 2:

Click here to buy backdrop 2

Backdrop 3:

model railroad backdrop

Click here to buy backdrop 3

Backdrop 4:

model railroad backdrop

Click here to buy backdrop 4

All the backdrops are 18″ x 144″. To print, just download on to a CD or memory stick, take it to any office stationers (Kinko / Office Max) and print it out on a smooth, self adhesive, vinyl with UV inks and a matte finish.

You can grab a backdrop for just $7, until I get them on to the store.

Oh – and please, please do let me know your thoughts on the backdrops, and what you’d like to see more of.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if you want to start your layout, stop dreaming and start doing: the Beginner’s Guide is here.



14 Responses to Andrew’s L shape layout update

  1. Rich B. says:

    Not sure on the cube mountain but like the idea of the canal viaduct. Have seen photos of actual one in France. One of the printable backdrops would work well.

  2. NJ Mark says:

    It is a great layout and wonderful detail. Add some people to those courtyards and streets and it will be much better. I’m working on my own ghost town and trying to populate it. Cheers! NJ Mark

  3. Rube Simon says:

    Al, thanks for the backdrops list.

  4. Billy Mills says:

    Regarding an earlier posted tip about painting the tail lights on vehicles for a layout: I found a permanent maker labeled as METALIC RUBY as our local Walmart store. Actually resembles real life tail light in color.
    Also on vehidles painted red I use a toothpick & silver paint to outline the tail lights so that they stand out more from the red color of the vehicle

  5. Wm althaus says:

    Really like the level of detail you are putting in. Building positions look realistic and it works with your track plan. Keep the updates coming!

    Bill in Virginia

  6. Brad says:

    Regarding paint for taillights,great idea using a marker.I use paint and a toothpick.I believe it is testors paint.They also have amber that is realistic looking. If already colored in I use a small sandpaper wedge to “srape” whatever coloration there is.However if it is simply the same color(molded) the amber and red work well

  7. Skip Leib says:

    I guess it all depends on one’s finances (and the degree of complexity of the layout), but I see DCC as a really huge improvement in operations; it’s the ability to run a train anywhere, on any track, regardless of what other trains are doing. IMO it’s the closest thing to actual operations ever imagined, and as such is a real evolution in the hobby! I’m not wealthy either; but I won’t buy any HO locomotives until I’ve saved up enough to get ’em with DCC!
    I don’t know how it is in Europe now, but here in the USA one can now get DCC equipped locomotives for not too much more $$ than the ‘conventional’ DC ones. Here it’s the DCC and *sound* equipped ones that cost too much (IMO), so I get t,he (now ‘plain’) locos with ‘only’ DCC in ’em…..

  8. Fred Cook says:

    I am glad to see that there is another person out there that thinks that DCC is too expensive. For that matter most companies are putting their prices out of the reach of children who could be their next crop of customers. Greed is. a funny thing

  9. Andrew says:

    I love John’s enthusiasm and creativity. Does he have a layout? If he does it would be wonderful to see it.

  10. Ian McDonald says:

    great photos would like to see more. thanks for sharing.

  11. Stephen D Gispanski says:

    Hello Andrew, you got a lot there, looking good. Can’t wait to see all the figures of people on the lay out. I think people make the lay out come to life. And DCC, yep it took me a long time to save up for DCC, over priced. For what I saw and heard , DCC has a lot more they can come up with for the price we have to pay for it. I wish I could put a C.B. in one of the cars with speaker so I could make my on sounds with it. Lol. Well good luck and keep on Railing
    SDG St.Petersburg Florida

  12. Okay I agree getting items off the to do list is slow. I am stuck working on how to wire my lift up section 2×4 feet with three separate tracks and I love the section on back drops except I live in the desert of Arizona and would like one for that area. Any ideas?

  13. Thanks for posting the earlier backdrops
    Dave from Texas

  14. Richard Matthews says:

    Add one with fall colors adds lots of color

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