Inner city HO scale stations – Steve’s

Steve’s added to the collection of inner city HO scale stations on the blog:


Oh my gosh!!! I am looking at my layout… THANK YOU!! And THANK YOU To everybody who left a post.. You guys made my month!!! Thank you for the very nice words everybody left.

I was reaching a point.. I wonder? And sure others reach a point, where you need to take a break? My layout is not model after anything in particular…Lots of it is just looking at all the wonderful layouts I see on here. I am at a point connecting the lower level, to the top level. And 3/4 of the way up… I have hit a wall, and this being my first layout I have done everything the hard way and backwards. 🙂

But thanks to Al and all of you. I have now got new life to get back out their and get to work. Thank you. Here are a few more Pic’s I take the Metro Link into.

Downtown Los Angeles to work. So from time to time I get to run into train’s like this.. Hope you enjoy? P/S My layout is DCC other then the very top track. And will post more.

Thank you again Al


Inner city HO scale stations

commuter train

Inner city HO scale stations

Inner city HO scale stations shelf layout

Inner city HO scale stations:

Inner city HO scale stations

train layout scenery

commuter train

A big thanks to Steve for adding to the inner city HO scale stations on the blog. I love the way he had a theme from the start, inspired by his daily commute.

And I’m sure there are lots of you out there, nodding sagely after reading his words:

“…and this being my first layout I have done everything the hard way and backwards.”

We feel your pain, Steve. That’s exactly why I collated this together.

Keep ’em coming, folks.

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

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15 Responses to Inner city HO scale stations – Steve’s

  1. Neil says:

    Hi Steve. Fantastic layout. One query if you don’t mind. On the 5th shot down there is a connection shown between levels. It looks as though you are getting away with a good slope, though perhaps not, 2d photos of 3d layouts can be deceptive.

    What actually is the gradient ? and do you have any problems with your loco being able to pull a heavy train up it ?



  2. david howarth says:

    Very well done , and yes a lot of us do that work backwards …but we learn as we go along …Dave

  3. Gary says:

    Hi Steve. For someone who is learning the hard way you seem to be getting it right , fantastic layout keep up the good work.
    Regards Gary

  4. Colin King says:

    Hi Steve, your layout looks great with loads of room for long and realistic trains. Really like the two levels which gives you more track space, all in all a great layout. Colin.

  5. Herman says:

    Thanks for sharing some great pics of your layout – liked the views of the full length of the layout – stunning long trains not very often seen on this page.

  6. Ron Schultz says:

    Nice . looks like you have a grade for some Shay or Climax locomotives. Double headed locos would be great . Did you put the Hiawatha pictures in as model trains ? They dont look like mode;s as the people, train brake
    hose lines and the ballast is real. .

  7. Jack says:

    Where do you get the background of the city buildings or country scenes for your layout?

  8. dave says:

    Hey in the 4th pic is that Louisville KY ?? the one building looks like the capitol holdings on in down town ??

  9. paul Otway says:

    Great Layout Steve, I also like the train photos.

    It would be nice if you found a girl friend who loves trains, there are few who do.


  10. Plunko says:

    I have just started to re-model my 40-year old N-gauge layout. I have put in some climbing tracks which are 5% or a little more, and found that conventional locos (mine are steam 0-4-0, and 2-6-0) climb the gradients with reasonable sized trains (consists for you Yankees), slowing in true scale fashion to address the climb, but pulling through successfully. i was careful to limit the climb to about 50mm total (that’s 2 inches for you Yankees) over 1 metre (about 1 yard). Happy with that!
    Dusting off a 40 year old layout has been fun, and I regret not taking photos before I started. However, there’s a long way to go, so maybe I can send in some progress photos.
    Meanwhile, congratulations to Al and the crew for your website, and all the great feedback you manage to send us. It’s gold! Thanks from Australia.

  11. Cary Buter says:

    Nice layout Steve, like the real world photos also. Looks Awesome.

    Cary B

  12. Adolph says:


    This Yank says 50.8 mm would be 2″ 🙂 Just had to say that. Love these
    emails in the morning. It is such a relief from the “mind clutter” waiting throughout the day.

  13. Robert Brady says:

    Plunko ; What exactly is a gradient ?Is it an incline or a decline? PHYSICS
    an increase or decrease in the magnitude of a property (e.g. temperature, pressure, or concentration) observed in passing from one point or moment to another.
    The Critic

  14. Will in NM says:

    Nice layout Steve. Do they really have a metro train in LA called the Hiawatha? Wasn’t that a Milwaukee Road train back in the days of class 1 passenger service? I guess I missed your original post but the photos in this set are very nice. Thans for sharing your layout with us.

  15. Erick says:

    Pretty Kool.!!!!

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