N scale train layout on a door

Mike’s been in touch and added to the ‘N scale train layout on a door’ collection:

“Hi Al….Started a new one this year…Hollow core door and will have a 4ft extension off the back left….Have a good week….


n scale train layout on a door

There’s quite a few N scale door layouts on the blog now. When ever I see one I’m always reminded of Nich’s:

N scale door layout.

Now on to Don:

“Dear Alastair,

I came across a substance that I used for making my roads in and out of my township. I went to a local supplier to a builder of houses that the outside was Stucko. (plaster with fine sand mixed in) The have lots of grades of sand to choose from as well as colors.

What I loved about it most of it was mixed wrong so I got loads of it enough for a supper highway. I had my railroad in 0-27 three rail.

My city was all of plaster houses as well as some other O scale buildings. these building blended well with the mid centery look I was aiming for. I also was able to make the roads to have a hump for the middle of the street and at corners as well. It really worked well for the scale.

I am a guy that love the looks of real RR layouts but do love the three rail aspect of it being a toy. My entire layout was 17 feet long and 6 feet wide. within that I was able to put a long loop, a siding, two reverse loops as well as a figure 8. My curves on the main line were 054 and 031 for the logging area. I made it so I could run three trains at the same time on connected with one another and yet have 4 different levels of tracks. Yes it look as if it really was a toy train. I loved it.

Now its no longer because of my health I have taken it down and is just in my mind. I sold my one and only 4449 in the freedom colors . I’m from Portland Oregon and grew up with that locomotive. Mater of fact…. I sold the two doors from the original locomotive. I will write you when I think of other things I thought up for the dream I once had.



I sent in pictures of the start of the helix addition to my train layout. And I said I would send some videos of the trains running. I am just using my cell phone as the camera.

Because the helix is no where near finished the trains can only run from each side to about 90 percent of the first ring. The first ring has the track running but the rest of the mods (trees, people, train stops, etc) to the ring is not finished in the pictures. So I am sending two videos. One with both trains on the left side and one with both trains on the right side.

I have finished the first ring and tested it again (after I made the videos). and found out that I have made the trees too fat and they interfere with the passage of the train. So still working. Will send more probably when the helix is half built.


The very latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

That’s all today folks – thanks to Lawrence, Don and to Mike for adding to the N scale train layout on a door collection.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More N scale layouts here if that’s your thing.

7 Responses to N scale train layout on a door

  1. Mike, Looks like a great start. Just curious as to the grade for that overpass…From the photo it looks pretty steep…..

  2. Is the outside track connected to the inside track at any point … or are there just two separate circles? Nice layout. It will be interesting to see it completed.


  3. Are the two circles connected at any point? Or is there just and inner circle and an outer circle with no way to move between them. Nice layout. It will be fun to see it when you are finished.


  4. Don,
    Hope you still have some pictures of your three rail set up. 17 by 6 is a lot of track laying and wiring. At 74 am working in 3 rail Lionel O gauge myself. Am more of a track layer and run the engines kind of guy than either a collector or a modeler. And my set up also looks like a toy train, but then, that is what it is and that is what it was 70 years ago when my Father bought me a first 0 27 set up, with a small metal transformer that would get too hot to touch if you forgot and left it plugged in over night. Hope your health problems prove manageable.


  5. Robert Miller says:

    I started in model RR when I was 65. Since then I have built and torn down 5 layouts. I am now on my last one (I am 76 now). The problem is that every time I read through what others are doing and see pictures of their layouts I get new ideas and build another layout a little better than the last one. Please be kind to me and maybe stop giving me more layout ideas… I know it’s my fault for reading through your Blog but I just can’t seem to help myself just to find out what others are doing.
    Bob from Pelahatchie Mississippi

  6. Awesome start to something that is going to be first class……Love the landscaping you have done so far…Will be interesting to see how you proceed with the open areas………Good Job!

  7. Ian McDonald says:

    great video thanks for sharing

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