More pics and tips for your layout

“Dear Mr.Lee,

I am attaching a few phtographs of my layout.

I thought you may be interested in posting a few pitures of my layout for model railway enthusiasts to see.

The foot over bridge, signals, stations, street lights, water tank, water cranes, signal cabin and some of the bridges are hand crafted.

This layout operates on both DCC and anologue options and uses CTI’s Train Brain software.

I am travelling to the USA today for a month’s holiday and on return shall upload a video of the operating layout.



(images are clickable)

“hi al

I use roofing shingles to make streets and roads turn them over they are the same color as a paved st .also they are good for roofs on buildings turned over looks like a tarred roof right side up paint them white you have a stone roof thanks



My son and his wife found this in Smithville Ontario Canada recently. Not sure what to call it but jigger loo might work


Perry’s pics made me laugh so I thought I’d share them.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And will today be the day you return to his hobby? The Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

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  1. Sundarn your layout is set out very nicely , like the turntable just in the right position …not sure about the Loo ..something different

  2. Ol' Puffer says:

    Hi Perry
    I don’t suppose you saw Dr Who hanging around anywhere?

  3. Kumar Vartak says:

    An interesting layout, I have been following all the layouts you put up quite regularly, I am from Pune India,and Sundaram sounds like an Indian name , is he located in India?. If so is it OK if I get in touch with him, as I am also in the process of creating a layout.If OK then can you please send me his contact details.Thank you

  4. builder Kim says:

    hahaha that’s a porta potty.not sure what the smoke stack is for.hope it isn’t for cooking.once full they are taken away and replaced.

  5. Rob says:

    Sundaram, I like your layout. Some nice hand made items. As for the loo, I hope the tracks are smooth. Otherwise…
    And forget about a derail

  6. Tom says:

    Sundaram, what a great layout. I guess the turntable is the center point of the layout … sure fits well.

    Perry … Telephone Booth on wheels or a port – a – potty? Whichever … send her on down the line … will come in handy.

    Al, I saw an article in Model Railroad Magazine I believe August ‘2013 Tester paints are going to discontinue Floquil and Poly paints. Do you know when this may be gone to take effect. Did indicate for a time retailers would still be able to get them but in time they would run out. These are great paints for model railroading … what other paints would you or others recommend to us to replace these. thanks


  7. Rog says:

    Sundaram, Nice work.. I live in Florida, & there is in the City of Fort
    Myers on a remote location of track, a “Portable Outhouse”.. not sure if
    Train Lines still use it..
    Got several ideas on Layout we are working on from yours..
    Keep up the great work.. – Rog

  8. paul Otway says:

    neat layout

  9. Toni Olivar says:

    For those interested in what the blue structure on wheels is. It is a railroad version of a Port-A-Potty used by a small crew of men who are out working on tracks. In the first photo, the short, gray tube on the top right of the roof, is a vent tube and is for venting methane gas that gets created after awhile of being in hot or humid locations. In the second photo, the tall gray item that looks like a smoke stack is really a pole that is visible in the background. Possibly a cement pole for an overhead roadside lamp.

  10. El Paso Jeff says:

    I am having trouble with three axle tenders from Hornby and Bachmann riding up over the frogs. The wheel gauge appears correct, but there appears to be a. a problem with the rigid three axle wheel base, and b. the wheel flanges appear slightly large and ride on the bottom of the frog.

    This occurs on either Peco or Atlas turnouts. Does Sundaram have this issue?

    Loved the layout!

  11. Sid says:

    I liked the footbridge , it looks good from what I can see in the photo, The layout is nice too, But the portable toilet I think is a reminder of the good old days lol,…….Sid

  12. Sid says:

    I also notice that you have signals on your layout, I am building a layout in my old workshop, I have made all my signals from plasticard, copper tube and LED’s, which is quite simple and very easy to make, However, I wish to automate them into a block system as on the full size railway, Can anyone tell me how to do this?
    It would be very much appreciated and very helpful….


  13. Nice looking layout,well done.


  14. Venkatesh says:

    Iam from India can any one please help in this field if you are in INDIA I am very much interested in model railways. But nothing is available in INDIA unless we import. I used to get all my stuff in model railroads when ever I went abroad. Sundaram seems to be from INDIA please guide me.

  15. Ray Appenzeller says:

    The photographs are very nicely depicting your layout. Am I correct to assume that you are operating a HO scale setup?

    Perry, That is called a Port-A-Potty here in America, the smoke stack is actually a vent tube to let the fumes out during use and setup. Item is usually used at a construction site or at a low level type of event. They are a rented structure from a company that specializes in waste.

  16. Austin Wilson says:

    Love the layout and certainly miss mine as I am away from home for awhile. Well until next summer but will be home for a month at Christmas which will be nice. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Someone commented that they use roofing shingles for roads, I do as well. I slice them I think 3 and half inches wide, but I also order peel and stick road off E-Bay and stick it to the lengths of roofing. Makes a nice solid road that can moved when and if needed, I got lots of roadway to work around my rail roads and tons of houses and other buildings. I love railroading and can not wait to get back home to do some.

  17. Jim Volmer Sr says:

    Nice layout, I will be starting mine in the fall. Love the detail you put into it.

    As for the building on railcar, this gives to the statement PORTA POTTY lol

  18. Sundaram says:

    Hi Kumar Vartak,

    Of course,I am an Indian residing in Chennai. my email address is Please get in touch with me.

    Hi El Paso Jeff,

    I have the same problem with the Hornby steam engine on the Atlas turnouts even with to 100 code. I adjust the speed at the turnouts to avoid derailing.

    Hi Sid,

    You can automate it either using a Digitrax system or CTI’s Train Brain system- but they are expensive. I use them.

  19. Sundaram says:

    Hi Venkatesh,

    I buy the rolling stock and tracks when I go abroad, but for the rest i make them at home with scrap wood, plastic etc. of course to scale. This is the fun and interesting part of the layout. I do not believe in buying the accessories which are expensive and do not give the same fun as doing them yourself.

    Hi Ray,

    This a HO scale.

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your appreciation of the layout. The turntable is an Atlas turntable and is not long enough to accommodate the steam engines i have. Shall have to modify it by some innovative thinking.

  20. THOMAS says:


  21. Stuart says:

    Well done, looks really good

  22. Ian says:

    like the layout nice and simple with greenery .

  23. Fred says:

    Very nice layout. What size is it?

  24. Chip Smith says:

    The layout is very nice, but the loo is priceless. What gauge is the layout? MAny of you semi-professional modellers with years of experience may be able to determine any gauge by a quick glance. Not so for us lesser modelers. Whenever a guage is reported it is appreciated.

    By the way, what gauge is the loo? Maybe you too recall the days of flushing the rolling loo on a passenger train only to see the rail ties flying by. Not so much anymore with ecological impact a reasonable and proper treatment of waste.

    Pictures are great. Thanks for the laugh.

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