More truck cam video from Dave

“Hi Al

I am a beginner in the hobby and have very limited space for my layout. It is a 4ft long end-to-end terminus shelf layout based in the South of England. I am about 70% complete with a couple of buildings to build and people to place but I have a small problem.

As I said I have a very small layout so I’d like to use the space as much as possible. But there is an area (about 1/5 of the layout) that is blank. I haven’t placed any scenic stuff down or buildings because I was hoping for some suggestions from you and the other model railroaders in the forum.

So far I have one suggestion from a friend which is to put a turntable in because it’s a terminus but there simply isn’t enough space.

Thanks Al for all the hard work and effort you put in to keep this forum going. I find it very useful.

I have attached some pics too.







And now another video from Dave.

To be honest, at first, I wasn’t going to post it – because the first few minutes are just Dave having fun with his video software.

But then I watched the second half, which is Dave’s track cam. Believe me, you won’t want to miss it. Stunning stuff. Again.

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

That’s all this time folks. Don’t forget, if Dave’s inspired you, he was also instrumental in the Beginner’s Guide.

Keep ’em coming.



PS Don’t like putting two videos on one post, but some of you have asked about the print out scenery. Here’s what it looks like when it’s built:

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  1. Paul E Fournier says:

    What a beautiful layout I am mesmerized with the fine detail Keep them coming Dave

  2. Keith Miller says:

    Well, I am very pleased that you DID publish Dave’s video! I can forgive his playing around with the editing software (that’s how you learn) because the truck cam footage made up for that! I really enjoyed it – at times it looked as though we were heading for trouble, but Dave had everything under control. Interesting difference in quality between the truck cam and the tripod mounted camera – no doubt miniature cameras will get better in this respect. As usual his panning with the train is really good, but today it was the shots looking back from the truck that were most interesting. And I notice Dave puts in a cameo appearance here and there – must be a fan of Hitchcock who also liked to appear somewhere in his films. Keep them coming Dave… but don’t get TOO carried away with the software effects!

  3. Max Dosser says:

    The Incredible, Amazing, Fabulous Maestro Modeller strikes again.
    I chuckled at the first half (good show) and watched the second half that was
    most interesting.
    I can’t wait for the next episode !!!
    Max D

  4. Rod Mackay says:

    Cameron, you could get a small business or two that would generate traffic for the railway in that corner. A very good example would be the Ratio kit for a fertiliser store, There is precedent for freight business being done at a passenger platform, or alongside it, several small stations had a goods store on the platform itself (not enough space on yours I appreciate) to receive stuff from ‘station trucks’ that were unloaded between trains. At Vauxhall on the outskirts of London I believe they even unloaded milk tankers by pipeline connections at a passenger platform, in the wee small hours. Alternatively, if you don’t mind revising the track, it looks from the photo like you might get an extra short siding in there to (say) an end loading and cattle dock.

  5. Rod Mackay says:

    Dave, what have you done to poor old 427, she shouldn’t have a nameplate stuck on her nose like that? Oh, and the station officer from Blue Watch says could you not please put some Bomacs down between the rails on that level crossing, as bumping over the rails with 500 gallons of water on board is playing hell with the suspension!
    All the best,

  6. Charles Edwards says:

    That last video was the best I have ever seen. Is this all an individual layout or is it a group or club deal?

  7. Ed says:

    Dave, you are the master of the model RR and your camera work just gets better and better. I felt as if I was on the footboard of a brake truck., watching the diesel following us. 6 months from retirement and I hope to get started. If I obtain half of your skill sets I will be happy. Thanks to you and of course Al who’s great site allows us to share all the wonderful contributions.

  8. Ron Schultz says:

    I loved the rain storm . and of course being an old retired fire chief I got all excited when the lighting struck and the fire truck’s were called out to handle it . what kind of computer program does Dave have to add
    all the stuff to his videos . I need to get a small cam for my layout .

  9. hopefully i’ll be moving in the spring. scrapped my last layout because it was too big. can’t decide between E-Z track or tru-track. my eyes are too bad for hand-laying. keep the tips coming.

  10. T. Olivar says:

    I have a set of suggestions for the empty space on Cameron’s 4ft long end-to-end terminus shelf layout.
    A) Create a narrow dirt road to it and set a old boxcar or two, (without wheels), on stacked ties and set various parts around to create a small storage area.
    B) Again create a small narrow road or wide foot path to the area and then set a small redecorated passenger car there as a small dinner. for workers of the area.
    C) Create a few small tents and set them and a barrel in the area for a small hobo camp site or a homeless encampment.

    With these ideas, you fill the empty space and also create an area of interest for your layout. (Toni Olivar)

  11. James Kupski says:

    Good day Al

    About Daves video, isn’t what model railroading all about to have fun and I joy it.
    Great work Dave you just keep it up having fun that’s what life’s all about. Happy railroading Dave. Thanks Al you made the right decision. Entertaining.


  12. Frank Cortese says:

    Dave, your videos are fantastic, just one request. Please keep the captions up a bit longer. Most of us are not speed readers like you.

  13. Cameron, I had the same problem with limited space on one particular part of my layout, I placed a “ballast Bin”. that had a small office building or shanty on
    the left side,,,I placed a gondola full of ballast on the track next to the bin and then placed a “caterpillar” excavator with the bucket inside of the gondola to make it appear it was emptying the gondola into the ballast bin,,,Ho scale, this area used about 2 1/2 inches x 5 inches and it filled the area and looks realistic, and I have received many nice comments on it. Hope this idea helps

  14. Phil Saruk says:

    And Yet another: AWARD WINNING VIDEO!! From the MASTER: DAVE!!
    Thank You Dave; for keeping us entertained, informed and for putting a Smile on our faces.

  15. Don says:

    I’m not sure what to say because the cam was moving to fast for me. Would like to see the video again but more time on the buildings because they look like they are pretty nice. I’m interested in these buildings but have never seen a showing of them.

  16. Tom Sawyer- Atlanta, Ga. USA says:

    Al & Dave: One of the best layouts I’ve ever seen. Excellent work. One brick, you said a look at Windsor Castle, watched for it and never saw it. Her majesty must have edited your film. LOL You should send your films to Model Railroader mag in Wisconsin, USA.


  17. Paul Wienold says:

    Just WAY TOO COOL! Can I come play with your cho-choos? … Paul

  18. Ian says:

    Beautiful layout. The layout and the video are both inspiring.

  19. Timothy Crump says:

    On Cameron’s layout….looking at the odd space, it came to me that we don’t always have to show the front of a building…..tracks would probably be more likely at the back…so a simple back wall, and maybe a loading dock would look very realistic in that space….

  20. Very, very nice. The suspension bridge is awesome. Would you tell us how you built it, please?

  21. John Tipper says:

    Thanks for posting this link. I’ve watched hundreds of model train videos and this is far and away the best of the lot. Dave is a master of his various crafts, whether it be the modelling or the video production. Even my partner, usually stuck on Facebook, sat mesmerised for the entire film. Well done, mate!

  22. Ross Johnston says:

    Great video Dave! I really enjoyed watching it . Could you shoot one with the train coming down from the top loop as you had it going up but not down. Keep up the great work. Cheers! Rossco Adelaide, Australia

  23. Richard Sommery-Gade says:

    Fun why not ? Nice change of pace.

  24. david howarth says:

    Thank you all for your Kind Comments ..Windsor Castle is the name of the Steam Loco …so no good looking for a Castle LOL …the Truck cam is a great way to see your layout from track level and find all the things that need attention …and the Suspension Bridge is one from Hornby , its is a pack and not too difficult to build …I got mine on e bay , so saved a bit of money …As I said thank you all for your support and Comments and Thank you Al for showing these video`s …Dangerous Dave

  25. Ken Stramel says:

    Very cool

  26. Rudy Lazina says:

    It’s such a pleasure to see the tremendous work you have done with your layout. The comments that your fans make and your responses give a real boost to us newcomers. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. Rudy

  27. Mike says:

    Along with the encampment. You may want to place a few trees in it also.

  28. Rene Vanderneut says:

    Dave I thought the special effects were great!!!!

  29. Mike DeMuyt says:

    Dave that was the BEST !!!!!
    Mike D.

  30. Ian Mc Donald says:

    that video is better than going to the pictures. I have friends who are not into trains but want to watch more on how the videos are made.

  31. Todd says:

    Jolly well done Ole Boy!!!!! Smashing good video!!!!! You should go intoprofessional movie makings. Love all the videos. My 4X8 table is done
    can’t wait to start laying track!! Thanks again. you’re video’s are a great inspiration!!!

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