My biggest sale ever

Every now and then I have a sale.

Other sites seem to have a sale every two days or so. Not me. In fact, the last one I had, was last year.

So when they come along I want you to know they really are the real deal.

And this one is my best one yet, by a long stretch.

Not only is the Beginner’s Guide the lowest price it’s ever been, I’m also throwing in these 3 brand new prints:




And here’s John talking through them in his own unique style:

And I’m also throwing in nearly 3 hours of exclusive video content, all recorded by John (the genius who builds all the model boats and subs). Here’s a sneak preview of one of the videos:

Just so you know, they are all unlisted videos on youtube (meaning they are hidden to public viewing)

I’ll shortly be putting these videos on the store – but until then they are free with the Beginner’s Guide.

It’s my biggest sale ever.

You get three free scenery print outs worth $9.97 (have a look, they are in the store).

And you get nearly three hours of step by step layout instruction from John – these vids will shortly by on the site for $7.

And the Beginner’s Guide is knocked down to $19 from $27.

So right now you are saving $25 – and of course, you get everything that comes with the Beginner’s Guide normally.

Of course, I’m biased, but it’s a silly deal.

You might be thinking, “Where’s the catch?”.

Of course there’s a catch: offer ends 5th July! Then the free prints will be gone. So wil the videos. And the Beginner’s Guide price goes back up to $27.

So grab it here now before it all disappears like a shadow in the night.



PS Please don’t hang about offer ends 5th July…

You can grab it here, right now.

PPS I should also tell you, in the next few days, the Hall Of Fame will have two new members! Who will they be? You’ll have to wait and see.

14 Responses to My biggest sale ever

  1. wowweeee Alistair
    best DEAL EVERRRR!!!!
    cant wait to buy it !!!

  2. Joe Phillips says:

    I am too old to do much of anything due to health and age 83 years old. In my younger years I had model train displays for my children and friends to enjoy.
    Later on I gave the whole thingto my brother so he could have some fun with it.
    I love to read and watch the videos that you post from time to time.
    Thanks for what you are doing for all of the people that love trains. Please
    keep on doing it. Thanks, Joe Phillips

  3. Rob McCrain says:

    I have noticed many people do not understand the difference between insulfrog and electrofrog turnouts. They are fundamentally different, each work fine if set up correctly and there is the problem. If you don’t understand where the current goes in both types, you cannot set them up correctly.


  4. paul Otway says:

    Nice buildings Al, I can’t put anymore on my layout at the moment

  5. Lindsay McIsaac says:

    Another great sale, I bought a whole lot at a sale about 15months ago, I’m still fiddling about with them, John inspires me to do a lot more detailing etc. of them. He mentioned he was watching the football , wouldn’t be surprised if he’s given up after a recent result (only joking John)

  6. Graeme Bregani says:

    Do you have English and European buildings?

  7. Al says:

    yes – scroll down on this page: They’ll all in the store soon

  8. Paul Egri says:

    Your new video for paper structures is very good it demonstraits how more than one building can be built from the same kit and how to mix and match parts from other kits to make models I have been doing this for years and it is an exelent way of making new one of a kind buildings I like to design structures myself The new Barn is a very good start for a saw mill and you might look at doing just that I think it has a lot of potential for a number of small industries and think industrial buildings is something your line of card kits is lacking I hope this gets the wheels turning and if you would like a little help with this contact me I think I might have a few ideas

  9. Derrick Dinsdale says:

    I doubt their is any English in you at all. as there have been a lot of people asking for English buildings and all we get is sillos and tin roof shacks we want rows of pit cottages, colliery village buildings etc Not Aunt Nancy’s yellow house with a porch. Come on AL Big Guy how about a little something for your “Buddy’s” on this side of the pond way to go…

  10. Al says:

    You are quite right, Derrick, but if you got to this page and scroll down you’ll see the UK buidlings:

  11. Peter Jacobs says:

    hello Al,

    I have looked at the the print out pages, in-fact when I lived in Canada I bought some, for English architecture for my layout ( as I have moved back to South Wales) but need to be pointed in the right direction on your sales sheet.
    It would be great if the suggestion made to produce English type buildings was taken up, I’m sure you would sell many copies as the UK has many model railway enthusiasts .
    Best wishes
    Peter Jacobs.

  12. alva clifton says:

    I thought that I would give you a “koodoo’s” on your site. It has been an inspiration for me. I was a homeless vet. here in Florida. When I got myself stable I had to find something to do. I really can tell you that I feel that this hobby has saved my life. I now look forward to reading your e-mail’s and working on my meager table. I now feel that I have a group of good people to converse with, as well getting a great amount of pride from it. It feel’s so good when someone says whow ! Once again thank you for saving my life!

  13. JAMES MORTON says:

    Al. Thank for all the tips you post for they sure help out a lot. Back in the 60s i had a large lay out and had to move so lost a lot in the move gave what was left to my grand now at the age of 92 i am back at it again.lost a lot of how to do things so you sure help out a lot. Jim Morton

  14. Don gator Henry says:

    very neet, can’t wait build some. thanks for the tip.

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