Printable building water tower

“Hi Al,

Here is some photos of my new water tower.

Before I installed it, I leveled the landscape where it was to be installed with clay, then I painted the clay brown.

I sprinkled coarse beach sand from my local beach onto the clay, then poured Pva glue mixed with water and dish washing liquid onto the sand and allowed to set…

The sand is used to make a sandy shingle base for the model.

I then poured PVa glue onto the base, then mounted the model.

The last photo shows the model completed.


printable building water tower

printable building water tower

printable building water tower

“As I watched this video and giggled to myself about John and his sips or, if you prefer, wee drams, I was reminded about MR articles from the 40’s and 50’s telling how, in the era before styrene, to make layout buildings from unprinted Bristol board (a quality cardboard available in thicknesses) doing just the same sort of thing as John only with much more effort because there was no printing.

Bringing it forward to today, what I’m contemplating for the downtown district is to artfully glue bits of styrene onto big sheets of styrene and for windows, say, I’ll use molded stuff where John uses printed stuff. The more things change the more they stay the same. I feel a trip down memory lane coming on…


“Hi Al,

Really enjoy your e-mails – I’m slowly collecting pieces for an N scale old time layout.

Here’s a couple pics and vid I thought you might like. I took em at the Steam Railroading Institute in Owosso, Michigan. It was formed to preserve a Berkshire locomotive currently used for an excursion train. The engine claims to be the largest operating steam locomotive east of the Mississippi. It was the model for the Polar Express movie. They also have an operational tank engine and interesting misc. and models.

Keep up the good work.




“Hi Al

Well not really sure if I’m in the right postion to right this to you, but have followed your site for something like 3 years now.

When I was at school I saved and bought my first railway.

Living in New Zealand there wasn’t much choice, thoughs days (1955) triang/hornby was a bout it.

But visiting a small town in the south Island noticed a shop with a Marklin train running in large ferries wheel, well I was hooked so, saved for 2 years, then wrote to them to buy a set.

Nine months later got a letter to say it had arrived an to be pick it up.

As we lived on a farm far from any town the special day came to pick it up.

Well I still have that set, even though it has’ t been used for a number of years (becouse of living situations) but allways followed modeling in some form.

Well to the point is, I have just had the opportunity, to visit a place in Hamberg Germany called “Wunderland.” ModelBann, it covers 3 foors of a ware house, from trains to planes.

Yes this place is a commercial opperation, but the skill and detail bought to modeling buy these people, takes modeling to a new dimention.

Don’t get me wrong I believe some of the people who have sent things and advise to your site is amazing, and all ways will be, I thought Id write to let thoughs people who may be not aware of this place might be interested in checking it out , or like me was one of the fortunate ones that was able to visit this place.

I hope you didn’t mind me bring this to yor followers attention.

Yes my old Marklin set still runs when I was back in New Zealand 3 yrs ago and god knows how many miles it has done as it use to run every day for yrs. After getting married and the kids were around , it got a bit of a boost in extra locos and running stock, tried to get my boys interested but to no avail, so it sat for some time till we had to move and its never got back into a modeling situation since.

As for getting back into modeling I cant see that happening, but I follow your site with interest and its always good to see the skill of some people and there ideas.

Long time follower

Kiwi Ken”

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

It’s funny, I get mailed most weeks about Wunderland but I’ve never included it in a post. But I thought Ken did it justice so I thought I’d better.

I’m also getting a few mails on the new store (I’m transferring all the buildings from the old store as quickly as I can). Sorry if there was any confusion.

That’s all this time folks. Hope it’s inspired you to get up and get involved. And if you need a helping hand, the Beginner’s Guide is here.

7 Responses to Printable building water tower

  1. Truly Amazing!! I can’t imagine all of the thought that went into making this unbelievable layout with all of it’s glorious detail!! And the copious amounts of work and energy!! BRAVO, BRAVO!!

  2. Walt says:

    WOW what a fantastic layout.

  3. Fred says:

    Hi Alastair
    I have a question that perhaps some of your modelers could help me. I have just opened an N scale Cornerstone kit–Coop Storage Shed #933-3230 and have found a number of parts that the instructions do not show as part of the kit. Has anyone come across this? It could be that the parts set could be used in different kits or the instructions are so poor that this has been left out. I know I can use the pieces to build something but I hope someone has some ideas for me. You can send me info at or perhaps post it to Alastair. Thanks.

  4. paul Otway says:

    With Beach sand keep it it away from the track , as it may cause rails to rust.


  5. john andrew says:

    i think for site is good value ,for all modellers who want to put realistic garden beds around there houses or etc,, a bowl of water , colour it with water paint black brown whatever and add some plain flour mix it until it becomes of a consist like bread dough,( similar to flag and then place it with a spatular where ever it is required add plants you have a raised bed garden and plenty of time to plant whatever best regards John A

  6. Bob Bigley says:

    What scale are these buildings? Do you have N ???
    What areas are these from ? THKs>BOB.

  7. Rod Mackay says:

    We went to MiniaturWonderland a few years back and loved Hamburg, well worth a visit, make sure you also see the O gauge layout on the top floor of th museum of local history (I I R C) and the steamboat on the lake.

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