N scale railroad Atlas – Ernie’s layout

Ernie’s shared a video fo his N scale railroad Atlas layout:

“Hi Al,

As I mentioned, my layout was one of the designs in the “Nine N Scale Railroads” by Atlas. I picked the big one in the last chapter being greedy as I am.

I’m not smart enough to hardly get past an oval with two and a half sidings so the Atlas book opened new horizons for me.

Liked the fact that it can run four trains at a time with upper and lower double main lines, has a small rail yard, mountains, tunnels, a twin crossover, a river, and a massive twin viaduct traversing the valley.

What more could a guy ask for?

This all rolled into one 48″ x 72″ sheet of plywood! Can stand the thing on end in a closet when not in use.

Layout used one 4 x 8 sheet of plywood cut to 72″ in length with the cut off end used for the upper level including some cookie cutter technique used for good measure.

Adding to the fun is the fact that there are two interchanges between the upper and lower levels allowing for traffic between mainlines.

But that’s not all: you have a reversing loop in the upper level AND the interconnects are designed so that a trip to the upper pike and back switches mainlines on the lower level upon return.

Who ever designed this thing easily understands Einstein’s therory of relativity!

I built this layout back 30 years ago and have recently pulled it out of the closet and am enjoying it immensely.

That said this is old school with block wiring throughout and the same turn out controls the Flintstones used back in the day.

Track is all Atlas sectional code 70. Of course then I discovered code 55……next pike…..(recently picked up 100 code 55 hand built #6, #8, and #10 switches in need of work removed from a layout that was taken down) but that’s another story…..

Like the idea of controlling the trains with block switches (keeps the mind excersized), have to work at it when moving between lines or I can just let them orbit on each mainline and relax and watch. Like running long trains.

Can only allow three trains to orbit without attention due to the double cross over on the upper level. To run four you have to tend to that crossover, and, yes, we have had wrecks!

This layout takes four power packs so I used the little cheapies from small train sets for years.

The cheapies would pop the internal breakers when running ABBA configurations all powered after some run time so stepped up to a pair of higher end twin cab units.

The new twin cab units also had some issues (one cab runs half speed always till it warms up) prompting me to consider building my own with plans I have found recently (materials are very inexpensive and use laptop chargers which are a dime a dozen).

Probably more then you wanted to hear! Rolling stock accumulated over the years always watching for deals. Scenery time next!


(Steve but everyone calls me Ernie)”

n scale railroad atlas

Looks like Enrie’s having fun with his N scale railroad Atlas.

If you missed his last post with all the pics, it’s here.

Can’t wait to see the scenery!

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If that’s you, I have created another link through a different payment processor which should be fine.

You still get all the bundles and bonuses with it.

Here it is – please let me know if you have any problems buying the $9 offer through this link.

That’s all for today.

A big thanks to Ernie.

And an even bigger thanks to everyone who grabbed the $9 offer. Each and everyone of you help keep the site going so thank you.

Keep ’em coming.



14 Responses to N scale railroad Atlas – Ernie’s layout

  1. Jeff Frazier says:

    OUTSTANDING ERNIE(STEVE, hahaha) Welcome Back and Please Let us see it with some sceanery!! Just Great Thanks Al!!

  2. David Schaffner says:

    Can’t wait to see it when you have landscaped… A monumental achievement in the making…Love it!

  3. THomas says:

    Awesome … it is great to see trains running !

  4. Bill in Virginia says:

    Great looking layout! I’m always impressed by what can be accomplished in n scale in a small space.

  5. Dave, from Whitby, Ontario says:

    It’s good to watch the action of the trains running all over the layout. Looks like you have set it up with landscaping ideas in mind. Once landscaped this will be a wonderful layout. I envy your layout.

  6. Scott J says:

    Ernie, I think you’re like me in the way you just like running trains! I’m also an N scaler who likes to run as many as six trains simultaneously. I do have the odd station placed here and there, but that’s about it so far. More than 40 switches makes for plenty of fun!

  7. Erick says:

    That’s awesome

  8. Good scope there with the scenery , should look great when all completed

  9. Lester W Larrew says:

    I love seeing all the trains running. I would like to see the track plan so I could maybe adapt it for my 13′ X28′ in HO gauge

  10. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Very nice my dad years ago did a N gage layout smaller then 4×8 and was sharp wish he took a picture!! Get some scenery on that layout! HAGD

  11. Garry McGhie says:

    Great layout would love to see the track plan

  12. Ray says:

    You have to stay on your toes at the crossroads….looks good

  13. John Bennett says:

    Fantastic start can’t wait for the scenery. I would like to see a plan of the trac
    Very good work
    John Bennett

  14. Steve Ernster says:

    Thanks everyone, will get started on the scenery soon. Love watching multiple trains running…..


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