HO Switching layout

Bill’s been back in touch with his HO switching layout.

Well, I say HO layout – he’s busy with N scale too, as you’ll see.

(By the way if you are after Urban switching layouts there are more here.)


Wishing you and all who follow your wonderful posts a great holiday season as we get closer to December.

I also want to say thank you for another wonderful Silly Sale. I think this is the third time I bought the Beginners E Book. It’s a small price to pay to help support your efforts on spreading the joys of model railroading to many parts of the globe.

What I have included today are a variety of pictures from both the HO switching layout and my N Scale layout as well. The past month or so I am enjoying running both layouts and also adding in new details.

I have picked up numerous automobile kits in both scales as well as different road construction equipment.

Another area of focus for me has been building and detailing the city of Alta on my N Scale layout. Basics are completed and soon I will turn my attention to completing the building that remain.

I have also started to repaint N Scale people I have. I am close to populating the N Scald layout but I wanted to give a more realistic paint job to many of the lower cost people I have. It’s actually easy to do just takes a little while. More in that maybe in my next submission.

One picture shows three F7a’s – different versions but all Pennsylvania Railroad.

I am close to starting a two rail O Scale & ON30 layout in the garage to join the HO and N Scale layouts.

A car will never see the inside of my garage again I think and I’m ok with that. Someone else is begrudgingly ok with that. At least she always knows where I am when she can’t find me.

Layouts are never finished. There is always fun little things we can do to bring our worlds to life.

To all modelers Keep Having Fun on Your layout’s!


Bill in Virginia”

HO scale urban switching layout and N scale

HO scale freight yard

HO scale industrial scene

HO scale oil freight

HO scale switching layout road scene

HO scale switching yard scene

HO scale switching switching yard trestly bridge

HO scale switching yard

HO scale warehouse

HO switching layout ballast yard

HO switching layout level crossing

model train industrial yard

model train industrial yard

N scale perspective scene

A huge big thank you to Bill for sharing his HO switching layout – and his N scale too.

If you want to get up to speed with his layout, his last post is here.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

26 Responses to HO Switching layout

  1. Craig Morris says:

    I love all of this stuff but it is like the problem I had in making my layouts table for for my son, got a lot done but not enough of what had to be done 😑

  2. Mike Childs says:

    Bill – You’ve got a beautiful layout there with superb detail.
    Dave, That was actually exciting due to the speed. I always look for the strip joint but only caught a brief glimpse of it this time. It looks like your trains are ready for the Winter season..
    Thank both of you.

  3. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Hello Bill. 2 really nice layouts. Your choice of buildings and scenery. Looking forward to your new layouts particularly your 0 gauge.

  4. Robert Brady says:

    Billy very busy little town enjoyed the photos . would love to see a video of the goings on .Very nice layout.
    The Critic

  5. Patrick Hanlon says:

    Amazing detail. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Awesome layout,well done…………………..

  7. Erick says:

    Pretty kool.!!!!

  8. George Zaky says:

    Love what you do. Great work in all aspects. Noticed you only have a couple of powered switches and the rest manual throws. Curious to know why.
    My garage is not heated and now it is tough to function in so you have my greatest respect.

    To us Yankees on this side of the pond. Go visit Strasburg, Pa train museum. It is awesome.
    All be safe in these trying times
    George from LI, NY

  9. Bill in Virginia says:

    First ghz k you all got the nice comments. Each of us have different visions and priorities for our railroads I love to operate and make it as life like as I possibly can. Always room for improvement LOL

    To George – both of my layouts are on wheels so I can move them around to get access on all sides easily hence no switch machines on any of the turnouts for both layouts. I wanted to stay active so I get right in there to switch my trains. Now having said that the next layout I will have powered turnouts . Some of those will be in mountains (accessible) but I’ll do that layout a little differently . It will still be on wheels but I want it to run a little differently than I do with the others

  10. WOW! Yet ANOTHER terrific scenic job! . . . especially the grundy details around the switching yard! FAN-TAS-TIC, Bill!!!

    Chuck from Roanoke

  11. Allan J Jelinek says:

    Love how you laid the track. it looks very authentic. For some reason (and I can’t put my finger on it) That track is the nicest and best I’ve seen in a long, long time. Great work. Love the tar on the streets too. You have a great attention to detail.

  12. Dan Williams says:

    Where are you in Va.? I’m in Midlothian near Richmond. Still in planning stages on my layout. Will be a combo HO Trains and Slot Cars with N Trains higher up in background for perspective.

    Dan W.

  13. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Outstanding layout can’t wait to see the o scale..

  14. Mike McCray says:

    How do “scale the speed of the rolling stock? Most of the videos I see seem to have excessive speed of the models and make it seem less real.Any ideas?

  15. Stephen Hill says:

    Good , so it’s not just me then , thank heavens , I thought I had an issue , turns out I’m not alone . Simply can not get enough trains in my life, thank you Al for this page and thank you fellow modelers for such amazing work on your layouts .. it inspires the novices to excel further at this incredible craft .

  16. Rich B. says:

    Excellent rendition today. Today’s completely believable, something about not all shiny and new, everything scaled and this is “N”? For awhile kinda giving up on these, still many out there- interest renewed…

    Always like the comments that follow these: Observations are that the majority can’t wait to explain what THEY’RE doing or about to but nothing there ever materializes lol. A few write a book and say absolutely nothing with unending paragraphs. Seems many also never finished 5th grade, see those all over the place. Am in that same boat? Of coarse, a few misspellings, run together sentences and anything goes. Just keeping one finger typing skills brushed-up these days. 📠

  17. Brian Olson says:

    As I expand my 2×4 N Scale Switching Layout to 2X7, some good tips here. Especially as this is my first DCC layout as well.

  18. Tony Weisbecker says:

    Simply beautiful my friend .

  19. Bob Muhme says:

    Awesome layouts Bill! Looking forward to your new layouts as they progress!
    One question for you – where do you find N scale vehicles to populate the roadways? I did find one foreign source, but they’re mostly alike, different colors.
    Beautiful work!
    N scale Bob AZ and MI

  20. Bob Methe says:

    Dan, we need to get in touch, I’m moving to New Kent VA, half way between Richmond and Williamsburg, in April, I have an NTRAK modular layout that is packed and ready to go. 5 modules, 1 4′, 1 8′, 2 6′ turnarounds and a 4’x4′ corner, so about 28′ in total length.

  21. Tom Bentley says:

    That is some Super Quality Railroad modeling work!!

  22. robert dale tiemann says:

    really good scenery.

  23. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Bill…….great work……..impressed with the detail…….some of the best I have seen.

  24. Dr. Jon says:

    Bill, you do outstanding work. This is an example of more than just a love for model training, this is ART… Well, well done Sir!

    Questions for you and the Group:

    I noticed that you have some machinery, IE – trailer chassis (6th picture), the old truck in the 4th picture and many other vehicles. Plus, human figures that blend so well with their character in the layout. Where do you buy these things? I understand that you can modify any model to fit what you want. Is this what you guys do?

  25. Jon Webb says:

    What a remarkable and beautiful layout! Inspiring!

  26. Brian Rockey says:

    Great work Bill – nice scenery.
    Best to all.
    Brian, Wokingham, UK

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