N scale railroad

Starting today with a big thank you.

Yesterday’s post – and my silly $9 sale – cajoled a few of you into sending some very kind emails which were very much appreciated.

It’s always best to leave a comment, so everyone can see it, and it helps to keep the blog trundling in the right direction too: all of your comments are helpful.

I know many of have already bought the Beginner’s Guide, and buy it just for the new buildings – which is absolutely fine.

Some of you have asked about the third building – which is not new – but hasn’t been bundled with the Beginner’s Guide before.

Here’s Bonkers John doing one of his vids on that third building if you want to see more of it.

Don’t forget though, you get 25 buildings and the Beginner’s Guide, all for $9.

I have been asked about Ben’s layout from yesterday.

I forgot to link to his previous posts, so here they are today so you can see his fine HO scale in pics as well as a video.

Ben’s layout update

Ben’s HO scale

HO scale model railroad

So, thanks for the kind comments, and now that I’ve got another shameless plug for the $9 silly sale out of the way, let’s move on to Richard.

He’s shared pics of his N scale railroad lumber yard:

“Al, I have thoroughly enjoyed your daily blog posts and have found quite a few useful tips for use on my layout.

Back in October I sent you a write-up on my modest N-scale railroad which you were kind enough to publish on your blog.

At that time I was hoping that I could somehow find a way to expand my layout (which is located in the smallest bedroom of my apartment).

I wanted to include a sawmill as well as a lumber yard. I only had room for a 3 foot by 4 foot extension which did not leave enough space for a stream or small river to float timber to the sawmill.

I decided to use flat bed tractor-trailers to transport the timber into the sawmill as well as to haul off the finished lumber to retail outlets and lumber yards.

I decided to use an N-scale sawmill kit from Walthers, but scratch built the structures for the lumber yard with the exception of the yard’s office building. I included a small picnic area nestled in among the evergreens so the workers could enjoy their lunch breaks.

I have included several photos in no particular order with some short notations.

n scale railroad lumber yard

Leo’s Lumber Yard with busy forklifts

N scale railroad

Overall view of layout (at least as much as I could get into the photo). It gives a little perspective of what I could squeeze into that tiny room.

model train control panel

Engineer’s main control panel. I will be adding a secondary control panel to control the five turnouts added for the layout expansion. Still have a fair amount of wiring beneath the layout.

model railroad church

Church and graveyard in original section of layout.

industrial yard n scale railroad

Industrial section of layout. I built a TV and cell phone antenna tower to hide the seam between the two background panels.

hobo shack model railroad

HOBO shack (Notice the smart-ass kid sitting on the roof. *LOL*)

n scale railroad forklifts

Forklifts busy moving lumber at sawmill.

n scale picnic area next to tracks

Picnic area.

I placed my most commonly used tools into holders so I didn’t have to drag out tool boxes whenever I needed a screwdriver or a pair of pliers.

I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for all you have done for the modeling community !!!!!

Kindest regards and stay healthy,

Richard (Dick)
Lexington Park, Maryland, USA”

A huge big thank to you, Dick for sharing his N scale railroad – a wonderful layout (I do love a layout with a theme).

And from a personal point of view, it’s fabulous seeing the printable buildings on a layout too. I counted 8 of them in this pic:

Lastly, we move on to Dave who has been busy with his ‘green screen’.

He’s actually added himself to his layout – have a look:

“Hi Al…

just a short video I have done with myself now on the platform reading my newspaper, what you might call Diddy Dave joining the layout.

Also later shown enjoying a beer outside the pub.. all adds a bit of fun to the hobby, this no doubt will lead to a few more of myself on the layout, always wanted to join in with the fun on there…LOL.



Thanks to Rich and Dave.

And a massive, huge, big thank you to everyone who has supported the site and also grabbed a great bargain with the new printable buildings and the Beginner’s Guide for $9.

I really do hope you have hours of fun making the buildings, just like Bonkers John, and I know they will add to your layout too, just like Richard’s above.

They are also a great way to dip your toe back into this hobby if it’s been a few years too.

Grab the $9 deal here – but remember, it won’t be about for long.



PS Seriously, thank you to everyone that has supported the site – because without you, there wouldn’t be one.

PPS And even more seriously, thanks for the kind comments too. I appreciate each and everyone of them.

7 Responses to N scale railroad

  1. George Zaky says:

    You N scale guys just put me to shame. A beyond creative layout, in an apt, and in N scale yet. Awesome
    So enjoyed your creativity. AM movies with DD getting sloshed at the Pub- Dont get bettern that. LOL
    Big Al
    Thanks for all you do. Will try to attack that new building in S scale that bonkers John in his cow uniform showed. That cant be tea in that cup. LOL

  2. Tony Ott says:

    Nice to see a fantastic layout here in Maryland! Both sets of pictures are stunning. Thanks to Rich and Dave. And many thanks to Alastair for hosting the blog!

  3. Richard Sanchez says:

    Mini Dave looks cool

  4. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Rick…. great looking layout……nice work on the lumber yard.

    Dave…….that was really cool how you did that.

  5. DAVIDGOTT says:

    Always love Dave’s videos

  6. Marklin ed says:

    Rich i think the cut lumber needs a little more color on it. That’s a great lay out. Dave your at it again, THANKS. DAVE do you keep all your trains on your layout, or do store them under the layout.

  7. david howarth says:

    Thank you all for comments ..Marklin I have probably 70 @% of my stock on the layout , the rest are stored under the Layout

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