Model train city buildings

John has been busy with the latest in the model train city buildings.

(You can see the full range of printable buildings here.)

I don’t know who has more fun, John testing out the new prints, or us lot watching his ‘unique delivery style’.

Have a look and you’ll see exactly what I mean:

As with all the buildings in the store, they are made from print out scenery.

You just download, print, and make. Here’s what this office block looks like:

Model train city buildings

model railroad printable building

Model train city buildings

Model train city buildings

cardstock biulding

Here’s the clever part though, because you can print as many sheets as you like, you can scratch build until your hearts content – here’s what John did:

model railroad printable building

Model train city buildings

model train printable building

model railroad cardstock building

model train cardstock building

Model train city buildings

This office block is in the store for $9.97 – but right now, you can grab it for just $9 – with $193 worth of other buildings and the Beginner’s Guide too.

Course, I’m biased, but that’s a real steal.

For HO scale, you don’t need to do anything to the prints.

For N scale, reduce the print by 54%.

Click here to buy this city building.

Not only is this building a fine looking bit of scenery, like the all the other prints, it’s a lot of fun too.

Can’t wait to see these on somebody’s layout.

For me, the key to making the printable buildings look realistic is in building up the layers – the relief as John calls it.

Here’s a very clear you tube which demonstrates this:

Easy way to make printable buildings.

Don’t forget, once you have the download, you can print it out as many times as you like, so you can really experiment with different layers, and what card to stick it to.

That’s all for today folks.

Hope you enjoyed John and his vid on model train city buildings.

John’s unique delivery is a blast, it doesn put a smile on my face, and judging by your comments below, you lot feel the same too.

He is a hoot.



16 Responses to Model train city buildings

  1. Stan Roelker says:

    That John is a great “performer”…….love his sense of humor plus his “British accent”…………he appears to being having fun in life!
    I am really impressed with these printouts he is selling. I do plan on ordering some once I get my layout built.
    Mr. Lee, You also have a very nice website. I drool when watching these layouts.

  2. John Reynolds says:

    Life must be fun…
    John’s videos are some of the best instruction in model building there is. What makes his videos so special (the best) is his enthusiasm and his humor. A preacher once shared with me that enthusiasm is to be in God and that the best way to be enthusiastic is to be happy and creative.
    Than you Al and thank you John..
    To be fully honest and a bit vulnerable, together the two of you lead my “Church of Joy and Happiness”. You make life better especially when times are challenging. I must wait until I get home but the new print is a must buy.

  3. Perry Torregano says:


    Your printouts in S gauge is 1.359%.
    You need to include this information.

  4. Perry Torregano says:

    I meant to say 135.49%

  5. Bob Walker says:

    Hey there Uncle John! One again, you have given us some really useful info in a completely entertaining way… I always look forward to your vids, sir… your version of New York City’s iconic Flatiron Building is fantastic… were you aware there is another Flatiron Building in Toronto, Ontario? Not identical, but very similar… thanx for sharing, pls keep up the great work & take care whilst using your “pointy gluey thing”… -Bob in New Hampshire, USA

  6. Jim Logue says:

    I really enjoy watching John’s videos and the rest of the emails on this site.
    I purchased some printouts last year but haven’t been able to use them because I can’t find a printer to reduce them to N scale. They are really great. Thanks

  7. Jim McQuillen says:

    Out of curiosity, how much time did John put in to make his three sided building? It’a a beauty!!

  8. Hi John love your buildings and how you show them very entertaining, I figured out how to print these out in 0 Gauge/scale, what I do is print in high res on Legal Paper, then cut each part out and then re scan each part, then I crop it as close as I can and tell printer to fit to paper on a legal size card stock, and then cut them out do the 3D effect as you do on windows and put it all together.. so far it worked out great, can’t wait to try your New York time square 3 sided building. again love your show and buildings,,, Bill Sr. .

  9. HOLEE switchtrack….
    it’s ‘Kit-Bash Johnny’ hard at work again
    bASHing the greatest scratch-builds EVERRR….
    this one is Priceless….!!!
    Great Job dude…….

  10. Thomas Murphy says:

    John is such an entertaining and talented fellow. I am always impressed with his super-skill and great sense of humor. I always watch his presentations 3 or 4 times to see if I missed anything.

  11. Richard Standing says:

    Just needs an H0 scale Harold Lloyd climbing up the outside of it!

  12. Ian McDonald says:

    great how to video, has a lot of extra ideas to make the building look very real. Thanks for many cereal boxes do you need for back up.

  13. Patrick Hanlon says:

    Al and John
    I wanted to tell you that I enjoy your site immensely, with John’s wit/new ideas, Dave’s evolving layout, all the other awesome post, layouts and ideas that railroads send to you from all over the world. It is something I really look forward to when it shows up on my inbox at the weirdest times. Like, when I’m having a crappy day at work.

    Let me get to my point.

    I am a construction superintendent for a large general contractor and I am in a division that we build and renovate hospitals for a living in Washington DC, USA. Usually they are occupied hospitals and it is extremely stressful bc of that. Example: I’m working now and its Sunday, The day of rest for most and its 7:30am and I’m working. Crazy right but when I see a post from Al and one of your awesome followers with a layout or a new idea I always open it right away. It reels me in and helps me cope with what I’m dealing with at that time. I know this sounds quirky but it tells me that life is good and I cant wait to get off work and go home into my basement and work on my layout. Plus the ideas that I get from your site is huge.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say that your site helps me bring my day down a notch when it is crazy, It makes me look forward to going home and working on my layout or just running my engines taking me back to a different time and age. Just wanted to share. Sorry so long and quirky

  14. Tom says:

    Keep up the great work and detail on the buildings!

  15. Allan Clarke says:

    John my boy,
    You are one in a million.

  16. Don Waldron says:

    How does he do the “RELIEF!”? Please do another video!

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