On30 model trains

Tom’s been back in touch (again!), this time with the rest of his On30 model trains.

And for the first time ever, I’ve had to spill them over several pages.

Tom sent in a lots, and there is no way I could choose which ones to post, so I thought there’s only one thing for it, I’ll do them all.

If you missed Tom’s last On30 post, it’s here: Tom’s On30 layout.

Hope you enjoy them as much as me:

“Al I have not completed these buildings yet but will be in the next month or so.

I started on one end of the layout and went to the other of what is ‘complete’.

Thank for all your doing.

Tom Pres CEO & mostly Janitor, Narragansett RR On30 this time”

On30 shelf layout

On30 shelf layout

On30 shelf layout

On30 shelf layout

On30 shelf layout

On30 scale turntable

On30 model railroad yard

On30 scale shunting lococ

On30 scale model railroad yard

On30 model trains water tower

On30 model trains water tower

On30 model trains siding yard

On30 model trains loading platform

On30 model trains loading platform

On30 scale warehouse

On30 model trains coal bunker

On30 model train carriage

On30 garage

On30 model trains loco

On30 lumber yard

On30 lumber yard

On30 model trains oil container

On30 old brake van

On30 model trains loading platform

A huge, big, thank you to you Tom for sharing his On30 model trains.

If you’d like to see the rest of his pics (which are just as good), you can see part two here: On30 locomotives.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming because it’s still ghostly quiet at this end.

And if today is the day you stop dreaming and start doing, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

24 Responses to On30 model trains

  1. Brian Messenger says:

    Very nicely detailed scenes Tom. Glad to see that I am not the only one with a dust problem. I have to constantly clean the dust off my layout. But nevertheless, you have created a great layout insofar as weathering on the whole layout is concerned. Well done.
    Brian – the HOn3 guy from Knysna RSA 🇿🇦

  2. JIM HUNTER says:

    had a model train shop (indianapolis) and we specialized in on30…………largest dealer in the state and one of the largest in the nation……………….can’t tell you how many times folks who ran other scales would always say: if they had to do it all over again they would go with on30…………..

  3. Kenneth R Fox says:

    I understand what his theme is, but it’s a bit too congested, too detailed, for my liking, but that’s his layout, and not mine. To each his own. Personally, I prefer O Scale (the rolling stock is more operational), not N, or S, or HO, (too small, even though you have more room for detail), or any other, but there again, that’s me.

  4. Tom Cornwell says:

    Well done Tom MANY MANY Congratulations the best layout I have seen for a long while I need to bring my ON30 up to your standard thank you for sharing your pic

    Tom Cornwell

  5. Tom Cornwell says:

    Well done Tom MANY MANY Congratulations the best layout I have seen for a long while, I need to bring my ON30 up to your standard well done

    Tom Cornwell

  6. william janmes palmer says:

    outstanding wwork how about a video ?

  7. Brian Olson says:

    N Scale Modeler here, but have to say larger scales sure allow you to put in so much detail in small scenes. Very nice work. Quite a room!

  8. George Zaky says:

    Beyond awesome. Much thanks for the huge submission.
    I especially loved the Climax waiting to go to work. The people, gobs of details, great buildings and artistic scenery make your layout so awesome.
    All the best.

  9. Tony Weisbecker says:

    Realism at its finest .A very fine job you have created it really is stunning . You should be very proud my friend .

  10. Jim Robinson says:

    Wow! Some of the best detail and weathering I’ve seen! I especially note the transition between the ground and your buildings and structures. It’s been my observation that few modelers really pull of that transition. Kudos!

  11. richard welch says:

    Wow – artist at work. I have been a non-commenting watcher of these posts for about a year, but this beautifully detailed creation deserved a thank you for sharing.

  12. robert dale tiemann says:

    dust is forever, unfortunately. very nice layout.

  13. Clayton Barry says:

    When a model railroader selects an era to build, the buildings, vehicles, and train cars should look freshly painted and brand new. If you are going back in time, go back to the era and replicate it as it would have looked back then. Instead, too many builders have it looking worn out and dilapidated as it looks 50 years later.
    You can combine new structures and old falling-down structures in a city or town scene of any given era. The old structures and vehicles need to be survivors from an earlier time. For example, You can have a rusty 1920 car in a yard on the street with brand-new 1950s vehicles. That’s believable.

  14. Gary M from Long Island says:

    The detail and weathering is remarkable. The scenes are so realistic. Every scene is like a picture out of a history book. Amazing artistic work. I have viewed all of his work many times and always find some new details every time.

  15. John says:

    A lot of work and excellent detail. Well done! It’s a pity that some people see fit to be critical.

  16. John E Carroll Jr says:

    Too detailed? These were some of the most real looking photos I have ever seen!

  17. Rob Robbins says:

    I would love to see some pictures of Kenneth Fox’s and Clayton Berry’s modeling efforts and let the forum decide who is the winner. Seriously guys…what stupid trivial comments you make. Better to keep it to yourself. This RR and the many scenes are seriously awesome and nobody cares about your opinion anyway.

  18. john tupy says:

    amazing detail, thanks for showing us!!

  19. Brian Rockey says:

    Stunning Tom, just stunning.
    Best to all.
    Brian, Wokingham UK

  20. Tom Staton says:

    Thanks again to everyone, Model RR’ing is meant to be fun, some like nothing but track and freight yards, thats great if thats what you like. I have very little room to build a large point to point RR. therefore what I have done to make it seem larger is that you can only see the train run while it in the front of the layout, its gives the impression that the train takes longer to get from on spot to another.
    Building are close and I tried to set them in positions that you can’t see most structures in the whole, you must take your time and look around everything in order to take it all in. The one mountain was constructed just to hide the hidious circle that most of us have. All I can say is that do it the way YOU want it. Thats called happiness.
    I will tell you this my health will let me continue to much longer so what you see and will see in the near future as I send more photos that it will all be for sale. Later Tom Staton, Pres.,CEO and mostly janitor Narragansett RR.

  21. Tom Staton says:

    Tom here again, one thing it forgot to mention, one big drawback to modeling in O scale is that there is a lack of 1/48 scale cars and trucks, There is almost nothing in the 1930′ & 40’s and those are so over priced just out of range, I did figure out that if you use 1/43 scale and use them in the foreground you can get away with it. In the junk yard it just a bunch of pieces and parts, Oh ya the dust helps the age of things. I try my best to throw in a few things on weathering as my brain remembers them. Later age Tom da ole guy

  22. Nick Novogradac says:

    Those were so nice. I especially enjoyed all the photos of the scenes with all that magnificent detail put into each one including the figures. They all tell a story. Fantastic layout Sir. You are an artist.

  23. Will in NM says:

    Tom, very nice update on your layout’s progress. I love all the details and the dilapidated appearance of everything. The individual scenes all tell a story which, to me, is one of the great things about model railroading. Unfortunately, dust is like death and taxes: unavoidable. You’ve done a great job creating an interesting and unique layout. Thank you for sharing the photos.

    p.s. Is that turntable a repurposed old At;as HO turntanble?

  24. tom staton says:

    To answer the question about the turntable, yes it is a repurposed Atlas, repainted and scale wood over the plastic,it turns manually but the neat part is that the track is still powered.

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