On30 locomotives

This is ‘part 2’ of Tom’s latest pics on his On30 locomotives.

You’ll see from these pics just how talented Tom is when it comes to scenery – love his stuff:

Here’s part 1 if you want to scroll back to leave a comment: On30 model trains.

On30 locomotives

On30 locomotive shed

On30 scale car

On30 scale street

On30 scale car

On30 scale people

On30 1940s people

On30 scale warehouse

On30 shack

On30 scale people

On30 scale loading platform

On30 locomotives water tower

On30 scale model railroad

On30 locomotives train tunnel

On30 locomotives carriages

On30 workshop

On30 scale tractor

On30 scale tractor

On30 workshop

On30 scale car

On30 scale building

On30 scale cars

On30 scale railroad worker

On30 scale cars

On30 workshop

On30 scale model railroad

Stunning pics of his On30 locomotives, right?

Tom’s was kind enough to send all these in 3 submissions.

So here they all are.

Here’s part 1 of this post: On30 model trains.

And the previous post to that: Stunning On30 layout.

Please do let leave a comment on this page or the previous page.

And I know Tom would appreciate all your comments.

Over the years he has very kindly shared a lot of the layouts he has made, and I’ve really enjoyed each one.

He has some wonderful tips too – ones that you really wouldn’t think of, yet they are also simple (they are always the best ones).

For trees, he uses actual tree roots. They are hard and gnarled and will not rot, and they look so real, because they are actually from a tree…

Tom also collects the sweepings from his road to use as dirt on his layout. Again, it’s looks so real… because that’s exactly what it is.

I know I keep saying it, but it’s always the simple tips that work best.

Tom even varnishes the people he makes, then scuffs them so they don’t look shiny. Then he adds color to their faces. Again, simple, but if you look at the people in his layout pics, you’ll see how good they look.

Of course, I’m biased, but Tom’s layouts really do tick all the boxes for me. I think it’s all the scenes he creates within the layout – there’s lot going on – it becomes alive.

Stunning stuff.

Do leave a comment and let us all know your thoughts.



8 Responses to On30 locomotives

  1. Joseph Randazzo says:

    If the pictures were in black and white ,you would thimk for the most were real photos Great job


    Absolutely amazing!!!! The details is is truly lifelike.

  3. Robert Gevert says:

    Those girls in the washing room are doing more than washing!!!! Fabulous layout Tom!! I would love to shrink myself down and take a drive or walk on your layout!! A lot to see an do.

  4. Scott Gordon says:

    An inspiration to us novice model train set builders. Attention to detail from the scenery to the broken planks and patched roofs of the different structures takes us to a new dimension. Thank you for sharing your amazing work.
    Scott Gordon
    Galveston, Texas

  5. Dave in AZ says:

    A great depiction of the depression era.

  6. Michael says:

    Great work on all the buildings really nice style and setting was awesome

  7. William S Kling says:

    Absolutely amazing to see someone put so much effort and talent into dereliction! (Loved the comment “if it was in B&W!). And couldn’t miss the ‘Gansett signs-I’m a native RIer and always have ‘Gansett in the fridge Great work.

  8. tom taton says:

    Well glad to see that another New England yankee knows about Gansett or swamp water as I use to call it. How about a coffee cabinet and a Grinder ! If you know what those are you are A Okay in my book!
    If anyone has any questions about what or how I do things please let Al the moderator of his site here and he will get your email to me and I will respond as soon as I can.
    Here is one more little thing I do. I take and file down and kind of carve the middle plastic ties then chip them up here and there, repaint/stain and put a few loose spikes around along with some new and really beaten up ties. A quick light rust color here and thee on the sides of the rails helps also.
    Thats it for now, my memory is failing quickly Tom da ole guy

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