Tom’s On30 shelf layout update

The very talented Tom has been in touch again with his On30 layout.

Sadly, he’s getting ready to hang up his boots when it comes to model railroads – but my word, he’s going out in style.

Here’s his latest pics and a youtube of his stunning layout:

“The Golden spike has been driven in on the Narragansett RR!

If folks question about the trees, is just roots of various trees and shrubs, washed, the extra small branches (HOT GULED ON) then extra roots (there are always extra roots.)

They can be sprayed various colors of green and used a VINES! Drill a small hole in the bottom the stump stick in a straight pin with the head cut or then depending on what your surface is just stick the pin and tree on the ground, Hot glue can be added.

Hot glue IS HOT but if you need to glue several branches to make up a stump just take your fingers squeeze the base together apply the glue …wait about a count to 3 the squeeze the hot glue and the branches together, it will feel hot but won’t burn!

You will know if its too hot, if it is just let go for a second and squeeze it again and hold for a few seconds more,

Later Tom da ole guy

Tom Staton Pres. CEO & mostly janitor”

on30 track scene

on30 shelf layout bakery

on30 bakery

model railroad seafood bar

0n30 seafood bar

model railroad shack

model railroad bulldozer

0n30 old house

on30 old house

model railroad street scene

model railroad bar

model railroad bar

model railroad bar

on30 shelf layout

on30 shelf layout

model railroad garage

model railroad store

model railroad crossing

A huge big thanks to Tom, I absolutely love the scenes he puts together, they almost tell a story on their own.

Now on to something completely different. It’s the time of year again for a silly sale.

Three years ago I decided to call it a day because I’d got into a mess financially with the blog.

But you lovely lot rallied, and to my utter astonishment, I was able to keep the show on the road.

So even though things are hard for us all at the mo, I’m determined to carry on.

If you’d like to support the blog, I’ve put together something that I think you’ll quite like.

I know we are all getting battered by spirraling prices, regardless of what side of the Atlantic we are on, so I hope I’ve put an offer together that:

A) Makes you delighted

B) Keeps the blog going

To be honest, I’ve never known it be so quiet in all the years of doing this, so I’m pinning my hopes on the new printable scenery buildings, and of course, the Beginner’s Guide.

Here’s what you get all for an amazing $9 – let’s start with the 5 new printable buildings:

model railroad printable buildings

Heres what they look like on there own:

5 new printable buildings for your model railroad

All the buildings are HO scale. Just reduce the print by 54% for N scale.

In addition to the 5 new buildings above, you also get all these:

other printable buildings

And here’s Bonkers John in his usual fine form:

If you have ever mulled over whether to buy the Beginner’s Guide, now is the time to grab it.

(A lot of you already have it and just buy it for the new buildings – that’s fine.)

It’s just $9 and you get every printable building on this page bundled in as well: It’s $9 for the lot.

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I know many of you already have the Beginner’s Guide, and you are buying it just for the new buildings alone, and that’s absolutely fine.


So there you go.

Hope you enjoyed Tom’s latest pics and vid as much as I did.

And if you’d like to feel the warm glow of supporting the blog, the silly $9 offer is here.



PS Just so we’re all clear – this silly sale is only for a day or so.

PPS Also, any purchase on the blog comes with a no quibble, money back guarantee, no questions asked – I really do want you to be delighted with your purchase.

23 Responses to Tom’s On30 shelf layout update

  1. Peter Bayley-Bligh says:

    Tom’s layout is cery impressive but wat really makes it is ‘life’ – people make the layoutmuch more interesting than just track and buildings – great.

  2. David Howarth says:

    Well done Tom that looks great hat you have achieved

  3. James says:

    Stunning detail work!

  4. Brian Olson says:

    These “small” scenes are classic!

  5. Rob McCrain says:

    fantastic On30 layout. So many cameos, so much detail, in each photo I find little stories unfolding. Great artistry, Tom.

  6. Regel Bisso says:

    Nice scenes, but are there any trains?

  7. robert dale tiemann says:

    i really like the small town look. great job.

  8. Jim Robinson says:

    Fantastic details! The people, the clutter, and the thick underbrush add to the effect. Also, you’ve done a great job with the transitions between the structures and the ground. I’m saving your photos for reference.

  9. Larry Ripplinger says:

    Holy Cow! I have never seen such fantastic detail work like I see here! Just amazing! Likes like out of the Depression years! Should title this “HARD SCRABBLE”
    Well done!

  10. george zaky says:

    What an awesome layout. It would really help me and others to know where you bought the people figures that put the A in awesome. Great artistry & planning.

    Hey Guys
    Big Al just put a deal on. It doesnt matter if you wont use all of them but for the cheap price you get this blog Every Day, Every year without fail. Best deal on the planet. We must support the cause! Besides they let John out and Al has to feed him before he goes back to the “Home”.

  11. Ruben Simon says:

    Tom – such detail, and the people are so “personable” – a real pleasure to view all the scenes.

  12. Wendell cox says:

    Doing it right for the time. Looks awesome.

  13. KenG says:

    TOM – Don’t hang up your model railroad boots! These buildings and this little vintage town your created are wonderful! I love these slice-of-old-time life models.
    The older one gets, it’s even more important to keep your hobbies and your mind going.

  14. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Tom….great scenes……great detail

    Bonkers John……love your videos on the buildings……great work

  15. Dave H from Washington... the other Washington. says:

    I really loved the Fish and Chips special, Thanks Tom

  16. Ken Holbrook says:

    Hey Tom, I loved the detail in your layout. But what really makes it is the people. I’ve searched the web and bought multiple dozens of people for my layout, but you’ve got some interesting and rare people in your town. I’m curious where you got them. The use of roots for trees gives the layout an unusual eerie feel that is just tremendous. Great job!

  17. John Derr says:

    I love your “living” scenes. that is what I hope to have on my new growing layout. Thank you for the inspiration

  18. Dave in AZ says:

    Great detail. I really appreciate the slow panning of the video. It gives one some time to take in the detail. So many pan so fast it looks on is viewing it from a locomotive moving at 90mph.

  19. Clay says:

    Wonderful modeling. Where is the railroad hiding?

  20. Rich Rudolph says:

    Incredible work

  21. Fred (skull) Australia says:

    I really like the idea for the Trees.ThereIs Avery old railway track if you look at them enlarged but sorry no train.

    Al Thanks for doing your Blog

  22. Allen Lukowski says:

    Hi Al,
    Just wanted to say thanks for all that you do for our hobby. I repurchased the Beginners Guide to get the extra printable buildings as I am finally starting my permanent layout (as my retirement bonus). I did the annual 5′ x 10′ homasote on sawhorses “Christmas layout” in the 50’s and 60’s with my Dad and really loved it. Life happens, so I am resurrecting my inheritance from the infamous plastic storage bins it had been relegated to as my retirement bonus. Will send pics soon. Keep up the good work. All the best from Allen in Indiana, USA.

  23. Jerry Barto says:

    Outstanding !!!

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