More from Bill on his stunning On30 layout

Bill’s been back in touch with his stunning On30 layout:

“Hi Al and fellow modelers!

First off I appreciate the kind comments on my series of black and white photographs that Al posted not long ago. I had fun doing that as you can tell and it’s opened up another area of the hobby I can enjoy from time to time.

Having sent in black and white pictures I figured I should send in the color ones as well. These are not the same pictures but show the different scenes.

At this point in time all the major work is completed on this show layout. I still have things to do and details to add like skirting and other odds and ends but now I can run it more than build on it.

Don’t worry though I already have an idea for another layout in the garage. More on that as I progress.

I have added a link to a YouTube video that talks about this area on the layout and my thought process as I build it out.

I do have a video coming out on my YouTube channel next month that shows it in full operation and I’ll send the link to Al for that once it stops.

Keep having fun on your layout (s)!!

All the Best


model train track side plants

on30 scale tractor

on30 jeep

on30 brake van

model railroad freight car

model railroad steam loco

model railroad pizza

model railroad work gang

on30 model railroad freight platform

on30 model railroad

on30 model railroad horses

on30 model railroad

A huge big thanks to Bill – I really enjoying seeing how he works in his youtubes, and the pics speak for themselves. Stunning stuff.

You can see his last update here ON30 layout if seeing how a layout comes to life is your thing.

Please do leave a comment below, I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this one.

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model railroad printable buildings

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5 new printable buildings for your model railroad

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other printable buildings

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So there you go.

Hope you enjoyed Bill’s pics and vid – he really is the gift that keeps giving.

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18 Responses to More from Bill on his stunning On30 layout

  1. robert dale tiemann says:

    really good job. the one pic looks like an old man had too much to drink,lol.

  2. Ron Conte says:

    Great detail work.How about running trains like Dangerous Dave does after each posting.

  3. Brian Olson says:

    Love the BBQ scene!

  4. Stephen Hill says:

    Bill , it is obvious why you are a hall of fame modeler . That is amazing ! Simply put . Stunning detail and realism in all your work . Don’t know how you do it . Clearly you have a talent that exceeds otherwise all of our displays would look as sharp as yours . I’m in awe sir , fantastic stuff , truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing .

  5. george zaky says:

    I so enjoy your masterpiece and the thought process behind your creation. The details are terrific. Big Al uses stunning where appropriate and that’s an understatement here.
    Your garage is shrinking in space as is mine. I am 80 so I’m not addressing this anymore but you must have some thoughts on this. Cant keep a good man down you know. The world is waiting for Bill to dazzle some more and to create the layout of the century. Just saying.
    To All:
    Kick in on Big Al’s silly deal so we can keep on seeing the greats, like Bill here, for a while because this is the bargain of the century.
    Big Al

  6. Sam Miller says:

    Hi Al,
    Will the card stock buildings in the $9 bundle scale up to “O” Scale in the US, meaning 1/48?
    Or will the be to fuzzy?

    Many thanks,

  7. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Bill….. love your work…… love the BBQ and the building the tower. Great detail.

    Where do you get your figures from?

  8. Al says:

    Yes, Sam, they enlarge no problem at all but a normal desktop printer won’t be able to print O scale size, you’ll need to take it to an office stationers like Kinkos

  9. Larry S says:

    Can you add a bald eagle and nest to your layout.

  10. Paul Bollin says:

    The realism is fantastic, very good .

  11. Richard H Chapple Sr says:

    I am repeating myself here, but I have no problem repeating how marvelously amazing Bill’s work is, I have enjoyed his work since I first saw his efforts. And oh boy, to see what he has up his sleeve with another layout, wow!! Bill’s videos are also a joy. For those that want to watch his trains run, just watch and enjoy his videos on you tube.
    And John with his efforts with paper buildings, absolute tops.
    Al’s site has become invaluable, a must have. There is an enormous amount of top modelers and information all freely added to Al’s site.
    I know I will buy his building offer again, no problem.
    Good health to everyone.
    Dick Chapple Sr Hardin Mt

  12. Bud Backus says:

    The words stunning and amazing come to mind because they suit the purpose at a minimum. It does go to show why so many of you, and others, are considered masters, or hall of famers. I have tried to install scenery to my ho layout without a lot of luck. So this comment is to all the artists. Just a small note, I would do a new contract with the plumber of your beautiful water tank. When he finishes with the pumps, he may want to restencal the foot ledger on the side of the tank. I would show him that water starts at the bottom with the number 1.(Maybe in the mountain they do things that way.) Best to Bill and Al for all the work people like you do.

  13. Gary Gray says:

    What is Bills YouTube channel called?

  14. william j plmer says:

    outstanding work

  15. Rob McCrain says:

    I like what you are doing. I was particularly interested in your tree building. Handmade trees look so much better than any others. You have created a wonderful, evocative layout. Rob

  16. Marklin ed says:

    Bill leave the leaning tree, i live with 20 acres of trees lots of them lean. It’s more realistic. You mat think of adding some standing dead trees.Your layout is one of very best.
    Thanks bill for the video I save everything you out on the site.

  17. Steve Ruple says:

    Bill, as always a great job on detailing. I just love following you on your blogs and on your youtube chanel. I’m always waiting for you to come up with new ideas for your model railroads, you come up with a lot of awesome things to add.

  18. Rob says:

    Hi Bill. It goes without saying that you are genius and an artisan of the highest achievements in the model railroading community. Your layouts are a wonder to behold.
    That said, I wonder if you would reconsider your comment in passing about painting the brown fascia board in the video? I am obsessed with the blending of the foreground into the model as a great enhancement to the overall view of the railroad and the continuity of the visuals. In my view the fascia that is brown is a great asset to your wonderful modeling while the blue and gray are a distraction that is really noticeable in your video. Not sure why you want such a hard break to the perimeter???
    Anyway, I am not a modeler any more and I have no skills to point to so I’m just an observer of yours’ (and others’) STUNNING work and I have to say that the fascia deserves at least as much attention as the backdrop in the overall effect. The previous offering from Brian’s HOn3 is a case in point. He has NO fascia. The scenery simply continues down over the edge of the layout…and carries the eye all the way into the scenes. REALLY STUNNING!
    Just sayin’ IMHO and with great respect…Rob

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