HO scale cab ride – Paul’s

Paul’s been in touch – he’s put together this HO scale cab ride video, and it’s brilliant:

“Hi Al the video was shot on my new Mobius camera. I mounted the camera to a small block of wood which I fitted to the inside of a gondola car.

I filed grooves in the wood so that the mount fitted around ribs in the car thus locking the camera in place.

The cattle sounds in the video are from a cattle car which was on the same train that towed the camera around. I don’t live on a farm!! I am really pleased with the way the camera works and can’t believe it is so inexpensive.

Hope you enjoy the view from the train’s perspective.

Stills taken with Mobius camer to show over all layout.


HO scale cab ride

HO scale cab ride

HO scale cab ride

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

HO scale cab ride

HO scale cab ride

HO scale cab ride

A huge thanks to Paul for sharing his HO scale cab ride – stunning stuff. Hope you enjoyed that as much as me. The cow noises did make me smile.

(Paul’s last post is here.)

That’s all this time folks. Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you’re bored of everyobody else having all the fun.



PS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

37 Responses to HO scale cab ride – Paul’s

  1. Sid Pratt says:

    I’m looking for some designs for bridges that I can build out of wool with a steel look to them.I also need a swing bridge design that will pivot from one end only. I’m currently building a 7.25 gauge railroad. Thanks.

  2. Cary B says:

    Super nice video Paul, I saw it earlier on your YouTube channel. You have an awesome layout there. The still pics of the overall layout was a bonus.
    Cary from Maryland

  3. george zaky says:

    WOW! Great work! Fantastic detail!
    Hope you continue to impress us with more of your talents.
    George from NY

  4. NJ Mark says:

    Great video of a great layout. My only concern about the video is the curvature on the sides. Does anyone know if there is a tiny camera that doesn’t have this effect? I’m considering getting a camera once my layout is a bit more complete. Thanks. Cheers! NJ Mark

  5. John A says:

    It’s a beautiful layout. Great job. (At 0:25, is that a MAGA graffiti on the inside of the bridge?)

  6. Robert Bouskill says:

    Exactly what a model railroad empire should be.

  7. Jim AZ says:

    Nice. You have some great scenes on your layout. Although this was more of a rear deck observation car view, your visuals of the trailing locomotives was kinda neat.
    And to NJ Mark’s concerns, I use a GoPro Cube. I mount it on the deck body of a small ore car with plastic wire. I can also view the video live with my IPhone using their App. The camera does allow you to change viewing angles so you can minimize the curvature somewhat.

    Jim AZ

  8. Paul Case says:

    Hi John A you are very perseptive and with impressive eyesight. George Z where are you in NY?

  9. Peter says:

    Fun and very impressive! Enjoyable, including the dinosaur. Peter in Virginia

  10. Johnny Free says:

    Out Standing Layout, great presentation and Great Idea for taking Video.

  11. Edward G Silber says:

    I purchased a “Cop Cam” for less than $50.00 and it works great. It’s easy to clip on a car and the videos are nice and clear and the sound is good.

  12. James Carryl says:

    View from the cab. Wasn’t!! End of train video just showcasing your newest locomotive. I felt a bit cheated. Or was the train traveling in Reverse?
    Beautiful trackwork and scenery. One day when my layout reaches that stage I will post videos.

  13. Thomas Meleck says:

    Terrific picture quality. The video and the layout look absolutely professional. You rock, Paul. Many thanks for Posting.–Tom

  14. Wow, so much work and great ideas. Not to mention the time it took. Very impressive. Love3 the lighting and extra details on the wind blown chicken turning.

  15. Gary W Cooper says:

    Very nice job I really enjoyed it.

  16. Bob from the Netherlands says:

    standard Mobius camera has a wide angle lens – hence the curvature in the
    video. You can buy a normal replacement lens

  17. Greywoulf says:

    Lotsa fun… I enjoyed seeing the trailing locomotives catch up. -A neat effect, a lot different than if you’d placed the camera gon in front like too many folks always do. Also that weird scenery was wonderfully wild! -Where was that s’posed to be, maybe Roswell NM? ;>})

  18. Jim MacLean says:

    And the Oscar goes to…. A really nice video Paul. My compliments to the Director and Cinematographer. The layout is also superb. Looking forward to your next effort. Jim from CB.

  19. Fred says:

    Fantastic display!

  20. Paul Case says:

    James if you put the camera up front you would only see the rears of the trains in front. When you see movie makers filming a movie the camera truck is usually in front of the subject shooting back at it. The way I did it I was able to keep pace with the two trains that were the subjects. Only sorry I forgot to blow their horns, but you got plenty of moos.

  21. Wm althaus says:

    Awesome layout!! Really enjoyed the ride. You have done a great job getting the most out of the long looping main line run. Great scenery as well – Bill in Virginia

  22. Paul Case says:

    Skip it was just from my imagination. The dinos provide a little fantasy and my grandsons provided those.

  23. Mike RICHARDSON says:

    Wow Paul, I really enjoyed the train ride. You have a beautiful layout. I love all the detail and scenery you have in the layout. Great work and nice camera.

  24. DJfromNJ says:

    What a layout you have created. Congrats on a job well done – although no one is ever finished, LOL. I like the changes of track elevations and allowing the trains to cross under/over. Adds a lot of interest. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Ian McDonald says:

    great video and pictures stunning layout. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Dave Bower says:

    Lovely layout Paul & excellent video. A lot of hours gone into it, it’s a credit to you. Thanks for sharing. Dave.

  27. Timothy Crump says:

    Really awesome…..It reminded me of the Disney trains!

  28. gene says:

    I’ve been wondering for awhile , how is the lift-out section of the track able to maintain an electrical connection ?

  29. Paul Case says:

    Gene its quite simple I have copper contact pads on each side of the opening in the benchwork which are connected to positive or negative bus wires. On the underside of the liftout I have copper strips which I bent so as to have some spring action. These are connected to feeders attached to the tracks on the liftout. When the liftout is in place the springyness of the copper strips press down on the copper pads bingo you have a connection. I showed a photo of this in a previous blog of Al’s.

  30. daniel gwizdak says:

    Beautiful layout BUT what’s with the Dinosaurs? Positively Awful!

  31. Paul Case says:

    Daniel –you have to lighten up a bit. It is there to entertain my grandsons who donated the dinos. I suppose next you are going to comment about the guys in the canoe going over the waterfall. It may not be happening on your layout but I enjoy having some fun.

  32. Greg Schaefer says:

    The younger generation calls them “Easter eggs”. Are there any others that we missed? I have some planned for my Howard Street traction layout, when it gets built. Very nice work, Paul.

  33. Frederick Gevalt says:

    Hi Paul –

    Really enjoyed the cab(oose) ride. Looking for a way to do this with my N scale layout. How small was the camera you used? Any way to run it on an N scale track?

    Fred Gevalt

  34. Rocco from Haskell, NJ says:

    Paul< Great layout. where can I purchase a camera like that and what are the measurements and radius of your layout. It's beautiful. PS I like to see that there is someone out there who answers questions right away.

  35. Rossco Johnston says:

    Thanks PAUL for sharing your excellent cab ride. I really enjoyed watching it. Very Well done!

  36. James Prentice says:

    Simply stunning. I admire your talents and look forward to seeing more of this project.

  37. Will in NM says:

    Wonderful video Paul! I enjoyed every bit of my virtual ride in the caboose. You have a really neat layout and I loved the “background moo-sic” and the Jurassic Park dinosaurs. If you can’t have a little fun with your layout, why bother?

    One thing I noticed in the video was a humming in the soundtrack whenever the camera was close to one of the locomotives. Any idea what caused that? It was kind of like microphone feedback.

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