Model railway 6×4: Peter’s

Peter’s been busy on his model railway 6×4:

“Hi Al

I have been receiving your great tips for a couple of years now and thanks to you and all the other railway guys I started my own layout.

I have attached some pictures of my model railway 6×4 layout “Scoobton Basset” and I would be grateful for any comments and tips our friends can offer.

I think I am about half way through.

Can I also thank Arnie and Dave for the inspiration and know how especially Dave on lights and point motors.

Many thanks


model railway 6x4 freight platform

model railway freight train

model railway curve

model steam engine

model railway 6x4 signal box

model railway passenger bridge

model railway 6x4 platform

platform with train

model railway chruch

model railway track curve


model railway town scene

And now on to Rob:

“Dear Alastair,

I enjoy all the tips and layout pictures and look forward to each new post.

I have been working on my own 00 Scale layout since June.

I came into the possession of a DCC Loco with sound in May and I was hooked.

I immediately started planning my own. I decided to name it The Great Western England Railway or GWER.

The area I am modeling I call Farland.

The main Station is Farland Howe and the country station at the other end of the layout and the highest point on the loop is called Shell Hill.

My wife’s name is Michelle, so Shell Hill.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I live in Colorado, USA which is a long way from the UK, but I have traveled there many times and lived in London as a kid for a few months. It made a lasting impression.


laying track

adding buildings

passeger bridge

town scene

track curve with scenery

model railway farmer

model railway trees

model railway track curve

A big thanks to Rob and Peter for his model railway 6×4 update. Looking forward to the next lot of pics.

That’s all for today folks – please do keep ’em coming.

Please just email me if you’d like to share anything.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if today is the day you start on your own layout.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

5 Responses to Model railway 6×4: Peter’s

  1. WOW!! ANOTHER model RR with SUPER scenic and roadbed detailing!
    WONDERFUL job, Peter! Good things come in small packages!

  2. stuart says:

    loveiy job you made it fills like england,well done,

  3. Derek Horsley says:

    Been on this site for a few years and admire all these wonderful layouts but one thing stands out NO SIGN of soot , Smoke or dust and litter . Keep up the good work. I have been busy on my layout weathering it and think it looks a b it better with a bit of Muck thrown in.!!!

  4. Bob Sandrus says:

    Very nicely done Peter

  5. Jerry Artale says:

    Hi can you send Me the column on DCC wiring i can’t seam to find it.

    Your web site is so good.


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