Weathering wood models O scale

Tom’s been busy with his weathering wood models O scale – have a look at his pics – stunning stuff.

He’s been kind enough to share more pics of his layout.

If you missed it last time, they are here.

“I can tell you that this On3 layout has been in Narrow gauge Gazette along with my Gn15 diorama, other bits and pieces of my work can be seen in S scale magazine, MRC and soon in MR.

The room itself is about 24 x 28 feet not a whole lot of room for O scale with in this space I needed a fairly good size work area, storage (lots of storage you understand how we MRR’s collect things)

Here is one other point that I would like to make and its something that most of us for get about, when you work in scale thats less the 1 to 1 which of course the real thing. That you should tone down or subdue your colors I’ve seen in many magazines photo’s of great work only to be spoiled ( in my opinion only) Grass that is of such a color that it belongs in a cartoon on TV


Weathering wood models O scale

O scale town scene

Weathering wood models O scale house

O scale sidings Weathering wood models O scale

Weathering wood models O scale factory yard

O scale steam engine Weathering wood models O scale

O scale steam engine

O scale steam engine

Weathering wood models O scale roof

O scale

O scale town scene

O scale shop and steam trains

Weathering wood models O scale town

O scale weathered garage

Just an amazing layout. A big thank you to Tom. He makes it look like a lot fun to weathering wood models O scale.

I could look at Tom’s layout all day – it just has so much character.

In one of his earlier posts he explains how he uses dirt – real dirt – to help get the weathered look on his roads and buildings.

You cans see how well it works. It’s always the simple stuff that works best.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if you want to make that start – just like Tom and all the others did – the Beginner’s Guide is here.

It’s a lot more fun doing than watching.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

5 Responses to Weathering wood models O scale

  1. WOW!!!!! Omy omy omy!!!

    I have NEVER seen such detail (especially scenery – e.g. crumbling pavement on streets) on a model layout – but O scale lets you do that; size helps. Just magnificent . . . Tom, you DEFINITELY de man!!!

    Chuck in Roanoke, VA

  2. JoeS- inME says:

    Fabulous work Tom!

    I have a general question that others have asked but no response has ever been given of which I am aware. When we take pictures on our cellphones, how do we take them so they can be enlarged when viewed on Al’s site? There are so many photos I would like to enlarge to see the details and if I just try to zoom in, they get big but fuzzy and the detail is lost.

  3. Archie Phlegar says:

    I would echo the other comments, the level of skill and artistry is well beyond my grasp. Simply beautiful. I do have one question, it’s probably because I worked for the power company, but wouldn’t the addition of power lines bring the realism to a higher level. If there were lines between the poles the pictures would be nearly indistinguishable from real life. I’m sure the addition of all those lines would be difficult, sorta like real life.

  4. Ruben Simon says:

    Could thread be used for the powerlines Archie’s talking about? The thickness would depend on the scale of the layout.

  5. george zaky says:

    Tom-CEO & mostly janitor
    Your creations belong with the top train modelers. The details and craftsmanship are what makes one take a very long time to study a scene. So real.
    You should make a top notch video with Bluegrass background music , you narrating the stories behind the scenes and that would be such a gas.
    Big Al
    Stunning is correct. Danka

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