Print out buildings silly sale

Some of you have asked if the sale for the new print out buildings is still on.

Yes, it is but just for a few days longer.

Thanks to each and everyon of you that has supported the site and grabbed it.

Here’s what you get if you’re still mulling it over. Scroll down to the bottom to see every building:

It’s unoriginally called ‘Scratch build kit 2’, but look what you can build with it:

warehouse back drop

Here’s an example of the backdrops you can build.

And have a look at the town houses:

town house HO scale

And there’s different brickwork prints too:

HO scale town house

Side view:

HO scale town house

But perhaps the best thing about Scratch build kit 2, is that Scratch build kit 1 comes completely free with it.

So you can use the brick prints from that and make lots more:

Best of all, I thought it was about time a did another silly sale to help keep the site going.

So the new Scratch build kit 2 is just $9.

And don’t forget, you get Scratch build kit 1 completely free too.

The good new doesn’t stop there though.

I thought the best way for people to start tinkering with trains and layouts is to bundle the Scratch build kits with the Beginner’s Guide.

So this means you get Scratch build kits 1 & 2, the Beginner’s Guide and all the free bonuses that come with the Beginner’s Guide – all for just $9.

Of course I’m biased but it really is a proper silly sale. Ridiculous value.

I know many of you have the Beginner’s Gude and you are only buying it for the prints – and that’s absolutely fine.

So, for a few days only, you get Scratch build kits 1 & 2, the Beginner’s Guide and all the free bonuses that come with the Beginner’s Guide – all for just $9.

Here’s what you can build with scratch build kit 1 (which comes free with Scratch build kit 2 – and all for just $9)

You can see all the buildings here.

The whole lot is just $9.

And as I say, I know some of you have the Beginner’s Guide already are only buying it for the prints – that’s absolutely fine.

Hopefully you’ll agree it’s a smashing deal – and if it gets a few more of you into making models and laying track it’s all been worth out.

Please don’t hang about though – it’s only for a few days then it’s all back to normal.

You can buy the Beginner’s Guide and both the scratch build kits right now for just $9. But not for long!

Here’s John with another video on how to make these buildings:

All the prints are HO scale. For N scale reduce the print size to 54%. For O scale increase by 143%.

The entire package – everything I’ve listed – is just $9.

In a nutshell you are getting $135 worth, for just $9.

I do get a real kick whem somebody tells me they’ve started their layout because of the blog or the Beginner’s Guide. It’s just as satisfying when somebody sends pics of the print out buildings too.

And when I get both – some of my print out buildings on a new layout – well, that just makes me smile from ear to ear.

So I thought this package really should give a gentle nudge to all those who have often thought about making that start, or just want to make some buildings.

It’s $135 worth for just $9. If that doesn’t get you started, I don’t know what will.

With so much to gain and nothing to lose, I’m really hoping you’ll take the plunge, whether it’s for the Beginner’s Guide, the new building prints, or all the other freebies.

And you really have nothing to lose – it’s a one time $9 payment that also comes with a 60 day, no quibble, money back guarantee.

So here are the new prints (I hope you like them).

Here’s John holding the prints and a building he’s made from them:

And here’s some more buildings John has made from the prints – have a look at the video below to see how he did it.

All these buildings are free with the Beginner’s Guide this weekend – and it’s just $9 too.

All of these buildings, and lots of others too, with the Beginner’s Guide for just $9.

Here’s a pic what you get in the new print collection:

As you’ve probably worked out, you’re only restricted by your imagination, you could make as many buildings as you like, to whatever design you like.

It’s a crazy deal and I hope you like it.

I know some of you who aleady have the Beginner’s Guide will buy it again just for the prints – and that’s absolutely fine.

But remember – today is the last day – then everything goes back to how it was.

So if you’d like to grab $135 worth of Guide and prints for just $9, grab it here, right now.



3 Responses to Print out buildings silly sale

  1. Dan Hulitt says:

    I am working on a building from #1. Great fun, Al. I am using foam core (sticky version) and that works well.

  2. Wade Mountz says:

    Excellent additions for layouts already standing. Help to enhancse backdrops.
    New furniture in the old – time worn house.

  3. Winston W. BeLisle says:

    Wish you had Old West scenery backdrops!

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