Printable building barn

John’s been in touch again, this time with his printable building barn:

He never fails to make me smile. And this time I’ve let him loose on the latest print out scenery – there’s now a wooden barn and a stone cottage in the store.

But guess what? Because they are brand new, there is always a launch price – you can grab them both for just $14.97, so right now you can save $5 if you think they’ll look good on your layout.

If you you are new to the print out scenery, you just download it and stick it together. And you can make as many as you want from one purchase. It’s that simple.

All the print out scenery is done to HO scale. For N scale, just print out at 50%. For O scale, increase by 48% (here’s one of the houses in O scale)

Have you seen the latest ebay cheat sheet? It’s here.

Here are some pics of the wooden barn:

And here’s some pics of the stone cottage:

If you like the look of the wooden barn and stone cottage, you can grab them both here for just $14.97 – saving you $5.

Offer ends Monday.

That’s all today folks.

Looking forward to seeing the pics of the barn on your layout soon!


PS Here’s a video of John showing you how to put the houses together:

PPS Here’s a load of John’s pics too.

PPPS Beginner’s Guide is here.

5 Responses to Printable building barn

  1. Bob Walker says:

    Good morning, Mr Lee!! Many thanx for posting more of John’s incredibly informative & downright entertaining “how to” videos!! I just love this guy – he’s fantastic… he’s also nuts, but fantastic… would love to buy him (& you) a pint someday… you must think of him as your good will ambassador of print-out scenery… there’s nothing like his incredible enthusiasm for this sort of thing… I’m still designing & trying to get my benchwork built, but once done, will likely be scarfing up a bunch of your remarkable print-out buildings & related items… again, my thanx for running this great website & forum for model railroaders, both experienced & novice… -Bob W, NH, USA

  2. Gerry says:

    John is very talented and I truly enjoy the enthusiasm he has in his videos…never a dull moment.

  3. Thomas Murphy says:

    John’s talent is amazing. His enthusiam is addictive! I have enjoyed each and everyone of his videos. His inventive skill and humor always brings cheer to my day.
    Regards, Tom (USA).

  4. Jim Adams says:

    can any of these be printed out in n scale???

  5. John Reynolds says:

    Thank you for this “gift”…
    I was feeling a bit down and had lost some enthusiasm…
    I had one more structure I wanted to build and some other projects…. But the “mojo” was gone…
    Then came John’s video… WOW!!!
    The shot of enthusiasm I needed…
    Obviously I have ordered the new kit!
    Just one more thing…
    Loved his use of “appendage”…
    and here is a tale about that word….
    How we know that Mr. Gayle is blind…
    A Gale is a wind…
    A wind is a breeze…
    A breeze is a zephyr…
    A zephyr is a yarn…
    A yarn is a tale…
    A tail is an appendage…
    An appendage is an attachment…
    An attachment is love…
    And as we all know…
    Love is blind.
    John from Calabasas CA (USA)
    aka John from Cali

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