Brian’s rail shed build

“Hi Al,

I am back at the hobby after a 3 month medical issue. (I won’t go into it as it will be a very long explanation)

Hope you can use the following.

I purchased an HOn3 Fine Scale Miniatures Rail Car shed from a model railroad club member only to find out that all the card stock templates were missing.

Only the instruction sheet and a photo of it was in the kit. Without these it was not possible to assemble the kit board by board as I would have had to draw templates and guess all the sizes.

So, a search on the internet for said kit came up with two photos of a built up kit them being an HO standard gauge one which did give me an idea of the size and shape for my HOn3 one.

For it to fit on the location on my layout, I had to make a mirror image of it.

I decided to use vertical scribed siding for the outside walls and horizontal scribed siding on the inside walls.

After cutting all the above out in scribed siding and temporary assembled it with my corner magnetic clamps, I was not happy with it.

So back to my scribed siding pile and decided to re build it with interior frame work.

Success and I was happy with the result. I think that I got all the dimensions right using the photos as a reference.

The kit (scratch build) at this stage is only about 60% complete.

Below is a card stock mock-up of the kit guessing the size from photos.

rail shed card build

This is the first assembly of the scratch build of which I was not happy with. The height of the walls was incorrect – too low even adding one scale foot (3mm) at the bottom did not help.

rail shed mock up

Below, using the magnetic corner clamps to keep it together is where I realised the incorrect height at the front entrance doorway.

rail shed magnetic clamps

Static models used as a guide.

rail shed engines

An HOn3 railcar (converted galloping goose) that the shed will house for repairs.

rail shed engines

Here is the second scratch built one with the vertical siding on the exterior and at the right height. The floor was marked out for the building.

rail shed scratch build

Cutting out the walls. The hardest and time consuming job is cutting out the window openings and making sure that the windows fit the openings.

rail shed kit build

Bracing the interior walls as per a real building.

rail shed

This one is a mirror image of the original as it was needed for the correct position on the layout.

balsa wood build

The walls glued in place. Doors still need to be glued.

scratch build rail shed

Final assembly of the building. Now to start filling up the interior with all the detail.

model railroad shed

Roofs temporary in place to get the feel of the building. They will have shingles on them.

model railway shed

As said above, this is as far as I have gone with the assembly of this mostly scratch built kit.

Till next time – keep modelling.

Brian – the HOn3 guy in Knysna RSA”

Now on to Mark:

“The first 2 shots prior to the installation foam, shot 3,4 prior to painting 5 6,7, adding scenery.

I first opened up the area, cut my wood front support to bring in more light then added the foam used hot glue to join together, used old blades to scratch the foam to look like rock formations.

Used satin house paint along with flat testors gray and rust paints, I did a small creek area for the sheep to drink, used white glue for a base, dried then added light brown paint then while wet added sand and dirt, dried then added scenery water.

Added my sheep and still have other brush and anything you can find outside to add to the area.

Thank You Al for adding this many great looking layouts you display

I run Lionel PW and other brands hope you enjoy God Speed to all!


model train trestle bridge

model train brake car

O scale rock face

O scale station

O scale track

O scale scenery

O scale platform

Now on to Dave:

“Hi Al… I have uploaded my Christmas video, I know its early but wanted to get it all done and ready for the festive season, as the saying goes ..better early than Late !!

..enjoyed doing it, have managed to get a little bit of Diddy Dave and Deb in on it, so should make a few smile as well ..all part of the hobby ..having fun and enjoying it all.

All The best to you and Members 


A big thanks to Mark, Brian and Dave.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

17 Responses to Brian’s rail shed build

  1. Patrick Talley says:

    Mark; Would love to see a track plan and some video’s please…

  2. Ben Hawkins says:

    Great scenery, looks like it is real, layout looks good also, also glad to see an O gauge configuration

  3. Rich B. says:

    Has anyone taken aquarium and made bridge over scene? You could actually see cutaway of water or with just focal on the “fishies”.

  4. Jim says:

    I really wish the conrigutors would take more photos of the overall layouts. The closeups are nice, but I also want to see the whole thing.

  5. George Zaky says:

    When I grow up my wish is to have half the talent you have. Your work in all of the blogs you’ve sent leaves me in awe.
    Nice man cave there. A cold mug of the Utica Club would go nicely.
    What a great video -brought a nice smile to my face. Joy and thanks!
    Big Al- many thanks
    All- This is the time to be merry and what better happy place then to be with your loved ones and model trains making noise.

  6. jack masarie says:

    High railers rock !!!!!
    Shlack in NC

  7. David L says:

    Brilliant, simply brilliant. Well done Dave!

  8. Dante Cantalini says:

    Nice job!
    Where did you get the 90 clamps?

  9. Dave H says:

    Dave, your Christmas video was absolutely entertaining. You are really getting the hang of editing your videos. Smashing. Well done.

  10. THOMAS says:

    Thanks Dave … love your trains …. And I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

  11. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Pat will work on some videos, and thank you George will have a cold UC for you, will try to get better shots down the road Thank You all, Thanks Al for all your hard work!! Hope all had a great Thanksgiving! God Speed

  12. Ralph says:

    What a great scratch built shed Brian. I like the custom rail vehicles.
    Great scenery Mark. That looks pretty good.
    Merry Christmas Dave. There are times when only a “Dave” video will cheer us all up.
    Merry Christmas every one

  13. Heather Logan & Jason Lake says:

    Thanks Dave it was great to watch & to you & all the members & families yes you too Al Jason & I want to wish everybody A Very Merry Christmas & A Safe & Happy New Year too. Now it’s time to get more work done on our Lay out All the Best 2022 / 2023.

  14. David Howarth says:

    Thank you all for your comment re my Christmas video …Just like to wish you all the Very Best for the coming Season , and a good 2023 Modelling `Year …Dangerous Dave

  15. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Brain great looking shed nice job

  16. N Kayler says:

    Greetings and Merry Christmas from across the pond, Dave.
    Have a very Happy New Year!

  17. william janmes palmer says:

    awesome on both accounts

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