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Starting with a bit of housekeeping today.

Some people have asked me why I have stopped mailing them. The simple answer is I haven’t, and nor would I.

But, if one day, you stop getting my mails, it’ll simply be because you haven’t whitelisted my email address, and your ISP may think I’m spam.

Easiest thing to do is whitelist my email address – then you’ll always get my mails.

If you google how to do it, you’ll see it only takes a second to do.

That’s all.

Now back on to trains:

“Hi Al,

Following up on my email yesterday, here are three photos of my 68″X68” HO layout. These pictures give an over view of the layout which include a country fair, a small airport, an auto racetrack and grandstand, and a tunnel with a station on the top.

I’m thinking that a monorail running over the layout would be a fun addition… but have not been able to find such a product.

I have three trains running…..

#1. A Marklin vintage model with a 3020 locomotive & passenger cars from 1947-1954

#2. A Marklin intermodal train which circles the airport.

$3. A Bachmann “The General” which runs on an elevated figure 8 track.


HO scale layout

HO scale layout

HO scale layout

HO scale layout

HO scale layout

HO scale layout

HO scale layout

“Hi Alastair,

I just placed my order. I hope I can get some inspiration to take this to great places.


start of model railroad

start of model railway

I know some of you are often puzzled when I post pics of a layout that hasn’t taken shape yet.

But for me, it’s the whole point of this hobby: creating something from nothing.

Looking at one hell of a mess and then scratching your head over wiring is all part of the process. Every layout you have ever seen, at one point, was a rat’s nest of wires, tools, track and profanities.

All you have to do is make a start because no layout happens overnight.

A huge thanks to Phil for sharing and I wish him well.

And who can help with his monorail idea?

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if you want to start on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here (It really does go mad this time of year – have a look and see for yourself!)

8 Responses to Ralph’s HO layout

  1. Tom Hirsch says:

    I did a Quick search on E Bay and saw a Page of Monorail Train sets, so it’s Not tough to have a Running Monorail

  2. Bob collins says:

    Super fairground, thats part of my next project an my layout.

  3. Hendrik Gelderloos says:

    I have a monorail on my layout. I got it from the Disney site for $89.00. It is battery operated and is HO scale with Disney characters glued inside as passengers. It has sound announcing 5 messages and a front LED headlight. I modified the 3 passenger cars and added LED strips to light up the cars. I modified the rear car to hold a 9 volt battery to power the LED lights. It works great and is a nice addition to my 5 x 11 ft layout with 4 HO trains.

  4. William Swenberg says:

    I do not like track that includes the ballast. It is a nice layout inspite of a lot of things. Its your layout do what you wish and keep up the good work.

  5. The Disney Store at your local mall should be carrying a terrific looking HO monorail. It’s not terribly expensive and it’s decorated for the Disney monorail in California. It comes with a bunch of Disney characters you can place in the cars. Otherwise, you’ll have to look on Ebay where once in a while one of the old Disney monorail systems comes up for auction.

  6. Ralph Stern says:

    Thanks to those who suggested the Disney battery operated monorail. I should have mentioned that i was looking for an electric monorail. Fortunately, I was directed to investigate a Schuco electric monorail which is exactly what I was looking for. I am now awaiting for it to be delivered….and hopefully will be successful installing it on my HO layout. At that point I will share a video of my installation. While I played with electric trains 75 years ago – this layout was my first attempt, now being over 80, at making something that used my creative imagination.

  7. Norman Rosen says:

    Glad to hear you like to see pictures of partially completed layouts because that is where I am. If I can ever get the track work done properly, I will send you some.

  8. Ken Lindberg says:


    Outstanding, It is great when I see another Marklin HO modeler. I am beginning to build my 4th Marklin layout. I have spent most of my adult life working, moving and traveling for business.

    I’ll send pics when I start. Most of my collection is 50-70′ vintage.


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