N scale 2×5 layout

Rob’s been in touch with his 2×5 N scale layout:

“Alastair —

Last year I sent you a few pictures of the start of my layout.

I explained that I was constrained by living in a NYC apartment, but found a layout upon which I based mine to fit on a 2-1/2′ x 5′ hollow-core door (N scale).

I’ve been adding various structures, streets, and a few details.

There is a downtown area consisting of Woodland Scenics buildings, and then a residential area using some houses you and your readers may recognize! There is also a little side street which at the moment is used for auto service: gas/petrol station and a service shop.

Much work to look forward to: ballast for all the track; complete the other side of the hill that was cut through to allow the railroad to get to the town; a small mountain at the other end with a tunnel; lots of detail scenes; businesses to go along the sidings; etc., etc.


Robert in Washington Heights”

n scale 2x5 layout

n scale 2x5 layout

n scale 2x5 layout

model train houses

model railroad houses

And now on to Andrew… which is another N scale.

(I’m wondering where all you HO chaps have gone? Seems to be all N scale at the mo.)

Unfortunately most of Andrew’s pics can’t be enlarged – but some can.

“Hi there…

Building a N scale layout… 15 ft by 7ft area…

Tri deck…. lower level staging

Climb (desert scene) upto a middle deck…

Middle deck main yard…. industry..

Via a helix upto top deck… river cayon to a small depot area… then back down helix to staging.

Work in progress… started sept 2019

Here a few photos..



N scale model railroad

model railroad sidings

model railroad freight

N cale model railway

model railroad pond

model railroad freight

model railroad river

model railroad river

I explained that I was constrained by living in a NYC apartment, but found a layout upon which I based mine to fit on a 2-1/2' x 5' hollow-core door (N scale)

model train waiting room

model railroad polystyrene mountains

model railroad plastercloth

N scale model train

A huge thanks to Rob and Andrew – I don’t thing I’ll ever tire of seeing what’s in my inbox each morning.

Whenever I see an N scale like this, I’m reminded of Michael’s N scale on a door.

If you’re a HO chappie, please do wake up and send some pics in with a narrative. It’s all getting very N scale at the mo. Not that I mind, but it’s nice to keep a balance.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you start your very own model railway – the model train Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More N scale layouts here if that’s your thing.

17 Responses to N scale 2×5 layout

  1. 2 great N scale layouts there ….Dangerous Dave

  2. Carol says:

    Thank you for sharing. That was great!. I have two Marx wind-up train engines that are both different looking, and they both run! Also with, two different Coal cars, two different Gondolas, an Oil tanker, a Refrigerator-car, a Box-car, a Wagon-car or (Flat-car?) And, two different Cabooses.
    I have plenty of track, two switch-plates, a couple of those criss-cross plates, and a Railroad Crossing signal. Everything is made out of metal and are from the 1950’s………….as am I. Peace-out! And remember, ‘Little old ladies’ love trains too!’………well THIS one does anyway.’ ☺

  3. Eric Rayner says:

    Andrew, love your water effects, looks real, good rock work too.
    Robert, amazing what you can do with a door, good work. One small suggestion, buy a make-up brush, they are great for whisking away grass and other debris on the roads.

  4. Tony Banks says:

    Really nice to see some of the (card) buildings being used. If you follow Al’s instruction video, they blend in so well. I’ve got a 20′ x 16 h.o. and a 16×2 n scale and building the downloads is half the fun on a winter night in Pittsburgh. Nice job, Robert. Now back to layout.

  5. Wow great n scale layout enjoyed it

  6. Good afternoon
    This is a great service you do I enjoy,everything that
    Is sent it I would like to get your,buildings bundle
    But I don’t have,the right printer any suggestions???
    I would pay more if I could get them printed I think
    They would be a great addition to my layout
    Let me know what you think
    Your,biggest,fan in Florida
    Bob Schroeder

  7. Gerorge Moffatt says:

    Bob Shroeder.

    Try Staples, Office Max, camera/photo shops or any other big box or small box office supply stores. Or friends. Check Al’s website for the right type of paper, since you have the options of “as is;” kit bashing with other commercial or scratch-built; weathering; and three-dimensional tricks, such as adding window and door trim, or recessed windows?

    Me? I plan to use Al’s buildings to line an N scale street as backdrops on the third deck of my 5’x9′ HO layout, which will feature trolleys puttering along the forced-perspective background. Right now, my layout is a Plywood Prairie.

    George moffatt

  8. Gary Manganiello says:

    I am impressed with both Rob and Andrew…….I don’t know how you guys can work with N scale……… I went from Lionel O scale to HO scale and I am having a challenge working with these small objects.

    Anyway….great layouts.

    Gary M

  9. Chuck Bartunek says:

    There are outstanding craftsmen/artists in this group and here you find two of them ,thank you for sharing

  10. Mike Matejka says:

    Both well done — sometimes a small space can be as challenging as a huge empire!

  11. To enlarge Andrews pictures:-
    Left click on the picture, then hold down the control key and adjust the picture size using the scroll wheel on your mouse. This works on a desktop using Windows 7 and 10 but not sure on other systems.


  12. Bill in Virginia says:

    Love the detail you can put in an N Scale layout both big and small. Great work both you !

  13. alan spence says:

    hi rob super door layout i see its kato which i have fallen in love with so easy to use
    alan in united kingdom

  14. Chris Sylvester says:

    That’s a really nice job on your layouts!!! I like both the N and HO scale thanks for sharing !!!!! Chris

  15. Oldtaz says:

    Good job on the door. keep it Up. Well done!

  16. Richard Chapple Sr says:

    Rob I sure like what you are accomplishing on the door. Take a look at “Bill in Virginia” ‘s layouts, his N and HO clamp on backdrop work, excellent stuff, for really no added space, illusion of depth will expand your layout greatly. Well done Rob.
    Andrew, I fell in love with your scenery work. Great stuff!!.

  17. Robert Brady says:

    Rob great layout nice photog but the great photog shows too much debris on your roadways vacuum !
    The Critic

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