HO scale wooden bridges – Rob’s

Rob’s added to the HO scale wooden bridges on the blog:


Had an idea to build a logging bridge to transition over a small hill in the corner of my layout.

Gather and picked through maple tree sticks that had fallen in the yard based on girth and straightness.

Measured the transition and cut the logs to scale, skinned the bark, sanded flat the logs for the roadbed, experimented with the cross members and started hot gluing them together.

Gave it a couple wash coats of earthy colors and set it in place.


HO scale wooden bridges

HO scale wooden bridges

HO scale wooden bridges

“I’ve seen lots of model railroads videos where flats were leaning or tilted against walls! My solution is simple – Velcro!

A one or two inch strip is all it takes.

I also use it for the skirting around the layout as well on any structure that I want to anchor now and perhaps move later!


And now Hall of Fame member, Arnie, replies to your questions from his stunning last post:

“Hi Al — Thanks for giving me the opportunity to respond to the many comments received on my video (“RAILROAD HERITAGE WEEK…”).

First, thanks to all the viewers for their continued positive and highly supportive feedback.

And I do also appreciate the constructive criticism that some offered as well: For example, some viewers noted that the pavement marking (STOP) at the grade crossing is facing the wrong way for any oncoming right lane traffic.

I had intended the STOP as a warning for being in the wrong lane for traffic entering that lane from the camera side of the crossing. But I will simply paint over the STOP to avoid confusion; thanks.

A couple of replies noted that the train stopped at the Susquehanna Station with the loco still adjacent to the platform leaving trailing passenger cars beyond the platform.

You’re absolutely correct! This was shot at the edge of the layout with the camera viewing angle having very limited positioning and viewing.

So I was taking creative liberty to shoot this in a way that would allow a view of the station and the platform with its passengers and train personnel rather than just a view of the train. But I thank you all for your attention to detail.

Some viewers wanted to know about the locomotives’ sound decoders.

The locos are by Broadway Limited Imports and use the company’s exclusive sound decoders which include things like station announcements and radio chatter and communications of various sorts. I do not believe the decoders are sold separately.

Lastly, I always am particularly interested in and moved by comments from viewers reflecting how the video(s) bring back fond memories of personal experiences of locations, trains, etc.

Glad that you all enjoyed the ride! —


And lastly I’ve managed to finally get the house bundle on the store.

(I’ll keep adding the other buildings as soon as I can.)

A huge thanks to Rob for adding to the HO scale wooden bridges, and to Milton and Arnie.

Please do keep ’em coming.

If they’ve got you feeling inspired – don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide to get you off the starting blocks.

Thanks all this time folks.



PS ebay cheat sheet still going strong (updated everyday too).

17 Responses to HO scale wooden bridges – Rob’s

  1. Kaustav says:

    Fantastic looking bridge! Would love to see this on the layout.

  2. Mike Pettruzzelli says:

    Very creative…and reminds me of a bridge of old that I once walked across….

  3. NJ Mark says:

    Really nice rustic-looking bridge! Cheers! NJ Mark

  4. P. Ward says:

    Great looking bridge. I love old bridges.

    You ought to look into making a standing fire place and chimney where the house has burn and just the chimney is standing. To me those old lonely chimney seems to tell a story where people use to live and that is the only thing t that is standing. It’s almost like a old poem about a house with nobody in it.
    I don’t think that I have every seen a lonely chimney on a layout.

    Thank you for showing your wonderful bridge

  5. Ken says:

    very much like this

  6. Thomas Murphy says:

    Oh brother, now that’s what I call a logging layout! Fantastic scenery built with quite an imagination, I need to take a page from that book. Thank you for sharing.

  7. neil burden says:

    great looking bridge, going to have to try this on my own……

  8. Ian Mc Donald says:

    nice looking bridge. looks great von the layout.

  9. Kevin Duffy says:

    great bridge going to steal your idea please
    I love using real life on my layout
    I use grape stems as tree trunks

  10. Helmut Eppich says:

    Great tunnel and bridge section!

  11. Susan Cannon says:

    P.Ward: Love your idea of the standing chimney!

    Rob: Love the bridge and the idea! Just one word of caution, though – hot glue doesn’t always stand the test of time, depending on environment. You might consider wood glue next time.

    Al – thanks for replying to comments! It’s easy to see why you’re a “Hall of Famer.” 🙂

  12. James Marek says:

    Very nice bridge…well done! Its positioning on an angle looks a bit odd though.

  13. Cool Bridge!!

  14. Jim Capillo says:

    For Arnie:
    Don’t just paint over the “stop”; replace it with “Wrong Way”

  15. Erick says:

    Awesome layout.!!!! Would like to see more.

  16. Brian Olson says:

    Very clever and way less expensive than a trip to the hobby shop!

  17. Dave Karper says:

    James Marek: loggers put bridges in many “not good engineering” positions. They were usually temporary and also rather flimsy, as when the the timber was gone the bridge was left to just rot away.

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