Rob’s train room

Gib’s been in touch again – his last post is here.

“Hi Al,

I was blown away by the nice comments on my little first try layout and appreciate each and every one.

There were some questions I thought I’d answer. The curve radii are 10.5” for the outer curve, 8” for the inner curve and 9” for the curves under the mountain.

I have to admit that I didn’t even think about grades when building the layout and they are too steep. The grade on the outer loop is 2.8% and a whopping 6% on the inner loop. Luckily my trains do navigate OK. There is access on the back side of the mountain to retrieve derailments.

I have attached several pictures. The first three is where I am today. The fourth shows the backside access.

The fifth is your red barn and finally I tried to send a video of my Bachman 0-6-0 Iron Man making the rounds.

Some comments on the red barn which was my first try at a printout building. On reducing your HO print 50% I thought it looked a little small. With HO at 1/87 and N at 1/160, N is 54-55% of HO so I printed a 55% and liked the result better. I also surface mounted the windows and doors since N scale is so small to work with to mount the windows inside. I also felt that the cereal box cardboard I glued the printout on was a little too thick for N gauge. Does any one have a better yardstick idea?

So I hope you find this interesting. I look forward to your post every day. Keep up the good work.


N scale layout

N scale layout

N scale layout

N scale layout

N scale wooden barn
And now on to the talented Rob. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did:

“Hi Al,

Running videos and how to videos are great, but to really see the work that has gone into a layout, one needs to get up close. That is exactly what I’ve done in this my latest video. Figures really can put life into a layout and I love them.

I spent almost two years building Farland II. I started in mid March and this is where I am today. Two major features of the layout are yet to be finished, but I am currently working on one and the other will follow. They are a castle ruin and a smallish freighter at the quay unloading or loading. By summer I will be almost done.

Thank you so much for all you do. The modeling communities of the world are very grateful.

Rob McCrain – Farland Howe”

Latest ebay cheat sheet here.

A huge thanks to Rob – he has a train room I would give my right arm for. Fantastic stuff – and a what a video too. A real treat.

I’ll finish with a small reminder – if you missed the last post, there’s not long now to grab the deal on the print out scenery office block.

That’s all for today folks. Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide after all, why should everybody else have all the fun?



14 Responses to Rob’s train room

  1. John Birch says:

    Brilliant detail. Excellent work! I love it! It seems that, like me, you really enjoy creating scenes and atmosphere. My chief enjoyment in model railways is in the construction of the layout and the scope for creativity in doing so.

  2. NJ Mark says:

    Gib and Rob Fantastic detailing, I am always in awe of the artisanry and the craftsmanship of the model railroaders, thanks for sharing. Gib, you might want to try a manila folder for thinner cardboard and if it’s too thin you may want to double it up. Thanks again. Cheers! NJ Mark

  3. Well done Rob, amazing work.

    There were numerous visual elements that seem to be drawing reference from the UK’s beautiful South Devon coastal line at Dawlish & Dawlish Warren. The red rock faces might possibly be the strongest clue but so many others too ? Reminded me of my schooldays & youth there. Thank you.

    I was particularly impressed by your unbelievable accuracy & attention to detail with the tidal marks at the harbour. Even in extreme close up I could not discern from the real thing ! Bravo.

  4. paul vogel says:

    Rob, your layout is extraordinary. Thank you so much for sharing.I have learned so much from watching your posts and videos. If I ever get good enough I’ll put my layout on Al’s site. Thanks again Paul—-Brookfield,Ohio USA

  5. Jim MacLean says:

    Fantastic layout Rob. Betcha you’ve heard that more than a few times! The figures really do bring it to life & each scene has an interesting story of it’s own. Lots of great ideas for future layouts & rebuilds. Jim from CB.

  6. Susan Cannon says:

    I have a suggestion for thinner but sturdy material for your N gauge buildings. How about manila folders? They are thin but stand on their own. I have printed some building pieces, glued them to cut-up folders, and they stand just fine. You could cut them to print directly on them if you don’t mind the color. Or maybe there are white ones available these days. Thanks for your pics!

  7. Jim MacLean says:

    Great work Gib! Your attention to detail is marvelous. You have a really nice layout with the space that is available. Jim from CB.

  8. Bill Rider says:

    100 lb cardstock works for prrint-out buildings

  9. Tony says:

    Absolutely amazing!! Thank you for sharing!


    wow! looks like a lot of hard work.but again wow….i hope my city comes out at least half as good.great the detail…

  11. Russell Carlson says:

    I use card stock that you find in the dollar stores, school supply sections (not free but cheap). I also print on 8 1/2 x 11 mailing label paper, so all I have to do is peel and stick.
    Great job on the layout. A small layout can get away with steeper grades because your trains are short. So as long as they pull the grade it is fine.

  12. Alabama Mike says:

    Gib, Great job on your layout. It really looks good. You did a super job on the red barn. Keep up the good work.

    Rob, I loved your video and you have done a wonderful job on your layout as usual.

  13. Paul says:

    this is the best site ever for all gauges

  14. George Zaky says:

    Very nice. Try directly printing on cardstock that comes in various weights.
    Many thanks for your time & effort. Your layout is up there with the best of the best. Your attention to detail reminds me of a cartoon where the customer asks the store clerk-” I’d like to start a Hobby with perhaps electric trains.” response” Trains are not a Hobby- They are a way of life.” Yours is a way of life.
    Big Al
    Awesome. Thanks

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