N scale model railway

Ron’s been in touch with his N scale model railway:

“hi Al,

My name is Ron, from manchester.

First of all i would like to thank you for al the hard work you must put in to keep us up to date with all the latest, etc, some really great layouts and tips from your subscribers, well done.

I hope you like my modest little n gauge layout, this is my first attempt, all the buildings etc are card kits as you will probably know.

I am a pensioner so got to keep the cost down lol, the location is of nowhere in particular, i just made it up as i went along, most of the other constructions are made from cornflake boxes, its not finished yet, a bit of weathering and a few more vehicles, but the main thing is i have really enjoyed it , after all that’s what this or any hobby is all about.

anyway Al thanks once again , and keep em coming.


N scale model railway

N scale model railway

N scale model railway

N scale model railway

N scale model railway

model train oil store

model train layout turntable

model train layout curves

model railway curves

model railway buildings

N scale model railway

N scale model railway

“Another tip for retreving small parts – or other small items.

Have the wife donate an old pair of pantyhose. Wrap pantyhose tightly over the opening at the end of your vacuum cleaner hose – a rubber band or something similar should do it.
When the vacuum is turned on, the suction will drawn the part but the pantyhose will hold the part in place at the hose opening for retrival.


“Dear Al

A great way to make pipe loads is to use drinking straws. Cut them required length and paint a grey/ silver.




This is how I made a sector plate from a CD disk.

1st I cut a length of track to fit on to the centre of the disk then glued it on with super glue.

2nd I modified the bottom of the cover, I used as the base by cutting away the outside leaving just the middle part.

3rd I soldered 2 wires on to the track to provide power for the track on the disk, the 2 wires were soldered on to both rails.

4th I soldered the other ends of the 2 wires on to the track leading to the sector plate,

when I soldered the wires on I made sure that the left wire was soldered on to the left rail and the right was soldered on to right rail. If you mix up the wires you get a short.

5th I then soldered 2 wires to the track leading off the sector plate into the loco shed, then soldered the other ends to the track leading to the sector plate.

As you can see I used part of an Atlas grade crossing tower kit to make the cabin for the operator. I then made a handle out of wood and painted it black.

I used modelling clay to make the scenery around it, it is not finnished as you can see from the photos.

I used black crushed stones to make a ashphalt road and carpark.

The loco shed was donated to me, I am not sure who made it, but I had to repair before I put it on the layout. I also put a light in the shed.

The reason this sector plate was made was if a normal siding was made, the loco shed would have been too close to the mainline. Also the track leading to the sector plate also serves as a back shunt. The sector plate was completed by gluing black cardboard onto the disk to look like a steel deck.


That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if you want to your start, on your very own layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

9 Responses to N scale model railway

  1. K R Harwood says:

    Lots of great stuff today! I would especially like to see pictures of Luke’s sector plate. It seems like it would be a solution to a couple of problems on ‘Micro’ sized N scale layouts!

  2. K R Harwood says:

    Apologies… My last comment should have referenced “Paul’s sector plate.”

  3. Mmm, REALLY NICE layout – great buildings. The “roundhouse” adaptation is a bit weird, though.

  4. Donald Roe says:

    Thanks for sharing your layout Ron. I really enjoyed the photos. Your card stock structures are terrific!

  5. Dan Hulitt says:

    Ron, for a “pensioner” you have good eyes and a steady hand…especially with N scale. Your buildings are quite outstanding.

    I took would like a photo of the CD sector plate.

    MN Dan

  6. Mike Street says:

    Hi, Paul mentions picture(s) in his sector plate article, but there aren’t any attached
    They would be a big help in understanding his method.
    Cheers Mike S

  7. welder dave says:

    definitely you can see it has a UK flavor with the double deck bus and the 3 wheeled horse truck tractors those were very unique ! you can put a lot in a small space with N gauge .

  8. Anton Bruce Sr says:

    I recognize a lot of the buildings in these pics. I’ve downloaded them myself. for cardstock – they look pretty good, actually.

  9. welder dave says:

    Nice UK themed layout Id put on the turntable tracks a couple of engine sheds and shop building would be a good place for that

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