Running of Big Boy and 844

Well, hopefully you are seeing this post, and the site isn’t asking you for a username and password.

Apologies for all the technical glitches.

It was an absolute nightmare this end.

Anyway, onwards.

Here’s the post I know most of you will have missed.

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Haven’t written before but I want you to know how much your site means to me and my modeling hobby in the basement of my house.

This past weekend I went to the Golden Spike ceremony in Corrine, Utah. As a native Utahn I am proud of our heritage in joining the continent together.

At the same time Union Pacific brought the Big Boy to Ogden along with 844. I don’t know the last time that two engines of that size double headed in the United States, but it was an amazing site.

Attached is a video I made of the visit to Ogden and the trains coming into Echo just at the top of Weber Canyon, which the Big Boy was designed for to pull trains over the Wasatch Mountains.

Just some different perspectives.

Thanks for all you do.

Richard Shaw

Carbonville, Utah, USA”

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That’s all for today folks – I’m still recovering from this weeks technical gremlins. What a week. Thanks for all your kind comments – they far outweighed the rude ones, and that meant a lot.

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11 Responses to Running of Big Boy and 844

  1. Keith Miller says:

    Thanks Al for your perseverance. And thanks to Richard. Good to see the real thing every so often. Particularly like to see how they finally stop and later, slowly accelerate away. Nice view of the ballast!
    Dustyk UK

  2. Christine says:

    I wish there where more Big Boy’s running on the rails.

  3. Norman Backman says:

    What a great video, something we don’t get to see enough of!! MORE PLEASE!!!

  4. Mickey Palumbo says:

    Have seen many videos of the “Big boy & 844” , but it’s great to see some single photos along with a different video to show the real size of these two monsters. Keep up the great work ! Sorry to hear some folks were mad at you for technical difficulties, guess you can’t keep everyone happy !

  5. Bill says:

    I am an expat Brit living in the US. This brings back memories of traveling to school every morning on a steam train from Blackpool Central (gone now) to St Anne’s and back.
    Thank you there is nothing like being close to a large steam loco.

    I look forward to you page every day

  6. Randy Dent says:

    Thank You I love watching BIG BOY

  7. Mark T Pianka says:

    Glad Your back, Great video of Big Boy and 844..

  8. Donald Lango says:

    i love watching these videos of 4014 and 844 plus others on YouTube , if you have Dish satellite for your TV service you can watch YouTube videos on your TV , i watch mine on a 52″ flat screen

  9. peter a pearson says:

    I am glad you were able to fix the problem loved your video peter

  10. Gardiner L Schneider says:

    Al, Thank you for all that your are doing for model rail roading. Your site is always a positive way to crank up my morning, along with my crank up cup of coffee. What a fine contrast to the confusion I then view on sites such as the Wall Street Journal where so much more seems wrong rather than right in our great Country. Happy memorial day, from a ‘Nam Era U S Navy vet. Garry

  11. Skip Duld says:

    fantastic pics. thks.

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