Stunning scenery?

I’ve been putting my feet up for the last few weeks. Just felt like it.

And while I’ve been busy doing nothing, I saw my boy’s print out scenery video has now had over 82,000 views. Here it is again if you’ve forgotten:

Anyhow, I was looking at the video because he’s just finished a load of new ones.

But rather than just put them on the site, I thought anyone who has put up with me for this long deserves some kind of thank you, so I thought of a ‘Little Kahuna’ bundle deal.

See what you think. I think they are his best yet. But I’m hugely biased!

Have a look – they are here.



9 Responses to Stunning scenery?

  1. Lawrence says:

    One would look and think it is a real neighborhood except for the chairs and table showing. I did send a couple of the trains running, Dave’s and others to my brother who is not into this and he was very surprised they were hobby trains. I love it , it
    is great and will buy just a small package to start with when one is offered.

  2. Ken Gokdenberg says:

    Wow! It looks as if it’s a drone flyover of a real neighborhood!

  3. Perry says:

    Certainly looks great and the low flying adds to it as well

  4. Kenton says:

    Looks real.

  5. Tom says:


    These homes your son did and the detail are fantastic. I have seen the video couple of times. Gets better each time. I do like the new buildings. I need to add some buildings to my railroad town and country side these will fit right in.

  6. Hi Guy:

    Job well done again. Your picture taking skills are just great to get the point across. Stay busy keeping us novice of many years interested in your works with your son. We wish Y’all the best.

    Harold Jr of Grand Prairie, TX

  7. Herb Roberson says:

    VERY well done! Outstanding!

  8. Steve Roberts says:

    Nice work – Very Nice! SteveR UK

  9. Phil says:

    Great work! As soon as I get a working printer, you and I are going to do some business!

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