The latest from Amsterken

Ken’s been in touch again – his last post was here.

“Hi Al here is the latest on Amsterken overhead wires complete upper level track work done.

Setting new back drop for when the MS Amsterdam is out to sea.. Also put a complete interior with announcements and sounds in Centraal Station.

Also got the bridge alittle bit back in shape … Part of the vid is night and the other half is day …. Enjoy I really like hearing the comments good and the bad , If you see something like the flags upside down please give me a big shout out and say thats wrong …Glad to hear it all Amsterken…..


Loved the way Ken’s filmed this – first half at night, second half day. Brilliant.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as me.

Don’t forget the ebay cheat sheet. There really some amazing deals about at the moment. It’s bit of a frenzy.

And of course, only a few days left on the Big Kahuna bundle deal.

Or perhaps you’d just prefer to flick through the Beginner’s Guide and plan your own ‘Amsterken’.



74 Responses to The latest from Amsterken

  1. Rick says:

    Words cannot explain it. Just great.
    Thanks so much for allowing us to see this magnificent
    layout in both night and day configurations.

  2. Don Ripper says:

    Wonderful work Ken.

    I was wondering if anybody has any ideas about how to prevent effects like the shadow of the windmill turning on the backdrop.

    Thanks for the great video.

  3. papa dale says:


  4. Only one word for this layout Ken FANTASTIC …sure have put some work in to it , this will be the envy of most modellers …Well done

  5. Neil says:

    WOW!! Just WOW.
    I am truly humbled.


  6. Albert weir says:

    hello there
    that was an awsome brilliant vidio loved every minute of it

  7. Lewis says:

    Great work on the layout. The video was very entertaining.

  8. maverick405 says:

    I’m very envious………. 🙂

  9. Cameron Davies says:

    Absolutely incredible. Love the video. Love the detail. The electrics are just outstanding. Please post more when you get a chance.

  10. Barry Palmer says:

    That was beautiful. You are very talented and it is well displayed in your layout.
    Barry from Minnesota

  11. CAUFFMAN says:


  12. Jaaques Shellaque says:

    Great !! Keep em coming ! But, how do you
    get the autos to move on the big bridge ????
    jack m

  13. Amsterken says:

    @Don once the track lights are put on the ceiling with a valance you do the final adjustment which should take care of the shadow. Now chimneys and smoke stacks are some of the hardest to hide with shadows. I cut on chimneys almost in half then put it right against the wall .all in all track light should do it nice. Thanks for all the input .

  14. Skip says:

    I enjoyed the latest video . The bridge with the moving traffic is amazing. What scale is your layout.

  15. Mike Wilson says:

    Boy o boy o boy Ken, for a small sized layout, boy have you got a lot going on. Loved the bridge where one lane has been shut for the accident and the fact that you now have cars driving over the bridge. Was that the police attending to what could be a murder or what?
    Loved how you were able to get your video right up to the windows of the station and look in to the interior – very clever.
    The only thing I could say that would make it better would (and I don’t know if it is possible) be to slow the transition from night to day.
    what size is your layout? Earlier I said small because of the time it took the train to do a complete lap and is it N scale or HO?

    Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  16. Jay Reese says:

    Ken: Just one word to describe your layout…AMAZING!!! Loved the attention to detail, especially inside the Centraal Station – bride and groom waiting to go on their honeymoon, guy riding down the escalator hand rail, the Lego store, and so much more. Thanks for sharing.

    Fairfield, Ohio, USA

  17. Perry says:


  18. Ron From KY says:

    Really enjoyed the street traffic on the bridges

  19. Michael Ankerson says:


    Great work…

    The Night Time… WOW

  20. Howie says:

    Great job!

    What kind of cars are moving over the bridge?

    Thanks, Howie

  21. Bullfrogeh (Ontario) says:

    Totally amazing to see all the detail, figures, etc. especially within the train\seaport terminal, and also in the several micro-scenes. I enjoyed the windmill, and thought the ‘far-off’ shadow gave extra visual depth to the entire display. Such a special treat to see a fantastic layout as this. Thanks for sharing it.

  22. Charlie Brown says:

    That is one outstanding set up!!! what is the scale? I’m just getting started in molding railroading and seeing the work that has been done is an inspiration for me. I know that I will never have a set up like yours, mainly because there is no room, and the wife says no to using the bedroom.
    Keep up the outstanding work have a great day.

  23. Dick Chapple Sr says:

    Really nice presentation of an excellent layout. The bridge with the moving autos is terrific. Are they controlled by magnets? How does this system work?
    Regarding the windmill I have a thought which may not be any good here but is it possible to make the shadow of the windmill another windmill?

    Excellent work.

  24. Ben Zalewski says:

    Fantastic use of lights. The bridge gives me an idea to put a string of small, blue LEDS under my bridge.
    Neat idea of shooting scenes thru the windows.
    Thanks for the help.

  25. Cord says:

    Uitstekend! Really great job, Ken. Love the interior details!

  26. Tom says:

    Well done Ken
    fantastic video!
    Just one complaint … the video was not long enough. LOL
    Again; WELLL DONE!!

    Best regards,


  27. Tom Pica says:

    Everything is terrific .The interior work is truly awsome along with the lighting.

  28. seth says:

    I would like to have seen where the slot cars turn around

  29. Tom Oliver says:

    Fantastic layout! Love the sounds and lighting. Great job, but leaves me a little taken aback with my efforts!

  30. John Meehan says:

    Hup Holland! Wow! I love the recording of the PA system at Amsterdam Centrale! Graag bedankt! Hel mooie!

  31. THOMAS says:


  32. Rod Mackay says:

    Brilliant! I keep threatening to put station announcements on mine but they’d drive you bonkers, all the Italian ones seem to contain the words “in ritardo” i.e. it’s going to be a bit late! I am of the old generation that’s used to supplying all the sound effects from memory, seems more interactive that way.

  33. Bob says:

    Great layout; I can add nothing to the existing, wonderful, comments already made. I have just one request; please, respond to the questions about the moving cars; how do you do it and where do they turn around??
    Again, a great layout with lots of detail.

    Thank you!

  34. Ray says:

    Amazing. Have been to Holland many times and this brings back great memories.

  35. Curtis says:

    This is one my favorite model railroads I’ve seen! I love the realism as well as the humor 🙂 Amsterdam being one of my fave European cities I’ve visited, it’s really cool to kind of go back there in a way through your railroad Ken. Thanks for the trip! 😉

  36. Christopher Braxton says:

    I have a question how do you make the cars to move that make the layout

  37. Tony says:


    Just terrific. How do you make the cars move?

  38. Desert Rat PHX AZ Tom says:

    This guy could be a special effects artist. Not much about trains but it blows away the fantastic, wonderful great, and unbelievable DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Bob Walker says:

    Amazing layout, Ken! But I have to echo the question put forth by others (above) – how are the road vehicles handled? Is there a brand name for that system? When I finally get my layout built, I’d like to add this feature… -Bob, NH USA

  40. Chuck Bolner says:

    Wow! What can I say Ken. The level of detail and the craftsmanship are excellent but even more impressive is your animation skill in the use of the motion of the cars on the bridge and the lighting. Well done sir!!

  41. John MacKay says:

    Really raises model railroading to a new level.

  42. Pastor Harry Wigmore, III says:

    Pastor Harry here, just one question: How did you get the car to run over bridge?
    Was it done with a rubber belt and spools or magnetics?

  43. Dennis says:

    Stunning !!

  44. Bill Wiles says:

    This is modelling at its best. Suggest a dimmer switch for your night to day.

  45. Jim says:

    Simply fantastic!!!! So much neat stuff going on. And of course the autos crossing the bridge, well just great. Thanks for sharing.

    Jim AZ

  46. Gerry says:

    Absolutely one of the nicest I’ve seen in some time. The slow turning windmill was an added delight.
    I was wondering how you did your automobile bridge with the working autos on it…

  47. Don McGuire says:

    What do you think is the best way to fasten the road bed to the deck? I have several and am looking for your advice.

  48. Linda says:

    A truly INCREDIBLE video of an AMAZING layout! Love Love Love all the details especially inside the station, on the bridge, the lighting effects and well just everything. So envious but gives us all an extremely high goal to aim for.
    Linda, Pennsylvania

  49. Kenneth Seegert says:

    Really cool! keeps me wanting to improve my set up but will never be able to come close to yours.
    Ken in Michigan

  50. Joe Touchette says:

    One word … WOW!
    How long did this layout take for development?


  51. Robert Brady says:

    O my goodness kool layout in depth and omg ur still not finished? Keep in touch with more.

  52. Peter Theodore says:

    Reminds me of the unbelievable one in germany, very cool

  53. Bob says:

    I’m at a lose for words other than OUTSTANDING!! Amazing patience and talent!!

  54. Brian says:

    The best I have ever seen, I doubt that I will ever see anything better! Have a happy New Year

  55. Ken… VERY, VERY nice layout… GREAT details… amazing work, talent and a LOT of patience… please straighten the gal, in the short shorts, headed into the station… it looks as though she’s had too much to drink… again, OUTSTANDING LAYOUT…

  56. Brian Lee says:

    What detail, even a guy with a disc cutter getting into a crashed vehicle…. Uitstakend Meneer.

    Thank you for sharing

  57. Paul Case says:

    Excellent detail, but do you actually run trains on your layout? You gave us 1 minute of speeding trains with no explanation of what we were looking at.

  58. Chris Sylvester says:

    Wow that’s an Awesome job on the layout love the lighting the bridge the cars going over the bridge nice touch.

  59. JOHN YOUNGER says:

    Ken One of the most realistic layouts I have seen. The only way to make it more realistic is to have the people moving. Now you have figured everything else out see if you can make that happen. Please come to Sarasota and help me with my layout. I watch this over and over and it gets better each time. John

  60. Steve JOyce says:

    Please do show us your method for the automobile traffic. I could see a wire that was moving. Is this a kit or did you scratch this?

  61. DJfromNJ says:

    Very nice layout, and the nighttime workmanship is so realistic.

  62. george zaky says:

    There are those of us that make acceptable exteriors, dioramas, schemes etc. For you to create interiors of such magnitude and creativity is beyond! I cannot express my appreciation for the effort you had to put in to accomplish that detail and realism. BTW that bridge and cars is something I did with people walking around their building. Tough to get a quiet gear-motor. You are the master!!! Sound, details, artistry, and I love the ship at sea. WOW!
    George from NY

  63. Mike says:

    Fantastic Detailed Layout. One of the Very BEST that I have seen in a very long time. Would like to know, what he used for the Lighting for the overhead wire catenary towers, the lighting in the buildings, along the bridges,, What did he use and how did he make the Cars travel over that fantastic bridge in the video. Where they magnetic following a wire guidance system under the roadway surface? Inquiring minds would like to know. Wishing you and your family a Very Happy new Year too. ~ Mike in the USA.

  64. markus muetschard says:

    Thanks for this Christmas present: great clip of a superb installation! – Enjoyed it very much… many excellent details: inside the station, accident on the free way . bridge,… – again: Thank you! /// Enhancement comment: AC driven lights tend to flicker on clips… add some filters to DC if lit w/ LEDS.

  65. Outstanding modeling. Just superb. Loved the video night and day.

  66. Mike Walsh says:

    Where were the trains?

  67. ken Rozycki says:

    Excellent modelling! I can’t add much to what has already been noted but love the small details such as the tulips in the planters inside the terminal and the PA announcements. Thanks for sharing.

  68. Peter Bayley-Bligh says:

    Sound effects and scenic brilliant. Just one thought … I am not sure that a bride would still be wearing her bridal dress on the ‘going away’ wait on the station.

  69. STEVEN J ZWEIG says:

    Been through Centraal and Amsterdam numerous times. My favorite Chinese restaurant in the world resides there. This video is so realist, I thought I was there. Dutch dirt on the windows? Holy guilder!!!!

  70. Edward Frey says:

    Rivers are Never blue … green or brown would appear realistic .

  71. Ray says:

    Amazing. I can’t get enough of it.
    I have spent time in Holland and love their train system. Your videos bring my back great memories.

  72. Always love to see trains running, but autos on a bridge? Wonderful. Wish real traffic was as orderly. Show us more.

  73. David Anders says:

    This is the most amazing layout I have ever seen. It is a true work of art. Bravo!

  74. Dave in AZ says:

    It is unbelievable that someone can make a model railroad with so much detail. It just looks so real.

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