Stunning HOn3 layout scenery from Brian

“The landscaping is ‘Layered’ 1 inch thick polystyrene sheet pinned then sprayed, as i mentioned in a comment to Neal’s layout. Other pictures are the layout just back from a show with a bit transit damage – a few fences and trees missing but gives the idea of the polystyrene use

Wayne – Downunder kiwi”

Model Railway Pictures 038

Model Railway Pictures 047

Model Railway Pictures 048

Model Railway Pictures 049

Model Railway Pictures 061

Model Railway Pictures 068

Model Railway Pictures 085

Model Railway Pictures 118

model train track plan

Model Railway Pictures 125

Model Railway Pictures 129

Model Railway Pictures 139

And here’s the latest from Brian. It’s no wonder he’s in the Hall of Fame.

All of his stuff just seems to have bags and bags of character. Have a look and see what I mean:




Thanks to Brian and Wayne for sharing.

Please do keep ’em coming folks.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, just like Brian did, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

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28 Responses to Stunning HOn3 layout scenery from Brian

  1. Michael says:

    Some great scenic detail on both layouts and fantastic to see the “Kiwi rail” Wayne!

  2. Dave DeCarlo says:

    I hope we soon see more!!!

  3. Robert says:

    Very nice

  4. Dave Whatley says:

    Your setup is in the upper league , thanks for showing it Brian.

  5. Rob says:

    Very nice and the hours, days ,weeks, months and years are self evident in the development of this layout.

  6. John wisnieski says:


  7. Dr. Bob says:

    Hardly noticed the ‘transit damage’…beautiful and functional layout…great work!

  8. Nick says:

    Great stuff! Loving the rock detail.

  9. michael brookman says:

    Love the pic of the geared locos with the snow plow!

  10. Ron Travis says:

    I am thrilled to see all these pics and looking forward to the adventure of model railroading with my grandson.

    All looks very thought and clean.

    What an inspiration Brian – thank you.

  11. paul Otway says:

    I also loved the kiwi rail layout as well, largely because I once lived there.

    i also liked the logging railway

  12. Pete Ackles says:

    Looks like the train in the video part of this installment is a dead ringer for the train at the end of “How the West Was Won”!!

  13. Joe says:

    Fantastic a great job done keep sending and thanks for sharing your ideas.

  14. Gary says:

    Oh, to have the time, talent, and resources to create such a beautiful layout. Those of us that do not get to live vicariously through these posts. Thanks. They are greatly enjoyed.

  15. Rich B. says:

    These recent layouts are excellent of coarse and the modeling is exceptional. Only thing is many buildings and trackside features look too new and plastic appearance, no age or weathering……

    What I do is mildly sandblast and add pastel chalks for streaked weathering. I’ll tell you if done right, things will take on appearance of a century old. Also any glueing errors and the light sandblast will remove any showing glue without disturbing building detail except dulling and aging.

    Not a genius lol, discovered accidentally 30 years ago while thinking of a way to age wooden bridge and tunnel portals I made from pine 2×4. Blasting will wear at soft pine wood, again only light dose.


  16. James says:

    NICE WORK!!! 👍

  17. Stephen. D Gispanski says:

    Great job 👍

  18. Jeremy White says:

    Wayne – where did you get your Loco’s – Have a DX – but the place I got it from has gone – any links to suppliers of NZ Loco’s would be appreciated

  19. Mark T. Pianka says:

    very nice railroad a job well done!

  20. Brian, absolutely beautiful. I especially admire the scale speed in the video. It’s nice to see a train running scale and not 90 mph!

  21. Will in NM says:

    Brian, I love your tall steel trestle and the pair of Heislers, I;ve been a fan of geared locomotives and logging railroads for the past 60 years. Are those Heislers from Rivarossi or are they from the older PFM runs? I would also like more info about the tall steel trestle — is it a kit or scratch-built? I need something similar for a scene I want to build of the Union Pacific’s Bear River Canyon in Utah. Also, I hope there are no tunnels on your logging branch — that steam donkey on the flat car looks a bit tall to go through a tunnel. 🙂

    Wayne, Nice layout. I don’t recognize those very square-fronted diesels. Must be a down under variety. BTW, in the next to last photo with the yellow signal towers it looks like there’s a kink in the inside curve track where two pieces of flex track come together that could become a source of derailments.

  22. Brian Messenger says:

    Will in NM,
    The Heislers are brass HOn3 Westside models of about 35 years ago and fitted with Tsunami sound decoders from Blackstone.
    The steel trestle bridges are Micro engineering kits.
    Brian – the HOn3 guy. Knysna RSA

  23. Erick says:

    Look good ; Mine is going look something like that.

  24. Jim Marek says:

    Very nice job. The bridge looks like it was made from an erector set everything is to square. I think it all comes together and looks greatly

  25. Brian Olson says:

    Very well done, got some good ideas. Thanks!

  26. John Bullock says:

    Great layout! Love the advertisements between the rail lines.

  27. robert dale tiemann says:

    cant have a train layout without bridges and mountains. nice job.

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