John’s scratch built tug boat

“Hi Al!

Here are the rest of the pics for my Z – layout. Plus one of my sailings ships.

Regards ,








And I got this in from Jim:

“My current project for my scale layout. A Coast Guard buoy tender made from plans I got on the internet. Still waiting for Flags and Decals.





Keep ’em coming folks.



9 Responses to John’s scratch built tug boat

  1. Tom Nichols says:

    What a great model..I wish I had such talent

  2. really nice stuff today
    it still amazes me how you guys can work with that really small scale!!
    incredible patience…!!
    and Im a ship model fiend too…
    nice posts about the boats Al
    keep ’em runnin’ fellas….

  3. How big is the buoy tender and is that real water or are you that good? Joan

  4. pete freestone says:

    Z scale how big is it

  5. colin Gilburt says:

    Hi Nice train layout and detail. The boat is however not really to scale. The bulwarks and handrails are way over scale. I suppose it could be called stand-off scale and should be viewed from a distance. I am however amazed at the ingenuity of modellers and the various ways we approach the same problems and get great results having employed so many different ways to solve the same problem. Love the posts please keep them coming.

  6. paul Otway says:

    Is the boat called little toot?, just joking ,quite a nice boat. Love the Z scale layout.

  7. Chuck Bartunek says:

    Outstanding,beautifully done.

  8. TOMMY says:

    Thank for the e-mail. Is Z scale bigger then N scale

  9. Rod Mackay says:

    Z scale is 6.5mm gauge compared to 9mm for N so about a third smaller. There is also now T gauge which is only 3mm, the disadvantage being that if you lose THAT little sucker on the shed floor you’re gonna find it with the Hoover or not at all.

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