The talented John shares more of his tips

Would you believe the guttering on a house is the most important part of a model?

I didn’t.

But after watching this, the talented John managed to change my mind.

If you have a spare 6 minutes, this video is superb. Just click to play.

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4 Responses to The talented John shares more of his tips

  1. david says:

    very well explained , and a good tip John , thanks for sharing

  2. Len Lainsbury says:

    As usual, absolutely superb from both of you. I do not usually endorse items I purchase but, following a previous link from you to John, I purchased his DVD and it is brilliant !
    Highly recommended to all, with methods, ideas and jigs to make the jobs easier and better looking.
    Thanks again for your wonderful e.mails.

  3. Jim Volmer Sr says:

    What an excellent idea. It makes the structures come alive with realism. I am going to try this idea on my layout. Thanks for sharing, and keep them coming. I will get the DVD and view it for more great ideas.

  4. Carl Halgren says:

    Toward the end of the video, he was scoring a sheet of flashing. I might make one suggestion to speed up the scoring of parallel lines. Fasten down the sheet of flashing aluminum parallel to the edge of a board and use a metal “T” square, running it along the board. This will allow you to make perfectly parallel scoring lines without having to align BOTH edges of your ruler to marks.

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