Tom makes a start

“I just started this layout in January this year. It’s on two 4×8 sheets off plywood and foam.


“Hello Alastair,

I enjoy all the movies. I am having problems with windows 7, but I cut this down after it was too large to send to you.

Sorry is is so short. The leaky creek is a twenty five foot long loop at the side of a recreation room and the opening allows someone to get at the refrigerator and bar for the rec room. Another sections rolls out for storage. Your fans seem to enjoy movies, so here is a shortened one.

Photos you are from the motor swapping done on the Hallmark E3/6.

Bob from Hamiton Canada”

Just loved Bob’s entrance to his layout. Very slick. Bob has also written a book – I have asked him for more details.

And I thought Tom’s mountain work was very impressive too.

That’s all this time.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

5 Responses to Tom makes a start

  1. Duncan Galbraith says:

    I like Tom’s spacious layout, not too crowded. What did you use for the plowed fields?
    The Leaky Creek video is great – can we see more? And Please chaps, include a small track plan with your submissions.
    Thanks, D/

  2. Both Tom and Bob done some nice work there on there Layouts

  3. Peter Jacobs says:

    Thank you for posting this layout.
    This method of opening (and Closing) the gate for the set-up and layout opperation is great, infact perfect.
    As I am now of an age where this would be greatly appreciated, I am so impressed with this simple but extreamly effective structure that I had to make contact with you as I am enquiring if Bob has drawings of his gate he does not mind sharing with fellow hobby participants with similar health ailments.

    Just this artical alone is worth the golden key.

    best to all

    Peter Jacobs, Whitby Ontario Canada.

  4. paul Otway says:

    nice looking layout.

  5. Bob Miller says:

    Very nice first start. Looks very well done. Keep at it, you seem to have a talent for design and layout.

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