Kim and Paul’s pics

Kim contributes a lot to the site, and here’s his latest:

“Hi Al. A popsicle stick greenhouse cut sanded painted with light installed. Ho scale”

“Hi Al.I picked this set up on ebay for $3 free can desolder the lights out or cut a section free to use in coaches and homes and such.even use to add extra lighting to your locomotive.The wheel is 12 volts and there is a lot of led’s.I used a almost dead 9 volt battery to lite them up.Comes in many colors.”

“lol Hi Al.I made up this hmmmm garden thingy lolwill cover it alittle with plants.”

“Just a photo of a pool i put next to one of my windmills filling up.


“Hi Al,

I am sending you these photos, maybe you or someone may find them interesting.

On a recent Grand Pacific Tour of New Zealand, we stopped at Oamaruru in the South Island.

It was there I came across these locomotive remains, the locomotive had been tipped into the sea many years ago after it was withdrawn form service, it was recently recovered.

There is workshop there that belongs to the Oamaruru steam and rail society, they let me have a look inside the workshop.

They operate trains on the old line to the wharf, which is no longer used.


Paul’s pics reminded me of the train graveyard in Cuba (that post is here), which I found fascinating.

I’ve also been a mailed a youtube of it:

Quite sad to see them in such a state!

Keep ’em coming.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

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  1. paul Otway says:

    They will rebuild the loco in Oamaru someday, They have to make a new boiler.

    A lot of other parts have to be remade also. If you visit a place like this and there is a donation box at the place, put a few coins in or notes in for a good cause. That is what I did. As NZ money can not be used in Australia. I visited Oamaru 1 day before my tour ended.

  2. Ol' Puffer says:

    Hi Kim,
    fantastic pics and tips…..where on the internet did you get the light roll?
    It looks a good idea.

  3. a r murrell says:

    Lovely works of art created by a lot of dedication,
    really delightful!!!

  4. Geoff says:

    There are meany such Railway preservation Societies in New Zealand. We even have one here in Wanganui, an old railway workshop town. They call themselves “STEAM WANGANUI” As all of the Locos & wagons get older, so also do the Engineers & Tradesmen who built & maintained them. The skills are slowly fading away along with time. Most struggle to raise funds, the biggest handicap of all.

    Cheers and thanks for mentioning little old New Zealand.

  5. Brian Messenger says:

    Hi Kim, great looking greenhouse, well done. Brian – Cape Town

  6. builder Kim says:

    Thanks a r murrell rather make what I need than buy and spend ton’s.Okay at times you have to spend.But can get lots on info on how to make things yourself and more satisfaction doing it.I have a jig I use a lot to bring down wood to sizes I can work with.I will send a photo of my little jig to Al.The photo of that green house.I have given it to an older man who cant build such with his medical problems.But really like it so I gave it to him.I have 3 others who wants one but cant manage the build.So I have started 3 more and will use my jig to wack out all the pieces first then assemble them.You cant or maybe can see that the green house is fully windowed with scrap plastic.Have a few builds going and will send them in soon.take care everyone.Thanks Al

  7. builder Kim says:

    just a fast one.That windmill spin’s.and take’s almost no air to move it.It will track and spin into the direction of any slight for a cheap and working model of a windmill.not bad.


    you can get the lights from Micromart.


  10. Ewart Tearle says:

    Morning, Al
    Oamaru is also the unofficial capital of Steampunk in NZ, and even has a Steampunk museum.
    The layout in a crate I sent you recently has wheels now, and I have been asked to showcase it at the Otorohanga Steampunk Festival and Market on Saturday. I’ll send you a picture or two – as long as it does not rain! It will be sitting on the tray of my little Toyota TownAce under a gazebo, but that’s not particularly rain-proof.
    Thanks to Paul for the pictures.

  11. Scott Llewellyn says:

    Hey Al been hearing a lot about doc and I know nothing about it were can I find good information on it I am still old school every thing I use is manual. Finally at age 56 I have a place to build my first layout

  12. Very nice greenhouse and good tips…

  13. Tom Provo says:

    Loved the greenhouse

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