How to make a train diorama – Tony’s update

Tomy’s been back in touch again with the part 2 of his ‘How to make a train diorama’:

“Good day Alastair,

“This is a follow-up to my previous post. For those who didn’t see the previous, I am building a diorama based on Don Brekon’s wonderful print “Riverside Local”. I am just modelling the right side of the painting- ending at the river bank.

riverside local painting for diorama

It is OO on a 18”X20” base. My previous post ended at this point- with the basic terrain being laid down in plaster. So here we go: How to make a train diorama.

diorama plaster base

After the basic terrain was set, I put down a quick coat of color. The colors aren’t that important- they won’t show in the end, but they are a helpful guide to laying the ground cover. They also prevent any white plaster showing through.

In the pictures, you may notice the Inn and various details, such as trees, come and go. The point is there is a lot of experimentation as you build scenery- it rarely looks right the first time. And the photos are not in exact sequence as I illustrate certain points.

adding base color

I next turned my attention to the rail bridge and footpath tunnel. I had assumed that I would be able to find a portal and basic girder bridge to match them in my parts bin and, if not, find them on line. I didn’t have any luck finding ones that looked right so I decided to scratch build.

I started by taking various close-up photos and experimenting with printing size. Once I got the size I needed, I just printed out a bunch of copies on card stock. Then it was just a matter of cutting balsa and card and building up the tunnel and bridge in layers. It came out pretty well, but it was a lot more work than I had planned.

model train tunnel print for diorama

model train print for diorama

I used Alastair’s sheet of brick walls for the inside of the tunnel and bridge. I can see that sheet having many uses.

How to make a train diorama:

Once the basic bridge and tunnel were in place, I built up the pathway to the correct height and built up the bank with chicken wire and plaster.

wooden tunnel for diorama

Next I started on the ground cover. There are many ways to install grass etc. and I use a simple method that I have used for many years. I have a few dioramas that have been around a long time and the scenery has held up well. I always work in pretty small areas. I think this allows for accurate details- plus, when I mess up, there is not that much to be removed to start over!

I first put down some Elmer’s glue-all or wood glue (they work equally well- I think they are pretty much the same- with a little coloring in the wood glue!). I just lay down strips and spread the glue with my finger. I then pour some ‘grass’ or other cover onto a folded index card and sprinkle it on.

model train brick

How to make a train diorama

There are many brands of grass and I have at times made my own, but for this project, I have used all Woodland Scenics. I like the products, and if you look for them on sale or on Ebay, they are not too pricey.

I also am very impressed with their wide range of products and how they are continually coming up with new ones. I figure they are doing a lot for the hobby and I will give them my support when I can.

Fine Turf Burnt Grass looked the closest in color to the painting and it came out pretty well. After doing a few areas and letting them dry, I give it a quick spray of scenic cement. This will change the color and texture a little, but in this case it came out to what I was looking for. Working in small areas takes more time, but I think is worth it.

When I got down to what will be the river bank, I covered it in layers. First an earth, then grass, then a darker coarse turf and then a little bit of lighter coarse turf. Each layer is done the same way- glue and then spray. I fiddled around with mixing a few colors for the road/path because the color in the painting is a little unusual.

I finally just settled on Fine Buff Ballast and I think it has come out looking right.

How to make a train diorama

How to make a train diorama:

Before finishing the ground cover, I built up the woods at the back of the scene. I think the placement, type, and size of trees is one thing that can make or break a railway scene. If a tree is in a location that has been planted (a front garden, perhaps), then it can be any size, type or color.

If it is part of a wood, though, all the trees need to work together to create the scene. First size- they won’t be all the same size! And color- they won’t be all the same color!

In this case, I picked the largest tree first. In most cases, we don’t really model the true size of trees. Notice in the painting, the largest tree is almost twice as tall as the Inn. We rarely use trees this tall- but they will look right (the one I used was listed as ‘O’ scale). I then picked out the various other trees that are visible.

How to make a train diorama

Once the trees were in place, I continued with the ground cover. When I got to the bank and tree line, I put down about 4 layers of various colored ground cover. Although it will be in the background, some of this will show. I then added various shapes and colors to complete the bank and wooded area.

How to make a train diorama

The area next to the road (on the right) is out of the picture. I decided to add a flowering hedge – for a little color.

How to make a train diorama

Now I am basically at the point of completing all the details. I will be leaving the track, river and rear of the building semi-complete so that I can eventually fit it into my layout. I have a feeling that the details- mainly the people in the painting, will be difficult.

There are 13 different figures in the painting- all in specific poses. A quick look through my (rather large) box of figures tells me that I am going to have a hard time finding specific ones so I’ll just try to get as close as I can.

Hopefully, I will complete this before the end of the year. Stay tuned.


A huge big thank you to Tony for sharing how to make a train diorama. I’ve very much looking forward to the next update.

That’s all for today folks.

Don’t forget The Beginner’s Guide is here if you want to keep yourself busy and have fun too.

That’s all for today, folks.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

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    Well Tony, What can one say! One of the finest scale scenes that have been displayed on the site. I appreciate it is not yet finished. I think the secret you have found is the trees and ground cover. The trees in particular are of a great scale and look like trees in a natural setting. The ground cover is very good and again looks natural. As I said I appreciate it is not finished and trying hard to comment I would suggest that the path is just too perfect. A well worn path would show wear and tear, bare bits weeds etc. But that is being very critical.

    Message to Al

    I would like to thank you for all your time and trouble in running the site. I am sorry that I cannot help but circumstances are such that although I love model railways I am not in a position to construct one myself or purchase any of the amazing deals you have on.
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    Considering that a great many of us like to do rugged scenery, I’d also like to suggest that the printable product line be expanded into a line of traditional alpine buildings.

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    Been out of the field for a long time. However in the 50’s I was given a very small layout and 3 engines. Every thing was hand made including the switches. All of the 3 engines have open frame motors the are rated for 6 volt DC. I am open for comments and recommendations.

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    I hope you can find a way to keep the site up, as I enjoy making your print items.

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    There is some precedence for encouraging support for blogs, especially those with that include a video component. As examples, both Jenny Kirk and Sam’s Trains have a category or categories by which one can support their venture. None of it is a hard sell, in anyway demeaning to the presenter or any suggestion of charity. It is just sensible!
    I should think that those who are able would be more than happy to sign for a modest monthly contribution of a pound or two. It might make up the difference and allow you the freedom to continue your immeasurably valuable contribution to the model railway/railroad community.
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    Al, You provide so much fun, interest, and social “glue” to us all. I am absolutely with you on an annual fee af $36 – come on man, do it!

  22. Richard Meyer says:

    Your diorama of the Brekon painting is truly remarkable. If it weren’t for the
    T-11 wainscoting in the background it could be the actual scene. I wonder what
    the artist would have to say.

    You have much support for a $36 subscription fee. Someone mentioned we
    waste that much in a year. I’m sure most of us waste that much in a month.
    Even though I have no room for a layout I enjoy the numerous posts. Therefore,
    I will be sending you a subscription fee . If it doesn’t come to pass, do NOT
    return the check. Maybe it will help to offset your past expenses.
    Richard from “the colonies”,
    Columbia, Missouri

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    To Robert Douglas, I also prefer a printed out version the Beginners Guide. So I printed it out my self and put in a binder. I used quality paper and it came out nice.

  24. Martin Glaze says:

    I think you should an address for all of us that would like to send you a check for $36.00. Heck I blow that much in a week. I want to keep getting your posts.


  25. I am willing to pay a subscription of US$36.00 annually. That is hardly anything to pay for this site. I have had the privilege of having some photos of my layout posted here. So, thank You Alastair for this. I hope You will continue to publish this site.

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    Hello Alastair
    I too am very keen to see you continue running the site and would be pleased to contribute the UK£ equivalent of $36 per annum to see it continue. i have no layout at the moment but have gained plenty of ideas for when the time comes.

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