Train decoder problems solved

Is there no end to Dave’s talents?

I recently asked him about a problem I was having with a decoder, and he came back with this.

And even if you’re not interested in the decoder – it’s a brilliant video of his layout.

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  1. JACK DONAHUE says:


  2. Steve P. says:

    Great job on the layout Dave – it looks fantastic. With regard to the Bachman problem, I’ve had numerous problems with Bachman products and have just stopped buying them. Please keep the videos coming – we love them

  3. Gary Lynn says:

    I love you ideas and help you give everyone by showing how to do things.
    Your lay out is spectacular How big is it? also how do you get around
    the whole set? I notice spots in the latout you can stand but how do you get to them?

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Cord says:

    I could sit and watch Dave’s videos for hours. What a wonderful layout. Really makes me miss England – and having a model railway!

  5. Dirk says:

    In america, you just box it up and send it back to bachmann. They do NOT fix things, so they just replace it. At that time I would ask for a DCC version for some extra money. Also, tell them about the manufacturing problems.

  6. Larry Schwartz says:

    Dave, I would like to ask you to use a microphone when narrating your videos. You have a soft voice and the train sounds, while adding to the experience, often easily over-ride your voice. I watch the videos on my desktop (which has powered speakers) and laptop (who speakers are typically poor). I’d like your voice to be louder because on the laptop I can hardly hear him. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Larry S

  7. David says:

    I think your layout is superb, and I wish mine was in the same league. However as far as your new bridge is concerned – the support piers are in the wrong place in respect of the shape of the bridge sides. Wjhere the plate girder sections dip down, this should be where the supports are. To put it in engineering terms, the bending moment is greater here and requires a greater depth of plate at the sides to resist it. But I’m being picky. I just thought you might like to know.

  8. Tom J says:

    In my opinion, Dave is an artist in this hobby. I’m constantly mesmerized by the layout, his descriptions and video work that seems to improve with each report.
    I thought it was very important to say that!
    A fan from North Carolina, USA.

  9. paul Otway says:

    Dave is very clever.

  10. dave says:

    Thanks all for comments , my layout is 00 gauge and about 30ft. x 8ft. and yes a bit of a problem getting round it , I have to crawl under the layout , and as you will see I have openings so I can get to all parts , and yes I am boxing that DMU up and sending it back to them

  11. Brilliant, just brilliant!!

  12. Kenny says:

    I love the layout Dave. Very authentic and looks like it’s also well made. I have an HO layout in my basement here in Chicago but it’s very small at only 4′ x 8′ compared to your massive setup. I’d love to expand it and maybe get it 1/3rd your size. Hopefully someday, but in the meantime, I love watching your videos and I sometimes picture mine like your’s as I watch. Keep those vids coming. . A couple questions, First off, How long have you been working on your layout and second, How long after you started building it did you have a train or two running on it?

  13. john creasey says:

    Dave, may i suggest allotments in that green space with a foot bridge either from the houses (preferable) or coming down from the new road bridge. Thanks for convincing me to but Bachman DCC ready or avoid Bachman altogether.

  14. Derek says:

    I have been watching Dave`s layout, great idea`s. One is where did he get the cafe and parking neon signs.

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