Train layout HO scale – Dan’s

Dan’s been back in touch with more of his train layout HO scale:

“Al, this set will wrap up my layout. I have a gazillion photos of my layout. As I said, I have completed several other layouts. I would be glad to share them with your readers.

HO Bench work completed

train layout HO scale golden spike

Gold spike. I used gold paint on a rail spike.

train layout HO scale golden spike

The monument for all to see. I have done this to all of the layouts I have built.

 train layout HO scale bank

Some night views. I do not normally run in the dark. Looks like someone in in the bank after hours.

 model railroad engine house night

Railroads are a 24/7 operation. The engine house is no exception.

model railroad engine house night

Another view of the engine house on the layout.

Train layout HO scale:

HO scale welder at night

Looks as if there is some overtime work to be done at the welding shop.

 model railroad loading dock at night

At work late at the layout freight house.

HO scale store

Dressing up the shop windows. The mannequin in the left window, in white, has been cut off at the legs to show just clothing item to be sold.

 HO scale store

I often put a figure in a window.

HO scale gas station

Something that does not exist today. Full service gas station. That is a Walther’s cast metal kit. The “oil” cans are short lengths of dowel rod.

HO scale train layout tunnel entrance

A rail fan at a tunnel. In this photo I used a kicker incandescent light for a little shadow and again warmer look. My layout is considered flat lighting with very little shadowing. I did this on purpose so I could add shadows where I wanted them.

HO scale benchwork

The higher the layout bench work the more light you need.

HO scale benchwork

My HO layout uses florescent lighting. I used a strip of “GE Light Sticks” for the section of the layout with the

The GE lights were a redder, warmer, light. In this photo I used a kicker incandescent light for a little shadow and again warmer look. You can see these in this photo. They were 24 inches verses the 48 tubes.

The basement had a strip of 3 foot ceiling panels rather than 4 foot panels. The room is 15 feet wide and not 16 feet.

HO scale viewing car

This wraps up photos of my home layout. This has been a great pleasure sharing my layout with you. I have four others I hope to share with you. Al has some video of the layout.


A big thanks to Dan for sharing more pics of his train layout HO scale.

You can see more of Dan’s work in the Hall of Fame.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you stop dreaming and start doing, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale here if that’s your thing.

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11 Responses to Train layout HO scale – Dan’s

  1. David Howarth says:

    The buildings lok superb and with the lighting , very surreal

  2. Rich B. says:

    Is this a museum? The golden spike is pure genius, real gold? Always look forward to Dan’s input. And it’s all been said before, no sense for continuous repetition.


  3. Brian Olson says:


  4. George Zaky says:

    Thanks so much for the time & effort you spent on these submissions. What you’ve done is great and we love to see what your talented eyes have to show us.
    Our insatiable appetites need some running videos. Nervy aint I.
    Big Al
    Your new name will be ” 2 a day Al” or should it be ” Work Horse Al”. Hmmm.
    Mon Dieu! Mon ami. 😁

  5. santafedan says:

    Al should have some video soon. Two are VHS to DVD in 1999. Quality so so. The rest are new. I don’t have a way to copy to the new format. Nor the $$.

    Rich B., not a museum…my basement room. This is why we bought the house. That and the fact that the house also has a bay window for my wife’s Christmas tree *+)

    I do have a museum project to share next if you want.


  6. robert dale tiemann says:

    very good lighting, nice layout.

  7. Terry says:

    Very very nice !

  8. Jim AZ says:

    Nice. Good stuff. Ceiling tile rock faces are my favorite. The lighting effects are great too.

    Jim AZ

  9. Jeff in Seattle says:

    This is really cool!!! I love the “golden spike”

  10. Rich B. says:

    Dan, of coarse we want to see your projects. You have the Midas Touch, basement is spacious, just didn’t see any lalley columns, but still museum quality.

    Rich, Regards

  11. Daniel says:

    Fantastic! Love the golden spike idea!!!

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