Kevin’s layout

“hello my name is kevin,

Im from rome ny. This is my first layout.

I have built from alot of help from all the nice folks that send in all the great tips keep them coming.

My ballast is cat litter the roads are self stick black foam the cars are from the movie cars from wal mart fence is made from painted window screen the white fence is plastic needle point stuff


“Hi Alastair, progress on the wharf kit to date.

Almost finished after 196 hours of work in 7 weeks.

Still another 14 hours of work approximately remaining and this section of my layout will be complete.

Note the seagulls hanging above the Bar & Grill at the right and also above the Oyster company at the left.

Second photo shows the track laid in the “concrete” base and deliveries can be made to the industries.

Keep up the excellent work.


Brian, the HOn3 guy”

Thanks to Kevin and Brian. In fact, thanks to everyone – without you all, this site wouldn’t exist…

Or, if that’s not your thing, bag a deal with the latest ‘ebay cheat sheet‘.



23 Responses to Kevin’s layout

  1. It`s very nice and done with care.

  2. very well done,great skill set,a lot of work is a understatement….i do O guage and get i think your stuff is gran. thanks for the show menship

  3. A very nice neat layuot. I am still clearing space and planning track layout. Seems the simple plans are as good as more complicated ones.

  4. Kevin & Brian’s layouts were really neat. I liked the gas price on Kevin’s layout “.32” Haven’t seen that price since the late “60s”

  5. I am always amazed at the skill and dedication that all of the hobbyists have in developing their layouts. Congrats to all.

  6. Kevin,

    Nice layout. I like the gas station, Cola 5 cents. Brian, great job on the wharf. Love the rust weathering.

  7. Very nice,I do wish all of you that send in your lay outs would but your track size with it. I really like your sea gulls. thanks

  8. Great layout Kevin. Very good job.

    Brian, keep up the great job. Detail is wonderful.

  9. Well done Kevin, very good first attempt, keep up the good work.

  10. Really like the wharf Brian, especially the water effect, well done

  11. Kevin I think it looks neat and clean good job!!!!!

  12. Kevin’s first layout, that’s impressive for a first attempt!

  13. As for what Peter and the others say, I have to agree. For a first layout, Kevin, your layout surpassed mine by far. Good planning and workmanship. After a few more layouts, Kevin will almost be at the level of Dave from across the Pond. Keep it going Kevin.


  15. Great look.. I’ve got the same “Mine” & ya gave me and idea on location. You
    did a nice Job on the Wharf!! Now spend some time Running them Trains –

  16. I am very impressed that you accomplished what you did with your first layout.

    First of all, rather than just lay your track in an oval to simplify wiring, you actually included turnouts, very good!

    You ever have telephone poles that are wired. And you included a water effect with your first layout.

    All in all, very well done and very impressive!

  17. both VERY NICE

  18. Awesome layout Kev, love the mine and the pond with all the wildlife.

  19. great layouts I am just designing mine in “HO”

  20. You have some neat features and unique building structures, Kevin. Enjoy your layout.
    Great detail and just the right amount of weathering on the wharf structure, Brian.
    Good stuff.
    Jim AZ

  21. Hey, Kevin:

    Greetings from South Carolina. Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the pictures and narrative about your layout. Top Drawer as they say. Thank you for sharing. David

  22. What a great idea! I never thought of using screen material as fence.

  23. Kevin, your layout looks great. It shows what you can do without spending a lot of money. Brian, the whole wharf area looks great. Especially like your weathering.

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