6×12 N scale

Brian’s been in touch with his 6×12 N scale:

“Hello sir,

You are a daily read and I’ve waited far too long to send you a video of my layout.


We retired from Colorado to Lake Lanier Georgia in September of 2019.

Work began quickly on my new layout, a 6×12 duck under located in our walkout basement.

I was able to recycle so much of my previous layout in Colorado and applied lessons learned from that one to the new one.

Not the least of which is a layout height of 43 inches for easy access to wiring etc under the layout.

My video shows you a quick look at the initial framing to how the layout looks today.

So, here’s my tour:

I have two main lines, one for UP/Amtrak and the other for BNSF.

The layout is situated in Wyoming, location based on the best selling series of books by author C.J. Box.

It has lots of “inside” scenes for those who read the popular series.

Power is DC. I can operate two lines at the same time and that’s enough for me. Track and engines are KATO.

Hope you can share with your readers!

Brian Olson
Gainesville GA”

6x12 N scale

6x12 N scale

6x12 N scale

n scale mountains

N scale airport

N scale airport

N scale control panel

N scale turntable

6x12 N scale model railroad

A big thanks to Brian for sharing his 6×12 N scale.

It certainly looks like he’s having fun and that’s what it’s all about.

I read a comment from one of you recently which really struck a chord with me, because there is never one way of doing something – and none of them are wrong.

The comment – I think it was posted by George – simple said:

“If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.”

Amen to that.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming – it’s all gone very quiet at the mo.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you do what Brain did – make a start – the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More N scale layouts here if that’s your thing.

17 Responses to 6×12 N scale

  1. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Hi Brian. Your layout looks very good. It’s typical American with rail tracks in town and accessible to all. There is lots of interest and nice that you have zoned it to reflect this. The hills you have created look very good.
    I am going to return to scale. The yellowing rocks placed on the layout look just like that some rocks you’ve come across and decided to use. I think you could do a better job and build them yourself as you’ve proved in the other mountains etc that you have scratched built.
    Well done thanks for submitting.

  2. Jeff Frazier says:

    To Brian; OUTSTANDING LAYOUT SIR!! GREAT JOB!! TO BIG AL: Have been reading your blog for almost to years Now, LOVE IT!! My dad was the train guy in our family, I build 1/35 Scale Military WWII Models & Dioramas, But I built a CrapLoad of HO Buildings & Scenery For Him Growing up, Learned All my wiring TECH. From his Layouts!! Just Love the Ingenious fixes & work arounds your viewers come up with, use alot of them in my dioramas!! Wake up or Go to bed after reading your Blog EVERYDAY!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MY DAD is still here when I read this BLOG, GOD BLESS YOU AL, SINCERELY & GRATFUL, Jeff F. San Diego, Ca. ;-))))))

  3. Brian Rockey says:

    Nice tidy layout Brian. Its good to see a runway/airfield not often seen on model railways. Great rock face too.
    Brian, Wokingham, UK

  4. THOMAS says:

    Looks GREAT !

  5. George Zaky says:

    Great layout. Airport, trailers, neat scenes and nicely running trains. My venture into N scale was a disaster and about the only thing I got out of it was I didnt stick to Kato tracks and trains ( I throw this out to start a debate-heh,heh), At any rate you N guys always leave with- I dont know how you do it.
    Stay safe

  6. Sam Miller says:

    Brian, very well done and inspiring! I’m in the planning stages for a similar size layout and setting with HO track. Thanks for sharing the platform structure. Did you use 1″x4″ for the platform and 2″x4″ for the legs?

  7. Erick says:

    Look neat.!!!!!! I hope mine comes out that good

  8. Rick Hamilton says:

    Enjoyed your layout, especially the ILS approach at the airport! On my 4 x 8 foot HO layout I have a mountaintop grass strip that isn’t to scale lengthwise and requires opposite direction takeoff and landing due to terrain, but only pilots will know that. I have a Stearman and autogyro so the runway restrictions aren’t an issue most days😀😀. One day I’ll get to a point where I can post some pictures. I’m currently mired down recovering from my self induced problem – getting into scenery and building structures first and forgetting to get lighting done early. Have fun!
    Rick Hamilton
    Reston, Virginia

  9. Brian Olson says:

    Reflecting on some comments here. Colin, you make a good point. After the success of the mountain and tunnel on one side of the layout, I will be applying the same technique to the other rock faces you mentions.

    Sam, yes as to 1×4’s for the platform and 2×4’s for the legs.

    Thanks to everyone so far for the kind comments.

    Brian Olson

  10. markus says:

    Excellent mountain terrain!

  11. Tony says:

    . . . very nice, impressive . . . I especially like the 360 degree layout ( as I watched that one train make the “rounds” so to speak . . . and as mentioned above I too noticed the airstrip, going to play back the video to look for a plane ( a few of my favorites would be at Tri-Wing ( red baron type ) and a P-40 . . . con una sonrisa.

  12. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Well done layout, looks great!!

  13. Jim Robinson says:

    In the sixth photo from the top, I think the depth perspective (at least that the angle of the photo) is the best I’ve seen.

  14. Don says:

    well done & the airport was awesome

  15. Mike Gibbons says:

    Hi Brian,

    Great job on your lay out! How is the Duck Under working for you? Would like to do an around the wall lay out in HO but do not want a lift bridge. I am thinking with your height at 43″ Ducking under not to bad?

  16. Foola Sheet says:

    best N scale I’ve seen . Love that you used the modern era locomotives especially
    The Amtrak P42’s and the double decker passenger travel cars.

  17. Richard H Chapple Sr says:

    I agree with Jim Robinson regarding the depth perception on photo number six from the top. It has been a while since I read all of C J Box’s books but I do recognize some layout features. Really nice.

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