A double bill from Dangerous Dave

Well, I’ve got myself in to a right mess with my email account.

It seems I’ve missed lots of mails in the torrent I get everyday.

Anyhow, just a quickie today while I sort the mess out:

“Hi Al ..Just loaded this video , it shows a few changes ..AGAIN ..and a new addition from e bay again ..and then added some street musicians fron the Noch collection music included with the set



And of course, Dave always posts over Easter too:

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here

That’s all today folks – I’ve got to sort my mail out otherwise I’ll be in more of a mess. Sorry for the short post today.

Beginner’s Guide is here .



PS And if you’re wondering why he’s called Dangerous Dave, you’ll find the answer here. (It’s about half way down the post).

15 Responses to A double bill from Dangerous Dave

  1. Ron Spriggs says:

    Really curious about some of the details of Daves layout:

    What is the width of Dave’s running track layout (inside to outside track) and the radius of his turns?

    How many main lines, 4 perhaps?

    What is overall wall to wall width and length

    How many man-hours has he invested into the layout from start to finish (today).

    Estimate of $$ value in tracks, trains, terrain, accessories. (Hope you are insured).

    Approx how many vehicles, people, animals, signals and buildings, turnout switches, locos, freight and passenger cars?

  2. Cary B says:

    Love watching Dave’s videos from start to finish, keep them coming.

    Cary B

  3. Helmut Eppich says:

    Always a pleasure to watch your videos as well as your trains speeding along. Very absorbing and highly enjoyable. Easter run was a special treat. The train run was very active. Amount of detail is amazing. Good touch with blinking light poles and the trackside pub. Added sound effects makes everything come alive. Nice point-of-view cab rides too. Especially through your tunnels and on the layout track itself.
    Very much looking forward to your next video or videos. Take Care.

  4. Chris A Trumbull says:

    I particularly like this video. What a great layout!

  5. Robert Rolfe says:

    This is about the 2:21 post on Dave’s layout. I do not understand why any anyone would ask the questions this person asked, unless you would like to do it the same on your layout , Man hours, track spacing, cost and or what ever, I never thought of this hobby in those terms, you only live once, GO FOR IT. And yes, there will always be bigger and better layouts than what you and or I have . The Wonderland Land Thing from across the pond is the biggest I have seen , do you really care? Sorry, kinda got on a rant here on this end.
    BOB NV

  6. George says:

    I only have one question Dave , why does every train run full blast ?
    I love to run my N scale trains at a much slower pace to be more like the rail roads her in the U.S. run their equipment , I know they can run much faster but there is to much auto traffic and grade crossings in this county to go all out
    full throttle in most of the country these days !
    Just wondering ? We have a lot of people that like to try to beat the trains across
    the intersections and some don’t make it all to often .

  7. Roy says:

    Really outstanding and full of interest, as always. Please keep it up.

  8. NJ Mark says:

    Always wonderful to watch a video from Dangerous Dave. Cheers! NJ Mark

  9. Rod Mackay says:

    There have long been debates in the model press about scale speeds for model railways, to cope with the effect of our having to use unrealistically tight curves, short trains and stations etc., but I can’t be bothered with that, the easiest way to tell if your trains are running too fast is to look at one railjoint as a train passes by and make the appropriate little noise to yourself as each wheel passes over it (no I’m not suggesting you do this out loud, the better half might have you committed) and if the resulting rhythym is a soothing “de dum dee dum (pause) de dum de dum” then that’s about right. If you go demented just trying to keep up, that’s WAY too quick.

  10. Rod Mackay says:

    Dave, the red light on the bufferstop (5m40s) faces the other way, to stop stuff hitting the buffers, NOT towards oncoming trains on the adjacent main line, or your bill for replacement drivers’ trousers is going to skyrocket! Cheers,

  11. d j howarth says:

    The buffer stop at 5.40 is a double sided one the light is on both sides , unusual but that how it came …as for speed well we do run mainly passenger services here in Uk and of course the HST ….High Speed Trains do run fast , i do run some slow , but not always easy keeping control of 4/5 running trains , filming all at the same time, as for size of the layout have mentioned this a few times , but its 30 ft. x 8ft . with 2ft 6ins from wall to centre on both sides , and yes there is 4 main tracks running …as for man hours well its been 10 years building from a small 6ft. x 4ft. layout , with stock and buildings being added as I went along …cost well thats for me to know and you to guess …I enjoyed the hobby and don’t add costs over a long period of something I have enjoyed doing …glad that most of you seem to enjoy watching and a lot have seen my layout progress over the years ..thank you all for your comments and support ….Dangerous Dave

  12. fred day says:

    The best how guide is a track planning software. any rail is one of the best it has a material list cost planner and track layout in several brands. if you all want the latest fully detailed out models even a small layout will go into the thousands of dollars. look on e-bay you can get the older vintage models abit less detailed out and dc only for less then 25% of the new models. the money is all about what you can spend and the time is yours.

  13. Tom Franklin says:

    How wonderful — again! Thank you, Dave for your efforts. It’s always fun to see and hear your flicks. You have way to much fun. Keep it up.

    Tom, Pleasant Hope, Missouri

  14. charlie says:

    Dave I enjoy all of your lay outs. Thanks lots.

  15. Peter briggs says:

    Dave, your modelling efforts give so much satisfaction to so many, i believe your track authentication treatment is the most realistic I’ve ever seen – first class mate! It is very much appreciated by us “watchers”! Keep up the good work!
    Peter From Australia

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