Horny Dublo 3 rail layout

Andrew’s rebuilding his Horny Dublo 3 rail layout – his last post is here.

“Dear Alistair,

Thank you for featuring my second layout. It was complete and in full working order so time for a change. In January I planned a dog bone track layout.

track plan

I stared to rebuild my layout lifting all track and salvaging wires connectors where possible

Horny Dublo 3 rail track wires

Horny Dublo 3 rail

Horny Dublo 3 railtrack wires

Using past experiences and helpful ideas published on your blog by other subscribers I have tried several ways to create the visual image in my mind.

The first section to construct was the Eastern tunnel and wood yard

Horny Dublo 3 railwood yard

wood yard

wood yard

Then I moved to the Northern tunnel, this time using discarded expanded polystyrene from packaging with the turntable, engine sidings and coaling tower, featured in your scratch building competition in April.

Horny Dublo 3 rail tunnel turntable

tunnel turntable

For the Western corner I chose a cutting and using a technique harvested from one of your contributors building the scene on a board in my garage, not on the layout. This time using a wood frame and crushed newspaper covered with material from an old pair of my wife’s pyjamas then coated with plaster of Paris and painted

Horny Dublo 3 rail plaster paris tunnel

plaster paris tunnel

Horny Dublo 3 rail plaster paris tunnel

plaster paris tunnel

plaster paris tunnel

Using the same technique, I made a template with newspaper to build the farm and grain store.

Horny Dublo 3 rail

Horny Dublo 3 rail

Horny Dublo 3 rail

Progress has been good and much more to do.

Thank you and all your subscribers for providing inspiration, ideas and motivation to build a layout.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Andrew in Oz

Cooroy Queensland Australia”

A big thanks to Andrew for sharing his Hornby Dublo 3 rail layout.

I remember his coaling tower from the scratch building competition – it looked great and very nearly won.

There were not many entries to my little competition, but it was fun seeing what you got up to.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if today is the day you take that very first step on your own layout.



11 Responses to Horny Dublo 3 rail layout

  1. Mark T. Pianka says:

    nice layout keep it rolling!

  2. Armypops says:

    What are your platform dimensions?

  3. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Andrew…… quite a task……..impressive……great work……great detail…..

  4. Karl m Gruca says:

    had my layout for years, saw what he did gave me insentive to dissasemble and do it over

  5. Jim Kennedy says:

    This is my favorite kind of post. It gives details for a wannabe builder like me. I especially like it when they show the wiring diagrams as this one did. Great look and teaching moment.

  6. George Moffatt says:


    I liked the before and after shots. In the first, I’d ask myself how the heck is he going to pull this together. Then, voila! The next shot shows the finished product.

    Technique make for an interesting tutorial. Thanks


  7. It would be helpful to beginners like me if contributors gave the dimensions of their layout

  8. Grant Miles says:

    Andrew, It was nice to see your progress on your Hornby Dublo 3 rail rebuild. Your dogbone design will give your trains a good run. I especially admired your fitting of tunnel portals and retaining walls. You have a talent for incorporating just the right amount of scenery into the allotted space. I have been using this C-19 period to encircle my 00 layout with a loop of HD 3 rail track. This includes 3 passing sidings and an engine-turntable facility. I have been very fortunate to source HD track and rolling stock here in Ontario, Canada, as the system had been quite popular.

  9. Charles J Eyster says:

    Andrew, just remember to not be angry with your wife! I’d hate to see her become part of your newest layout, still in her pajamas!!!! Great idea to use old linen fabric as a base matrix. Keep the great ideas coming! never ends on this site.

  10. Brian Olson says:

    PJ’s and Plaster. How cool!

  11. Frank says:

    Maybe you can talk about those trees. They look like tropical varieties. They’re interesting and different from the tall pines, birch and elm trees I’ve seen so many times of railroads modelled after US lines.

    I live in Florida and have lived twice in Puerto Rico and only twice that I recall have I seen a railroad from a tropical or semi-tropical place transporting sugar cane and oranges and other local produce.

    Also like the idea of using scrap cloth to create hills, mountains and terrain effects.

    Frank in Orlando

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